Forum for National Development endorses national shutdown, anti-govt mass demos

Forum for National Development (FND) has endorsed the planned national shutdown and prolonged mass demonstrations by the Citizens Against Impunity and Corruption (CAIC), saying time has come for Malawians to rise up against theft of public resources.

CAIC leadership has called for what they have termed ‘Mass demonstration for Emergency Situation’ to force President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera to address the social and economic problems Malawians are facing.

The grouping has cited forex shortage, scarcity of fuel, rising cost of living and fertilizers as some of the reasons for organizing the mass protests.

Fyson Chodzi

“All Malawians from Nsanje to Chitipa agree on one thing. We don’t have a government. We have thieves helping themselves on our small available resources. We will Demonstrate On the Gates of State House, on Gardens of State House, in the Comfort of  State House Corridors till we rescue our country from thieves,” said one of CAIC leaders, Joshua Chisa Mbele, on his Facebook page.

“We are taking the Victims of Corruption to State House. People’s State House. We believe that is where looting of public resources is planned. Capital Hill simply coordinates and executes. If Chakwera were not involved, corruption would have ended. IF Chakwera were not involved, ACB would have made tangible progress.

“IF Chakwera were not involved, the Courts would have prioritized cases. We are dealing with coordinated Scam from the highest level of government. The Scam has escalated and gone too far and it completely disabled country,” he added.

FND National Coordinator Fryson Chodzi and his chairperson, Bright Kampaundi, said they are in support of the planned demonstrations.

Chodzi and Kampaundi argued in a statement issued on Sunday that the fact that amidst all the challenges that Malawi is facing including lack of fuel, rising cost of living including high price of maize, uncertainty on fertilizer, the leadership has chosen to behave as business as usual, condone mass looting and theft of public resources and executive cover up of corruption, must drive each and able citizen mad.

“When a Leader does not address the PROBLEM. The PROBLEM becomes the leader and the LEADER becomes the PROBLEM. This is true for President Chakwera and Tonse Alliance Government. They are the problem that Malawi has. Fortunately, President Chakwera pledged and requested the citizens to join him in removing the rubble from the government and we believed that Tonse Alliance is the very same rubble ought to be removed and the proposed demonstrations and national shut down are a timely response,” reads part of the statement.

The forum has urged Malawians to remain vigilant in defending their hard won democracy and holding the leadership to account in the management of public finances.

“We can no longer be by standers when Malawians are going through the most difficult and turbulent times. Every citizen has a right to a decent and meaningful life. Together we can have a better Malawi. Impunity, mediocrity, theft, nepotism, arrogance must fall!” concludes the statement.

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1 year ago

Mwangusowa zochita, a Malawi ambiri pano azindikila kuti mukungofuna kudyela pa moyo wawo! Pitani ku ma Demo saletsa, munfune wosewela nayeyo! Za ziiii mukungofuna kutchuka pa mbuyo pa osauka! Anyani inu! Imbwa inu! Ndani sakudziwa kuti mavuto ali paliponse, ena inu ngakhale banja lanu lakuvutani chifukwa chofuna kutchuka komweko, zachamba eti? Ati National shutdown?????? Hahahahahahahaha kaya tiyenazoni!

Yohani Silindu
Yohani Silindu
1 year ago
Reply to  Kaitano

I agree with colleagues not supporting the demons. Pitani when you are done you will us. Ife tikhale makwerelo anu amipando yonona. A Bon Kalindo alikuti. Akakupatsani mipando basi ziii. Anthu akhwizi inu. Mtipeza basi ife pakhomo mphee.
1 year ago

We are supporting this demo.

Thoko matiti
Thoko matiti
1 year ago

Munakahala kuti u are not part of the rubble, we could have rendered the support. Koma mmmmmh nonsense ngati za Mtambo

1 year ago

I don’t expect any positive result from this . how many ultimatums have given and shelved there waiting to be archived my brother

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