From Madeya to Mbatata: Letter from Sapitwa

Someone very angry was bad mouthing me, of course next to me, without realising that he was talking to a member of Team Sapitwa. It all has to do with the current season. You see the bible, is a wonderful booklet, it is full of prophecies and realities including false prophets and complete of hypocrites who call out the name of the Lords name in vain.

The only word that was added to our political vocabulary of disgrace was “mbatata” that is after hours of promises and lies that our political establishment are known for. Thanks to Abusa the VeryReverend Helen Singh for contradicting God Almighty that some people are beyond redemption. No wonder she cannot forgive her step son, nor really stop insulting workers for dropping keys in office.

It’s a curse for anyone who professes to speak on behalf of God to equate his creation to sweet potatoes for he clearly states, he created man through his image and that nobody, even Zacheus the tax collector, or the Samaria prostitute, or the woman about to be stoned could be condemned by our Lord and saviour.

Singh: UIP presidential hopeful
Singh: UIP presidential hopeful call leaders ‘Mbatata’

Reverend Helen Singh spoke like a devils messenger, by comparing Gods creation to Mbatata. Simply we have heard enough of insults from all over, some called each other “madeya” while others called each other some names ‘Abongololo’ or ‘Tiankhwezule ‘. We should be worried that our children, if we allow them to listen to bad mouthing hypocrite’s masquendering as men and women of God, one day will call each other “mbatata” or disrespect the elderly.

I don’t believe that anyone took those  stand-up comedians, oops I mean our debating politicians seriously. For some of us who are new to this game, the real new thing was that it created a platform for briefcase parties to make a case of why they are too greedy to join hands.

Seriously, someone mentioned helicopter ambulances that South Africa, Botswana, England and the United States cannot afford for every jim and jack being available due to high costs associated with it.

James Nyondo charged that his connections to the world would help Malawi and that Malawi has never been on the track to anything. I almost cried to death with the comedy, when promises were flying from the other Reverend on education, Atupele on jobs and almost everyone claiming to curb powers of the President.

The debate focused too much on what they will do or what the previous rulers have done or not done. For me I did not hear something which misses out in every debate, why are they running for Presidency and what unique leadership will they provide.

The other question I need answered for us to take these debates seriously is that why can they not unite, form a powerful united front if their wish is to serve Malawi not to jump into sirens moving cars as Saulosi Chinsima….oops I mean Chilima [Chinsima name I don’t know where Peter Mutharika picked it from] told Njamba rally on Monday?

The last but most important question from here on top of Mulanje mountain is how will they do some of their crazy near comic promises. Take the promises of declaration of assets for example. I have never been interested in the form as filled, it is quite useless in its present form. You just state I have 14 cows, 13 goats and 11 ducks or I harvest 30 bags of mbatata from my farm and you don’t have to declare anything.

The most important question every of the comedian liars cannot tell you, but very critical is who is funding their campaign. Malawi is being auctioned to the highest bidder, Mr. Atupele Muluzi and Reverend Chakwera should declare who is funding them and what is it in them for them to support the parties.

We all know Mr. Atupele Muluzi has never worked anywhere but in parliament, his salary gross including fuel was around K300,000.00 meaning annual income of around K3,600,000.00 gross estimate, for the 10 years he has served in Parliament it can be safely assumed plus allowances he has made K50 million or so.

Now he just paid a cheque of K40 million for its aspiring candidates, another K1 million for his candidature and another K3 million for his new passion to save Mzuzu, Kamuzu and Queens Hospitals.

I am intrigued, looking that he has not really been a good businessman, selling almost all Atupele Enterprises properties, where the hell did he raise funds equalling his parliamentary pay check for
10 years.

Through in the UDF convention K20 million and then policy conference bill at K12 million, you see this new transparent candidate in Mr. Atupele Muluzi raises more questions as to sources of funding. He has grossed K50 million in income but spends roughly K200 million in three
years. I will not be shocked to see him declaring billions without telling us the source of income.

The same goes to Reverend Chakwera, whose salary as President of the Assemblies of God including benefits was around K450, 000.00. His wife earns more by the way. They have no known business, but drive expensive cars, raises millions from unknown sources for campaign.

No from Sapitwa its not about declaring how many cows or goats one has, it’s the spirit of declaring where you got the money that makes the difference.

Parliament funds all parties in Parliament, but nobody accepts that they be audited because the accounts are personalised and abused at will by party presidents.

I hear just as MCP found itself in Dr. Kamuzu Banda will, the UDF and DPP also make it in their founders wills like they are personal estates.

Shouting at BICC about transparency, declarations of assets is one thing, just like telling us what we want to hear about reduced presidential powers, decentralisation or better education, air ambulances etc.

No come down, join us at Sapitwa for fresh air and start speaking the truth. You are all bloody liars, greedy people and really interested in presidential convoy than helping poor Malawians.

Tell us how you will do it, where will the resources come from, give us time frame when you will bring presidential trimming powers bill to Parliament, declare sources of funding for parties, allow Auditor General to audit your parties, review the constitution and more importantly not seek or monopolise succession by leaving it to your brothers, sons or wives.

Without such concrete deadlines like one year to amend constitution and reduce presidential powers, 3 months to audit our party, declare our sponsors now and not reward them with contracts, remove party assets in individual’s names, then I would believe the rhetoric that was churned out on Tuesday night.

Otherwise having 10 people fighting President Joyce Banda looks like a greedy pack of hungry bush lions chasing a gazelle. Nobody really cares about Malawi save that they want to be President. If not, lets start withdrawing one by one from the race to save our monies in printing of long ballot paper.

Abusa Helen Singh perhaps saw the “mbatata” on stage, that they are too stubborn to realise that being united than split 10 times would prove that they can change…..otherwise it’s the same promise of free shoes turned to mobile clinics, salaries for teachers, mobile polytechnics without telling us how and when…….

I am sorry, we have indeed moved from Madeya to Mbatata, where lies are being churned out by more professional liars including Reverends like Helen Singh…….every politician for his her belly, every Malawian for himself…..God save us from these new generational liars.

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