I have evidence Muluzi case is politically motivated — Patel

United Democratic Front (UDF) member of Parliament (MP) for Mangochi South MP  Lillian Patel has claimed that she has “evidence” that  former president Bakili Muluzi’s K1.7 billion 12–year-old corruption case is politically motivated.

UDF legislator Lilian Patel: I can rpove the Muluzi case ir politically inspired

The Constitutional Court in Blantyre upheld the ‘validity of some sections of the Corrupt Practices Act (CPA) which obliges Muluzi and all public servants to account for their wealth.

Muluzi, Malawi’s president from 1994 to 2004, was arrested in 2005 by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) for allegedly diverting into his personal accounts what the State claimed was donor money amounting to $11 million. But cord records shows there was no donor funds diverted and that funds were from Libya directly to Muluzi for political campaign of UDF for Muluzi’s handpicked successor layte Bingu wa Mutharika.

“I want Members to know in this House that our former President is suffering, being tortured and it is a politically motivated trial,” Patel claimed in the House.

“I have the evidence which I can bring to this House,” she added.

But Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya said the matter cannot be discussed in the National Assembly but the courts.

“The suffering that you have can be addressed by the courts and it is not for this House, Honourable Members, to actually say that the case itself is right that the crime was committed or not committed.

“The Constitution provides an institution within the laws of this country, a body that can deal with that matter and that body has seized that matter and they are providing guidance in their several rulings.  Let us not get involved in this. We have a constitutional provision under separation of powers that the courts are the ones,” said the Speaker.

Muluzi, 74, and his former personal secretary, Lyness Whiskey, are answering the charges of corruption on the money which government alleged was public funds diverted to the former President’s personal account.

The funds were reportedly given to Muluzi directly from Taiwan, Morocco and Libya for the campaign of late Bingu wa Mutharika, his hand picked successor under UDF.

The trial begun in 2006 and to date it has not been concluded, making it one of the most dragged high-profile criminal cases in the country.

The former president has denied any wrongdoing and also claims the charges were politically inspired.

The  State added a loan transaction of about K20 million ($27 397), which Muluzi took from Loita Bank, to be considered as “money obtained corruptly.”

So far over K600 million  was struck off when prosecution witness, Victor Banda, a former assistant director and head of prosecution for Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) , agreed that the money should not be part of the cumulative figure as there was no indication it was corruptly acquired.

The deductions, among others, include K11 million whose method of payment was a loan deposited into Muluzi’s account at Loita Investment Bank and a K80 million loan from Stanbic Bank (now Standard Bank) which Muluzi got for the construction of Keza Office Park.

The trial opened in 2009 but has been subjected to several adjournments, partly because of Muluzi’s hospitalizations related to spinal problems. Both sides reject allegations that they have been deliberately delaying proceedings.

Local press reports indicate that the State had spent as much as $12 million on the case.

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Zonsezi a o position a kufuna achititse manyazi Atupele ndi gulu lake, bambo wawo akuzinzika iwo akunjoya ndi ozunzao. A Patel akulalata koma mazulo akukadya nawo hehehehe he zitsilu za UDF

Gucci Grace

Total ignorance on the part of Honorable Lilian Patel! This is why it is important to have educated representatives in parliament. Madam , there are 3 branches in any government each with distinct functions:

1 . Executive Branch
2. Legistrative branch
3. The Judiciary branch

You are over stepping your boundary!!!!!!………… CIVC EDUCATION FOR ALL RETARDED LAWMAKERS PLEASE!!!!!!!


Osayiwala kuti Bakili muluzi anamanga a Joni Tembo nkhani yakumwaza mpakana nkhoti linapeleka chigamulo .Osamachitila chisoni koma akumanenazo chifukwa anthu ena akankhala pulezident amafuna azinkhala ngati ochenjera winanso ndi uju opanda mano kamwayi.


In any case, don’t you know your boundaries as a law-maker? The judiciary is another independent arm of government, and that’s basic Civics, which you would have known


I dont have sympathy to Muluzi because the political problems we are experiencing in Malawi is because of him being selfish by appointing somebody whom he thought he will control not knowing that he will be more selfish than him, so let him dance to the DPP govt tune as his son is part of people playing around with our taxes. I repeat this DPP/UDF alliance was never done in good faith, only Atcheya and APM knows.


This case is just one of those old tricks of siphoning tax payers money by paying legal costs which you share therafter….rubbish


How can it be politicallay motivated when UDF and DPP are in a political alliance……… Does that make any sense Lilian Patel??? Osamangobwebweta to make noise please!


Please school us Madam Honorable Patel is UDF & DPP pending alliance not working anymore? Achair sacrificed his son Atupele to work with Dpp administration so his case is under wraps so he roams freely.

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