Forex Demo Account: Features and Advantages of Use

A Forex demo account is a sort of practice forex account (simulator) of actual gameplay on the Forex market. The virtual currency can be used for trade on the simulator of the Trading Platform. There is no limit to the number of virtual funds you can deposit into your trading account.

The Difference Between Real and Demo Accounts FBS

When you are working on a forex demonstration account, there is no risk with real money – in other words, gains and losses have practically no monetary implications.

Demo news is released with a 30-minute delay, as compared to real news that happens online on a live account.

The psychology of a real and non-demo account is very different from the psychology of a player on a demo or real account. One major reason for the difference is that trading on a real account involves the risk of one’s own money. Often emotions prevent you from employing the right execution strategy on the real account. This is why we suggest forex trade as a starting step before dedicating it to a real trading account.

Usage of a FBS Demo Account and Its Benefits

After just a few hands-on days, you will begin to work as a professional tradesman and see steady progress. Thus, here are all your benefits:

  • Risk-free trading – taking a walk is very risky. However, when you use a no-expiration date demonstration account, you don’t need to worry about the risks. Because of this, you will learn how to take calls without the worry of losing. Whenever someone loses, s/he gets to practice learning how to improvise his or her strategy to the next deal.
  • Free access – some of the great things that make a demo trade agreement special are you can use it with no initial deposits. Simply enter your mail account address and your name, and you can begin to trade through your training account. To make entering the forex industry safer and more trouble-free, you can set up a demo forex account.
  • Improve the trading style – this kind of account offers limitless possibilities to traders, and traders are free to attempt several strategies with the leverage that is best for them. They can start trading and learn various solutions to challenges that might arise in the process of dealing.

But don’t ignore practicing this as many times as you would like to learn the right habits for performing it better in later years.

Procedure for Starting a Demo Account

Please follow the steps below to help make the opening of your score easier for you:

  1. Complete the form. Give your real details there – because the login name and password are sent directly to your mailbox.

Choose the option of working with us when filling out the form at the bottom of the page, and set the trading platform you prefer.

  1. Receive an email specified by you in the form, with login and password to your demo account.
  2. Download and install the program for making deals and log in with the received login and password.

As soon as you get used to the procedure, then you can start a real live trading office in advance to make money.

Using an FBS demo account could be a perfect way of learning the fundamentals of forex online. This account offers you the chance to learn and refine your strategies. Besides, the account also lets you learn the lexicon of trading.

This demo account can be your starting point for getting started as a profitable online forex trader. 

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