Gawa Undi snubs garrulous Chief Lundu at Umtheto: Delegates a junior Chewa chief to represent him

Frustrated, face down and dazed, Paramount chief Lundu walked out of the Ngonis Umtheto function on Saturday in Mzimba in protest to Gawa Undi’s selection of a junior chewa chief, Traditional Authority Masambakhunda, to represent him, tactically, snubbing Lundu who is senior.

Paramount Chief Lundu: garrulous

The controversial and loud mouth Lundu could not believe it was true until it was on his doorsteps and, embarrassed, he walked away from the function—dejected and belittled.

Nyasa Times reporter at the function say he saw an overtly defeated Lundu, sweating and shaking his head in disbelief accompanied by some visibly angry aides whisking the disgraced Lundu to some unknown comfort.

The function was colourful and Lundu, according to inside sources, came confident that he will speak on behalf of the Chewa supreme chief, Gawa Undi.

However, things turned acidic for Lundu when Director of Ceremony at the function announced that Masambankhunda of Lilongwe was one representing Chilombo Mwini Gawa Undi.

This did not go well with Lundu who considers himself head of Chewa’s in Malawi owing to his title of Paramount.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, an executive member of the Chewa Heritage Group said it appears there is general condemnation of Lundu among the chewa fraternity owing to his increased divisive speeches he lets loose to different people and organisations.

“I can tell you without fear that Chewas are peace loving people. However, what Lundu has been doing lately does not embody who we are,” he said.

He added that even Gawa Undi could have earned himself a bad name had he went ahead to allow Lundu to represent him.

“Just look at what he did? Gawa Undi is our supreme chief. His directions are supreme. But look at what Lundu did? He walks away…!

“Lundu is disrespectful and has always been. He feels bigger and looks at himself as powerful. What he did at Umtheto is disrespectful to Gawa Undi,” said the member.

The senior member further explained that Lundu owes his position of paramount chief to political machinations not necessarily that he is the highest and deserved that title among the Chewa in Malawi.

“He owes much of his power to his association with the ruling powers,” he said.

There was no immediate comment from Lundu as his phones went unanswered. Nyasa Times, however, will endeavour to get his side of the story.

Recently, Lundu was in the news attacking Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG), saying it should be banned from operating in Chikwawa District.

This came barely months after the Parliament rejected to have him in the board Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) saying he is too political and hardly level headed.

Umthetho is one of the country’s main cultural festivals pitted together with Kulamba for the Chewa and Mulhakho for the Lhomwe.

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Nosi Mphaka

Do not do my annointed any harm.Chief Lundu this is just the beginning.Ask for forgiveness from God on how you have treated Bushuri in Chikwawa.

Nosi Mphaka

Do not do my annointed any harm.Chief Lundu this is just the beginning.

yosefe mateyu

it’s 4hr drive from Mchinji to DRC with Gawa Undi in between …

sakaza ononga

YYes apart from the seniority in CHEWA History UNDI and LUNDU are brothers, yes their elder brother was KALONGA,

davie dausi

they are not brothers rather cousins…and kalonga is a chewa name meaning king


Gawa Undi is being misled and is a coward. He was invited to the function and was the defacto leader of the Chewa delegation thereto. If he chose not to attend but delegate he should have communicated timely and openly his appointed leader of delegation so that all CHEWAS knew the lead figure from the beginning. Why make the announcement in such a manner through the Ngonis of MMzimba. I believe Dr. James C. Malewezi and Chief Lukwa should know something about this unfair treatment of Paramount Lundu. This is an embarrassment of highest order and need not be repeated.


Dr Justine Chimera Malewezi not James

Joseph ndili
Please do not distort facts. I do not think mzwanya knows DRC as claimed. DRC is a very big country. Do not cheat people that you visited the whole DRC and found no Chewas. Chewas are part of the tribe called Chokwe who formed part of the Great Luba – Lunda Kingdom dominating large parts of western Zambia, Tanzania, the Katanga Province of the Eastern DRC up to Uganda and Kenya. Chewas, Bemba and Nsenga have the same ancentral origin. In Malawi though History is being distorted by people like you on political and tribal basis, Chewas is grouping of… Read more »
mopiya mulipare
I would like to repeat that Lundu is a not a chewa and his association with the Chewa is very distressing. The Chewas as friendly pipo allowed Lundu to travel with them. Anampeza pa stage yobwera kuno ndikumabwera naye limodzi. In those days a relationship was built but the two are different. And as far as I know no Chewa wants to relate with Lundu. He is a Mang’anja and not CHEWA. Indeed there are Chewa in DRC. I have colleague medical officer from DRC who admits that. What Gawa Undi should do is appoint a Malawi based Paramount Chief… Read more »

These rubbish chiefs or paramount think we respect them. Mind you this is twenty first century when we respect the most educated bwana at office, CEO and like not a paramount chief wonumkha fungo mkamwa

The man is always open and straightforward. No wonder the chewa tribe which stuck itself to MCP can hate him to the extent of reporting him to Gawa Undi. Men of courage will still stick to their principles regardless of how strong the winds are. This is what I see in Lundu. He is hated because people hate the truth. It is this Lundu who after noticing the primitive politics of MCP Chakwera, he told him in the face that he will never rule this country through MCP. Now look at our politics today, does Chakwera have any hope of… Read more »

Chakwera has all the hope to win 2019 elections but you can not admit it, truth pains indeed.
You bought that guy so that he can rant allover for you thinking he can change the mindset of Malawians,
what a shame. we are not stupid,


Useless who gave him paramount chief he is not fit ask Mmbelwa will orient you how paramount chief behaves.

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