Garrulous Chief Lundu attacks Gawa Undi for snubbing him at Umtheto

The controversial  Chief Lundu , a paramount chief of Chewa in Malawi, has attacked Zambia-based Chewa King Gawa Undi for sidelining him at the Ngonis Umtheto function on Saturday in Mzimba by  selection of a junior chewa chief, Traditional Authority Masambakhunda, to represent him, tactically, saying that was “disrespectful.”

Chief Lundu : I walked away

Lundu confirmed earlier Nyasa  Times story that he walked away after being sidelined.

“Yes I walked away. That is what I do when I notice something disrespectful  going on,” said Lundu, sounding abit tipsy.

Lundu said Gawa Undi has not benefited anything in sidelining him and that he erred to snub him make a Chewa junior chief be the King’s representative at the cultural festival.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, an executive member of the Chewa Heritage Group said it appears there is general condemnation of Lundu among the chewa fraternity owing to his increased divisive speeches he lets loose to different people and organisations.

“I can tell you without fear that Chewas are peace loving people. However, what Lundu has been doing lately does not embody who we are,” he said.

He added that even Gawa Undi could have earned himself a bad name had he went ahead to allow Lundu to represent him.

“Just look at what he did? Gawa Undi is our supreme chief. His directions are supreme. But look at what Lundu did? He walks away…!

“Lundu is disrespectful and has always been. He feels bigger and looks at himself as powerful. What he did at Umtheto is disrespectful to Gawa Undi,” said the member.

The senior member further explained that Lundu owes his position of paramount chief to political machinations not necessarily that he is the highest and deserved that title among the Chewa in Malawi.

“He owes much of his power to his association with the ruling powers,” he said.

Parliament rejected to have him in the board Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) saying he is too political and hardly level headed.

Umthetho is one of the country’s main cultural festivals pitted together with Kulamba for the Chewa and Mulhakho for the Lhomwe.

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Keen Observer
Ok so the issue here is not about Lundu as a Chief but because he is betting a wrong horse???? Had it been that Lundu was supporting MCP which the Chewable claim to be theirs then he could have been a very wise Chief now hence he doesn’t lean that way 5 hen he is very bad???? Do people know history? Was Malawi Congress started by the Chewable people???? Or only that Kamuzu Banda who was presumably a Chewa once led it? What does history tell us about Nyasaland African Congress tell us? What does it tell us about Mumba… Read more »
annie kamudoni

he is a very stupid man if u can look at him and what the king gawa undi has done is very important this man will loose everything nyapapi akazachoka

nkhwiri inokwa

mkuluyutu mutu wake sugwira and has embarass the chewas, i know the chewas are very respectful pipo but this one????????????????, how did he finds himself a king???????????

sakaza ononga

I choose to disagree according to chewa history UNDI and LUNDU are at par, they are brothers who broke away from KALONGA, UNDI going to KATETE, along KAPOCHE RIVER, and LUNDU went down lover shire. They were running away from KALONGA. Do not distort History UNDI is not CHEWA senior Chief.


Thanks the Zambia-based Chewa King Gawa Undi. Most leaders in Malawi deserve such treatments. This one is one of the greedy leaders in Malawi. Keep it up Zambia-based Chewa King Gawa Undi.

Munthu Wankulu

Ndi Jeff wa Jefrey sakusiyana…….. Onse a chamba


Ok. So he is useless Chewa chief and needs removal as soon as possible. Mtumizireni nyau ameneyu zikamsadze

yosefu mateyu

challenge is that chewas of central region support MCP while Lundu of CHikhwawa supports DPP

chaponda mchimanga

Lundu is not and will never be the Chewa paramount chief. He is a DPP stalwart hence his being sidelined.



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