EU not resuming direct budget support to Malawi government

Finance, Economic Planning and Developement minister  Goodall Gondwe has clarified that the European Union (EU) did not make any pledges resume  direct budgetary support to the country.

Gondwe: No EU budget support,

Gondwe told  Parliament  last Friday that government expects additional budgetary support from the EU.

But the Finance Minister has now said EU had not confirmed it will release budgetary support.

Gondwe clarified that he meant EU  could “ possibly resume aid.”

And rthe  EU Ambassador Marchel Germann has said the EU never set he passing into law of the Access to Information (ATI) Bill as one of the preconditions for the return of direct budgetary support.

Gondwe is on record telling  Parliament that among the conditions from EU was the tabling of the Access to Information Bill, elimination of ghost workers plus reforms in the Fertiliser Input Subsidy Programme (Fisp).

EU ambassador however congratulated President Peter Mutharika on assenting to the ATI.

The EU alongside other western financial institutions and bilateral donors suspended direct aid to Malawi over widespread concerns about massive theft of public money and have called for improvement in the public finance management system.

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5 thoughts on “EU not resuming direct budget support to Malawi government”

  1. PHRONESIS says:

    This was expected, we have entrusted Hyenas to safeguard goats and we get surprised when the goats are devoured.

  2. winston msowoya says:

    I vehemently uphold EU nations for not resuming direct budget support to the sinking Malawi corrupt government.This is encouraging news in the sense that the government has gone rogue and defiant of civilised norm.Malawi is the poorest country on earth according to the latest international economic index and yet,its leaders led by Peter Muthalika are busy engaged in a vicious wholesale and ruthless looting machine of the public funds never seen in the country before,that has catapulted our nation into a sink hole of inferno exposing our people to a brutal column of poverty.All this at the mercy of President Peter Wa Muthalika who has shawn no concern atall for his fellow countrymen.Who will forget his nasty remarks when he told his starving lomwe people to eat mice and grasshopper,what an idiotic moron? However,the only way out of poverty for the world’s poorest nations is to end the ongoing cycle of dependence on Western aid,something that has spoiled our leaders badly.Africa needs to look to Africans to take the lead in solving their governance problems and recognise that unless that is done,many of the other things we are talking about doing won’t accomplish very much.The most destructive element in our societies,is the ineptitude of the so-called leaders who have lost their minds to lead and concentrate more on accumulating illegal wealth.As for Malawi,we have so many obstacles in front of us for instance,nepotism has taken its toll by putting unqualified deadwoods on jobs they cannot do well,tribalism which is heading to destroying our national fabrics and most of all,BRUTAL CORRUTION.Once again,I plead with the EU Nations to tighten their grips in not resuming direct budget support to Malawi corrupt government.Afterall,the funds do not reach the needy poor populations.

  3. winston msowoya says:

    I vehemently agree with the British government for not resuming direct-budget support to Malawi corrupt government.The British government has taken a propriate measures in the sense that the funds do not reach the needy majority of our people,instead,the funds endup in the pockets of Mathalika and his closest greedy serviles.The only way out poverty for the world’s poorest nations is to end the on going cycle of dependence on Western aid,right now the Malawi government has absolutely no notion as how to combat the deadly corruption engulfing the government’s establishments as a whole.No amount of aid will suffice to liberate millions of our poverty-striken people if Muthalika and his cohorts continue to steal the meagre resources available.Viable solutions must be found to stop this menace of megalomaniac even though it is too late, we must try hard to defeat it for the well being of our long suffering poor people.I strongly believe that if much pressure would come from the donor powerful nations the African leaders more especially,the Malawi leaders,will succumb to the pressure.The problem is endless if these hyenas are left to destroy our economies for their own personal greed and interests.Please British government and your allies,tighten your sanctions to coerce these ruthless dogs halt their economic sabotage.

  4. Chimanga says:

    mchekulu utesi mu mphala ya malango!!! wakoleka sono

    1. NOVA says:

      But this was expected

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