Malawi turning into ‘cold’ heart of Africa, citizens preoccupied with jealousy —Mutharika

Malawians are becoming  very cold towards each other and preoccupied with jealousy, President Peter Mutharika has observed.

President Peter Mutharika has said Malawians are so preoccupied with jealousy that they can go to any length to destroy each other in any worst possible way.

Mutharika has since pointed out that jealous is the major challenge the country is facing, which in the process was pulling back the country’s development.

The President said this when he attended a service of worship at the Evangelical Church of Malawi’s Nyasa Mission at Ntambanyama in Thyolo District on Sunday.

“I think there is too much jealousy in this country for whatever reason. One time we were supposed to be the warm heart of Africa, but I think that ‘heart’ has become very cold. We are very cold towards each other and we are prepared to destroy each other even in social networks and so on and so forth,” said President Mutharika.

The President said it is disheartening to see people publicising false rumours about each other, especially through the social media. Mutharika referred to his alleged death rumours last year after his extended stay in the United States of America (USA) where he attended the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in New York as one case in point.

In his sermon, Reverend Charles Mawaya of the Evangelical Church of Malawi also emphasised the need for the citizenry to get rid of jealousy and work in solidarity so that the country can keep on progressing.

“I am glad that in his sermon Synod Chairperson Reverend Mawaya has mentioned that we should take out jealousy so that together we should work and develop the nation,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika, therefore, advised people to love one another and work together as a family so that the country prospers.

He said government on its part will continue with programmes meant to uplift people’s social and economic standards citing social protection measures like the decent and affordable housing project.

“It is my intention that in the next fifteen years, Malawi should no longer have grass thatched houses. My government is also committed to improve rural road network. I am glad to see that the works of Thyolo – Thekerani road is progressing very well,” the Malawi leader said.


In her remarks, Thyolo Thava member of Parliament (MP) Mary Thom Navicha hailed Mutharika for implementing development projects anationwide.

Nyasa Mission was founded in 1893 by the Reverend Joseph Booth.

Formally known as Kabula by a British Missionary Joseph Booth, the Evangelical Church of Malawi was introduced in the country 1893.

The church relocated to Thyolo after the missionaries started cultivating tea and coffee before they stopped to focus on spreading the word of GOD alone.

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bonginkosi ntuli

kodi akupanganso jelasi ndi nkhalamba yopanda mano mkamwayi, yogwa nkuphwisayi ndani?????


Malawi has become the cold heart of Africa because of greedy politicians like you Mr. President. Evil politicians have destroyed this country.


Yes , jealous made you stay away from a very professionally organized Umtheto Mr. President. You chose to hide at a small function that would glorify you and that would prevent MBC from headlining Umtheto.

winston msowoya
Candidly speaking,Malawi has never been warm since independence 53 years ago and it has been tragically “COLD”.Banda turned Malawians vitually his personal SLAVES without rights at any time.Kaunda once wittily said that Banda was ruling zombies which he was very correct.Now is 53 years after nationhood,Muthalika is pushing Malawians like dead sardins.His brother Bingu turned despotic,stole billions of Kwacha that catapulted our nation into both economic and political cataclysm.It seems therefore,we shall be in this trend for many years to come as long as we embrace tribalism and regionalism.Why can’t we emulate our neighbours like the Zambians,Tanzanians and Botswanas? Where… Read more »

Don’t be woried Mr President our heavenly FATHER who is YAWEH the LORD of LORDS the one who appointed you to be the PRESIDENT of this NATION will safely protect you from your jealous ENEMIES. The more you have them the more YAHWEH will protect you and make you successfull in everything that you do. Mark my words come 2019 YAHWEH will bring shame to all your ENEMIES. May HE continue blessing you in a special way and continue attending such special prayers, GOD loves you and the entire Nation of Malawi.


Good and honest leaders have the ability to end societal vices including envy. We elect leaders to show the way and galvanize people of all types towards progress. Any unjust treatment of the people you lead will always lead to social challenges just mentioned

John Black

The President is bitching at the population. This is not in order: in a democracy the population is the boss of the elected officials. If the President does not like his boss, he can quit and go back to where he came from.

We should all pay attention to what the President has to say on this topic, regardless of our political affiliations. Jealousy, or ‘ENVY’ as it is referred to in many Bible translations, is at the root of most of our personal, social, and economic failures. It prompts us to commit the other DEADLY SINS. Because of Jealousy, we become GREEDY and try to take by dishonest means the possessions that rightfully belong to others. Because of Jealousy, we LUST after the wives or husbands of our friends, and plot the destruction of their marriages and families. Because of Jealousy, many… Read more »
Nganiza Muthulika
Good u have noticed that. The people u trusted are the ones who wished u dead and preparing to take over by stoppning VP just like u did to JB. U are surounded by very dangerous people. Malawians have been jealous people all the time. They hide in peaceful and Christians. They are the people who stop us diasporas to have dual citizenship but give it to Asians and African foreigners. We have sen land sold to foreigners not White but Indians, Rwandas, Burundis etc. But we diasporas They dont let us buy a land in LL or let us… Read more »
Jesus is LORD
Jealousy is NOT a sin. One of God’s names is “jealous”. Jealousy is righteous! Like, if I don’t want another man looking at my wife, I am jealous and it is righteous. See the second commandment (Catholics, pay attention as your church removes this!) Exodus 20:4-5 – Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God… Read more »

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