ESCOM Transformers’ oil causes Leprosy and reduces men’s sex performance

Consumption of foods cooked using oil extracted from the Electricity Supply Commission of Malawi (ESCOM) transformers has a danger of causing women giving birth to leprosy babies.

Chiwaya chicken and chips fried in transformer oil

Chiwaya chicken and chips fried in transformer oil

If that is not enoufh, the oil also affects men’s libido as they cannot perform better in bed, ESCOM official has revealed.

Electricity transformers have in recent times become targets for vandals who extract oil which is alleged to be sold to fast-foods vendors especially Chips and Chicken Chiwaya hawkers and cooking-oil retail shops.

Stolen transformer oil is said to be mixed with diesel and sold as fuel aside from being mixed with vegetable oil and sold as cooking oil.

Speaking on Tikhale Tcheru TV programme beamed on MBC-TV on Saturday, ESCOM’s Controller of Security Services Precious Mpekansambo revealed the health effects of the oil if consumed by humans.

Mpekansambo said women who use the oil give birth to leprosy children while men do not perform better in bed.

“It is very unfortunate that it is crooked Malawians who are stealing at the expense of other innocent Malawians who require electricity heavily for business purpose and other institutions like hospitals even maize mills,” said Mpekansambo.

“Thieves vandalize our equipment, get wires and oil but let me tell you this, when there is no electricity business stops, this means the development of the country stops as well hence requesting Malawians to protect and take care of ESCOM equipment than waiting Police”.

Mpekansambo said It takes time and it’s very expensive to replace a transformer once has been vandalized.

Speaking in the same programme, the Regional Criminal Investigation Officer for Southern Region Police, Senior Superintendent Edwin Magalasi warned the law-enforcers are working tirelessly to apprehend the vandals.

“This issue of stealing electricity equipment does not concern ESCOM only, but all of us as people because with electricity things are easier. Even as Police we would not work where there is no electricity, where there is no light, we need light to trace thieves and others,” said Magalasi.

Magalasi has since called for law makers to amend some of the country’s laws to provide stiffer punishment on issues concerning ESCOM’s equipment vandalism.

“If they prosecute vandals considering how many Malawians suffered or will have suffered due to the crime, then the punishment must be stiffer and that automatically will deter would-be offenders,” added Magalasi.

Tikhale Tcheru is a Malawi Police TV programme, produced by Blantyre’s media agency Elephant Media Productions and is hosted by Aubrey Kusakula.

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Transformer oil can not be used for frying chips nor whatever which is edible, if one uses transformer oil in preparing food, that food can not be eaten. But the main purpose is used in multiplying the oils they sold in markets as well as mixing with diesel which they sell to those trucks which carry sand, bricks and quarry not those false believes mentioned above.


Nkhani apa siyoti zimayambitsa leprosy or substandard bed-performance. Izi zongoopsezera. Akufuna anthu adziopa zimenezo! Why can’t you, ESCOM make your oil unattractive or unpalatable? This can’t be an issue worth sitting on the media for! If you continue putting good cooking oil in your transformers, it will be difficult for selfish business men and poor Malawians to avoid it! Just put your house in order!

Damn ESCOM is really stupid thinking people will believe that Leprosy comes from transformer oil !!!! Is that the standard of education of people working in ESCOM ? Why don’t you add red dye to the oil, if you can’t do it yourself then get the oil manufacturer to add it for you. People will not cook chips and chicken in red oil. Where is the 300Mw coal power station that was promised years ago ? The lake is going down and by September Escom will start crying that the ponds are not full, the wind is in the wrong… Read more »
The issue of consumption of food cooked in transformer oil is a non-issue. Escom and other African power authorities in Africa where this is a common occurence need to think out of the box. How was methyleted spirit invented? Its because it was common practice for hospital workers to consume this alcohol. Hence an additive was mixed with the spirit to make it unpalatable; voila you no longer have cases of drunk medical staff because the concoction is not drinkable any longer. Escom needs to specify transformer oil which has an additive that will make it not palatable. All the… Read more »
The Patriot

Vandalizing ESCOM equipment is bad and has to be condemned. However Mr Mpekasambo should not make declarations without evidence. The last time I checked Leprosy is a contagious disease caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium leprae. This bacteria is transmitted through contact and has nothing to do with transformer oil. Please use evidence, scientifically proven , before you scare the public about some contagious diseases. Otherwise some articulate people will never take you seriously.


Abale anga a Malawi… umbuli kapena kuopsezana chabe..? Leprosy is an infectious disease.. Tafotokozani kugwirizana kwake?


Where were ESCOM all these days, where were they leaving such important messages to Malawians. They have finally communicated well and to many people. This issue of transformers is really not for ESCOM only but for us as well. Good initiative, when is this TV programme broadcasted.


Ndasiya kudya chips chapachiwaya, ndimadabwa thupi langali olo kumwa kombusha ata no immune boosted, nkhani yake ndi imeneyi. Thanks ESCOM

Concerned scientist

Leprosy is an infection caused by by bacteria

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