Forget Transformation Alliance: Kunkuyu joins opposition MCP

Leader of  pressure group Transformation Alliance (TA), Moses Kunkuyu, has officially joined the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) describing the party and its leadership as the “ideal one to take Malawi into greater heights”.

Kunkuyu: 2019 elections accord us an opportunity to shape the future of the country

Kunkuyu, former information minister, publicly announced on Wednesday he is MCP member at a news conference in Blantyre .

Nyasa Times reported earlier  that Kunkuyu would be launchin TA’s document with a title ‘The Malawi We Want.’

Kunkuyu said the decision to endorse MCP has been reached following constructive and serious discussions they had with the party in a bid to liberate the country from what he called perpetual leadership deficiencies.

“MCP and TA share the same ideologies and realising that pressure groups don’t participate in elections, it is therefore our deep conviction that through active participation in the forth coming elections we will be pushing our agenda in the right direction of aiding Malawi to get transformed,” he said

While Kunkuyu was non-committal on whether or not he will join the list of contestants vying for various positions at the MCP’s convention scheduled for April, people within the MCP say he is a “big catch.”

According to Kunkuyu, the 62-paged document was issued after tapping inspirations from contributions from consultations held with various stakeholders with passion that Malawi should be transformed.

He conceded—during the presser— that the contest of the country’s presidency in 2019 has been narrowed to two parties -Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of  President Peter Mutharika and MCP.

He said: “These two options present us with a build or break situation. 2019 elections accord us an opportunity to shape the future of the country and as far as we are concerned with the background that DPP has in plundering public funds, it is going to be the best opposition party beyond 2019 as it knows all the tactics.”

According to him, the country requires transformative leaders who shall not only preach, but practice politics of inclusivity; and, advance a one Malawi agenda and bring discipline to the administration of national resources.

“I wish; therefore, to announce that I will not allow these esteemed members to go alone and join the MCP in its quest to transform this country. I will go with them and I believe that with God on our side, Malawi is destined for change come 2019,” said Kunkuyu.

He further revealed that some of the Transformation Alliance (T/A) members will contest for various positions in the 2019 elections to have the “Malawi We Want Beyond next year.”

“As the country heads for the 2019 tripartite polls, it’s a rare golden opportunity to make things right. A chance never to be missed in realizing our deep and sincere search for servant and transformational leaders.

“We know most Malawians are frustrated with leaders that don’t walk their campaign promises,” he said.

Topping the frustrated list, he claimed, are the youths—most of whom will be voting for the first time next year.

He then endorsed MCP for the 2019 elections.

“This follows constructive and serious discussions that the two sides have had in an effort to liberate the country from perpetual leadership deficiencies.

“We have every reason to believe that MCP needs support of all well-meaning Malawians as it continues to undergo the rebranding process in readiness for government next year.

“We believe that together, with God on our side and the able leadership of the party, Malawians can have their hopes of a better future rejuvenated,”asserted Kunkuyu.

Kunkuyu further described other political parties including United Democratic Front (UDF), Peoples Party (PP) as having the same ideologies as DPP and full of recycled politicians.

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Malawi is ripe for political disruption with the youth playing a meaningful role in shaping the future and rejuvenated Malawi. In order to create the Malawi we all aspire to its citizens need to move away from this romantic notion that its only the old and recycled politicians who have the wisdom and vision. Whilst Malawi has new and/or rebranded parties in the name of UDF, DPP, PP, AFORD, DEPECO and now (rebranded (MCP); the point of the matter is that they still have the old politicians still active in the parties influencing the shape of Malawi politics. This is… Read more »

Him too is a recycled politian with nothing to offer too malawians. What can he point that he achieved when he tasted ministerial position apart from employing a girlfriend at Macra. Iyi nde mbuzi ya manu kunsi. Go to hell . You stink .


He Too Then Must Fall and make way for those that have the energy, agility and ethics to take Malawi forward. Malawi is now a clean canvass ready for sketch of new ideas to paint the new Malawi.


Bravo Moses Kunkuyu for such a wise decision. MCP is the only viable option. As such it proper and good to support it. MCP is attracting intelligent young people like Kunkuyu, Wazazama Katatu unlike the neighbour who is just catching retired and recyled politicians only.


kunkuyu emweyo kuti wawawa wapanga chisankho chabwino umakwanira


Politics aside, this party MCP with Its new leadership is a lesser evil as compared to other parties in the country. It Seems it is now a party in fashion. Ku DPP kwachuluka recycled and greedy politicians. Yes, there are recycled politicians in MCP, but not as much as they are kwinako. This alone indicates direction for better Change for Malwians with MCP.


are you listening to yourself when you talk? you say Politics aside and yet you talk about Political parties as well as politicians….it really doesn’t add up.


Miladiwa, you need to find out what ‘recycled politician’ means. Kunkuyu is a recycled politician – from PP to Transformation Alliance to MCP. Actually, Mia epitomises the whole concept of recycled politician – from UDF to DPP to PP to MCP. You need to be honest, MCP is not any better – the notion that it offers fresh politics is just a load of baloney.

Watota Kunkuyu

Wawa Man Kunkuyu Ulemu wanu. Muzipanga abduct liti? Inu ndi Kamulepo ndi ma dolo pa nkhani ya staging kidnappings. Ulemu wanu.

Kukakhala ku mwera kuno Akongelesi palibe muphulepo olo. Kaya wina afuna olo asafune, DPP BOMA 2019. ANA ACHEPA. PALIBE ATAFE NDI NJALA


Leonard Chimbanga, mukumva bwanji muthupimo? Ukweche ndiyetu ndiwosayamba


certified crooks. only few days ago he was refusing any links with MCP and now he has joined. how can you trust such scoundrels.


Wasauka kwambiri mkulu ameneyu sakanachitira mwina koma kungojoina MCP kuti adye nawo za Mia. Kupanda ka mkazi kake ka ku MACRA kaja bwenzi pano akuyenda pansi mkulu amaneyu.

Ben Mbewe Junior

Za MCP from personal pockets of Mia, and za DPP from where? Mbava inu, you have nothing to offer Malawians apart from milking them their meagre resources, selfish and greedy crooks.

moyo kuwawa

Bwana kunkuyu mwalandiladwa ndi manja awiri m’MCP tithandizeni kuchotsa mbamva Za DPP 2019


MKunkuyu has the right to join any party in Malawi. Padzana anakana kuti sakujoina MCP lero walowa mu MCP. This man is a big lier and crook. He abducted himself in the recent past.

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