Ex-MPs claim Callista living dangerously: Malawi police investigate ‘Jakison wa Agalu’ threats believed to be work of DPP detractors

Association of Former Members of Parliament has claimed that former First Lady Calista Mutharikais getting death threats since she told the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to abandon her in-law, President Peter Mutharika as its presidential candidate and her open support for Vice-President Saulos Chilima to become DPP’s torchbearer for the 2019 elections.

Callista Mutharika : ‘Am I therefore your enemy for saying the truth?’

In a WhatsApp chat group of former legislators and Cabinet ministers, Callista, widow to president Bingu wa Mutharika, set the tonne for her views which she has repeated during interviews with Capital Radio and Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) .

However, the DPP secretary general Grazider Jeffrey and State House press secretary Mgeme Kalilani have trashed Callista’s rant.

“She does not hold any position in the party therefore she is not better placed to say that,” said Jeffrey.

An audio voice clip is circulation on social media in which unidentified voice  is threatening to deal with Callista for her outburst.

Secretary General of the former legislator’s grouping, Ronald Chanthunya, said in a statement seen by Nyasa Times, that they have listened to the audio clip where it is clearly saying that some citizensare ready to have her dealt with and bringing her days to the end where they are asserting that Timupatsa Jakisoni wa Agaru without elaborating.

The former legislators are calling for an investigation into the matter so that the culprit is brought to book.

However, sources said the person who recorded the voice has told police that he was asked by some opposition elements to issue that threat and implicate DPP as if its baying the blood for Callista.

The say the threats are a gimmick and tactics to gain sympathy from the public that Callista is under threat.

However, Police deputy national spokesman Thomeck Nyaude said they are investigation the matter but warned people against issuing threats for political gains.

Governance commentator Makhumbo Munthali expressed concerns over death threats claims.

“ Just as in MCP (Malawi Congress Party), here we also lack of intra-party democracy in DPP where someone is allegedly being persecuted for voicing out her  mind to support another candidate as the party torchbearer in 2019 elections.

“However, it is not surprising to hear of divisions in DPP as it has always been publicly apparent that Chilima is sidelined, and the Calista’s case only comes to confirm this hypothesis. It’s only that DPP has been clever enough to hide their squabbles in the public as compared to MCP. However, as the election draws near we should expect more surprises,” said Munthali.

He said Calista’s case may also signify that all is not well with her and her in law Peter Mutharika.

“Perhaps this possibility of family squabbles may also explain the failure for the family to hold Bingu commemoration where both are supposed to attend. It may also signify her support for Chilima’s candidature,” he said.

Mzuzu-based political commentator Emily Mkamanga said Callista was free to make her own opinion, which she said could attract negative reactions from other members of the party.

“Her opinion might divide the party somehow,” said Mkamanga.

But a member of the Political Scientists Association of Malawi, Patricia Khonje observed that Callista’s opinion has no implication on the DPP leadership because it was only her personal view.

“Her opinion has no scientific basis, so it would be difficult to tell whether her comments would have any impact on the DPP leadership,” she said.

In an interview with Capital Radio, Callista said in responding to a journalist question on hy she is not supporting President Peter Mutharika, who is her in-law: “Should I be supporting somebody just because he is my family?”

Callista said Chilima was the country’s hope for a better future, saying she is Catholic and she stands for justice, love and peace, hence she has decided to speak for the poor.

And she told Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) that she is airing her views to protect President Peter Mutharika, from ‘beasts of prey’ whoch she claimed have surrounded the Malawi leader.

“I know my in-law, he is a good man, he was not like this, but he is being pressurised to stand again. He is surrounded by beasts who are misleading him.

“People think I am being rude. I am not. It is not an offence to be old. I am against thieves and beasts that have surrounded my in-law,” Callista said.

Callista alleged that some people, who were critical of her, were once involved in corruption scandals, but they now hold senior positions.

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peter georgce

Peter Mutharika akula kwambiri Callista sanalakwe we don’t want 80 plus here this is not Zimbabwe


Iwe Malawian seriously comparing Winnie Mandela to Callista you don’t know what you are talking about


Mama Callista, our own Winnie Mandela who speaks for the voiceless


Kodi I thought this woman and her husband told us they will meet us in the streets. I thought this woman and husband arranged for convoy ya JB to be hit by a wayward car. So she is worried about their own tactics. Asova. Amadziwana.

Silica gell

Kamlepo/Kunkuyu theorem kkkkk


Komadi ukadziputa limba. Wakwata kwa mphezi soaps king’anima mai. Osathamangira kumeza kutafuna kukukoma. Kikikikiki mwayambapo kunama. Tawana a Calista hurricane mupite komwe akumbisala Joyce Banda. I can see .someone creating her own political asylum .

This hurricane Callister is can not be stopped. I would agree with her that the president has been surrounded with beasts and thieves who are stealing from government. These beast and thieves are holding him hostage and they have ring caged him so that they tell him what they want him to hear. If these beast would release our president we would tell him that many student are failing to go to university because the fees are high and that loans are being given to friends and peers. if these beast releases our president we will tell him that the… Read more »
Agenda Setting Theory
Agenda Setting Theory

Don’t read too much into this. The person who has recorded this clip is just an overzealous person. I honestly believe he has done it on his own. Zoti amutuma ndiye ayi.

Petermuntharika My dog
Petermuntharika My dog

He recorded the clip entirely as a DPP Cadet, asanamepo apa apolisi kuti anatumidwa ndi opoosition kuti aname. Wakuuzirani kuti zimenezo apolisi, ndiye osamumanga komweko bwanji? Stupid police, you want to say kuti Callista azaphedwa muzanene kuti ndi opposition yamupha to dent image ya DPP, ng’ooooooo same thing you did mutapha Chasowa


Ukaziputa limba. Callista`s outbursts are not only damaging to APM and DPP but to Chilima as well.


Whats special with Chilima? If he is that popular wht not start his own political party? You can force people to adopt you as their presidential candidate. Calista should not be threatened because she is just a frystrated woman. Chilima cannot win an election he is not a popular politician. I challenge him to prove me wrong by resigning from DPP and start his own political party. In 2014 DPP rigged the election period.


Truth pains inu a Suzgo kkkkkkk suzgo mu DPP ndilosanena. Chilima is all DPP needs

We have had enough of the politics in this country and it has just benefited the ruling elite. People are struggling with life and DPP or not we need to be able to acknowledge kuti zinthu sizili bwino. Its true that Chilima cant win if he was to resign today and stand for the presidency. However, that has got nothing to do with his abilities as a leader but rather our ignorance as a nation kuti we dont vote for people based on issues or competency no. As one of the founding fathers of the United States of America, Thomas… Read more »

This is why bwana president mukagwela kumpopo because no one in the party dares to question your blatantly stupid policies or strategies. They either have to agree with you or be dealt with. History is clear on where these type of leaders end up; Kamuzu Banda (embarrassingly lost the elections and died), Bacilli Muluzu (in and out of court); Bingu Wa Mutharika (was isolated and then died a lonely man); Joyce Banda (on the run). Need I say more………

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