Malawi Police nab 6 suspects in murder, beheading of Mzuzu taxi driver

Malawi Police in Mzuzu are keeping in custody six suspects in connection with the murder of a taxi driver in Ekwendeni, Mzimba.

Dead man found without head and private parts in Mzimba

Emmanuel Harawa, 34, from Chingiliro Village in chief Mwalweni’s area in Rumphi was found murdered without head and testicles in Chipangana Forest at Emvuyeni, Ekwendeni in Mzimba on Saturday.

The testicles were found later three kilometres away from where the murder took place and the thieves stole his Vitz vehicle which he used as a taxi.

In a statement, the police say some of the suspects were found with mobile phones of the deceased whilst others were found painting the stolen car at Ekwendeni.

The suspects are Fanuel Baluti, 32, Ian Mkomba, 16 from Mkomba village, T/A Kapeni, Blantyre, Charles Nyirenda, 25, Richard Nyirenda, 29, Moses Nyirenda, 28 from Yeremiya Village, T/A Mtwaro in Mzimba and Cathrane Ngulube, 22 from Mbiriyakula village, T/A Mtwaro in Mzimba.

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concerned citizen

Opha nzake nayense aphedwe adulidwe machendwe nayenso emve kuwawa


What a good job done by the Malawi police. This is great. May God bless you for faithfully making it. Parsue it till a stiff life sentence is given To them.


yes!! that’s what we need in our country to arrest suspects p
ple, like them! do you’re job the police & ma jaji pa khothi

This is barbalic, we Malawians are tired of these killings of innocent people whether they do it for rituals or jelousy or stealing, we the citizens we are living in fear that who will be next therefore we calling for death penalty back in our judicial system, if at all you want to bring sanity in our homeland. Sometime I am puzzled by these human rights why are they are so against death penalty do they consider the rights of the victims? They also have rights to life aren’t they? Even the home of these NGOs in America there is… Read more »
Washington Banda

Mmalo mokhuzidwa ndi imfa ya mzathu muli busy ndizamitunda zakale heavy

Major Pen

Taxi driver please at Night mudzikhalako ndi azanu plus Maulendo ena okaikitsa first go to police. RIP. Anyani inu mwapha zanu mikongo yanu nonse

manda banda

This is a very sad and unfortunate story. The crime is horrendous. My heart goes to the family of the victim. I agree that the perpetrators should be punishment severely. However I feel for the victim’s family especially when they have to see pictures of their loved ones displayed on the media like this. Imagine the victims child(ren) and parents having to view these images. I think our media need to be sensitive to such issues. There is no need to publish the images of the victim’s naked, mutilated body


Why not just execute these? I found human rights disgusting in this among others. This is inhumane and uncalled for.



Always thinking of tribal lineages. Just go and join your uncle Chaponda Chimanga, you very useless characters in Malawi.


nanga pali mulomwe apa? atumbuka ndi boko halam


But whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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