Getting to know Prophet Amos Kambale of Life International Church

Prophet Amos Kambale of the Life International Church courted controversy when he declared that the Covid-19 vaccine the Malawi Government had procured through the Ministry of Health was unsafe and a threat to the people.

Kambale – who is the founder and overseer of one of the fastest Pentecostal churches in Malawi – based his argument on the fact that the vaccine was produced in December before the second variant of Covid-19 had emerged.

And barely days after he had instructed his followers to take a backseat in the administration of the vaccine, a dozen European countries suspended the use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine after reports that blood clots had developed in small numbers of vaccinated patients.

The news that most European governments suspended the use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine had health experts worried that it could hamper an already slow vaccine rollout on the continent and fuel vaccine skepticism.

Prophet Kambale: Oxford/AstraZeneca jab after reports of blood clotting after vaccination.

France, Italy, Spain and Germany were among a dozen European Union countries that suspended the use of the vaccine over concerns about blood clots occurring in vaccinated people.

Prophet Kambale felt vindicated in his prophecy. However, this is not the first time for this Prophet to court a controversy.

In 2018, he attracted the public attention after a woman claimed that she had been cured from HIV and Aids after he prayed for her.

This was after the Lilongwe District Health Office (DHO) had cleared a woman – Zelipa Jafali – of HIV-positive status, months after Ntcheu DHO diagnosed her with the virus and recommended her for anti-retroviral therapy (ART).

Jafali had tested HIV positive at Kasinje Health Centre in Ntcheu around July 2017 and had been on ART until February 2018 when the Lilongwe DHO scrapped her off the list of recipients of the life-prolonging drugs.

The woman continues to enjoy good health to date.

In addition, very recently, a Malawian nurse based in the United States of America (USA) claimed to have been healed of Covid-19 after Prophet Kambale had prayed for her.

Nyasa Times (NT) sought to dig deeper into the origin and anointing of this Prophet Kambale (PK) in this exclusive interview. Excerpts:

NT: Who is Prophet Amos Kambale?

PK: It is very difficult for me to describe who I am because I enjoy and feel comfortable to introduce my Master Jesus Christ wherever I go rather than myself.

I believe people need to know Jesus more than me, am just a messenger. He must increase and I must decrease. Simply, I would say Prophet Kambale is a servant sent from God to bless this generation. Of course, I am blissfully married and I have two kids.

NT: How and when did you receive your calling?

PK: I would say that God called me from my mother’s womb. There were many peculiar things that happened to me, which would take my life when I was very young.

But through God’s grace, I was preserved. When I realized that God was calling me, I fought it so hard until I realized that it is hard to kick against the pricks.

That was the time when I was doing my bachelor’s degree in Architecture at University of Malawi the Polytechnic.

When I graduated, I worked for 17 months only and I resigned from work to win souls for Jesus as mandated by God.

God specifically told me that he has called me to win more souls for Him. Many people did not understand me, others rejected me, called me all sorts of names.

That never stopped me. That time I was in Blantyre. God specially told me to go to Lilongwe. He told me that I would never see peace until I come here in Lilongwe and win souls for Him.

When I arrived in Lilongwe, I went from village to village, schools and colleges everywhere where there were people, winning souls for Jesus.

Then I went on a long fasting and at the end of it in 2012, God directed me to Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of Zimbabwe who is my spiritual Father.

God had already communicated to him about me. I slept at his house in Borrowdale Brooke (Harare) then, he advised me how to do God’s work and he prayed for me. He is my mentor ever since. I deeply thank God for him.

NT: Churches have become lucrative financial enterprises nowadays, a development that has forced some people to doubt the authenticity of some prophets and apostles out there. Some prophets and apostles have turned themselves into men of gold and instead of being men of God. How do you define yourself?

PK: It is easy to think so when you are not in ministry. Those that are running churches know that there is no real money in church.

There are so many bills we have to incur on a weekly basis as we run the church; the PA system we use costs millions, rentals, chairs, we take care of the needy, orphans and so on. Very little percentage of preachers have alot of money, it’s just very few but 99% of preachers are struggling.

It is not uncommon to see someone moving from ministry to politics but very rarely do you see people resigning from their work or politics to ministry.

That tells it all where real money is. As for me, I have several personal businesses so I do not depend on the church for a living. Actually, the church depends on me.

Money cannot be a real motivation for starting church. For example, when I stepped out into the ministry, I was the only one in the church with a car.

So if the motivation was money, which money would those poor members give me then? I was the only one paying for everything.

If someone really believes that there is ‘money’ in the church, let them start their own church and I challenge you, not too long, they will close it. It is the love for God and His people that that keeps one in ministry; not the physical benefits.

NT: Where is your church and what is the membership like at the moment?

PK: Let me correct you, it is not my church. It is God’s church. In fact, I am one of the members of the Church, which God privileged me to pioneer.

Currently, we gather every Sunday morning at Mbinzi Secondary School Hall in area 3 (opposite Lilongwe Water Baord, Madzi House, off Likuni Road) in Lilongwe.

Of course, we are in the process of acquiring our own land within the city. On the membership, it is very difficult to numerically put it together because I get to know a new cell or member has registered somewhere each day.

It is the work of the Holy Spirit. There are growing calls for us to start churches everywhere within and outside the country.

All I can say is we are growing exponentially both spiritually and numerically on a daily basis.

NT: Do you have any prophecy for this nation for the next one year?

PK: So many! However, you see, just as a doctor would not do surgery anywhere apart from the theatre, I prophesy at church. That is my platform.

To me the word of God is so precious that one needs to pay full attention in a good environment. Such environment is provided for well in church.

I love our nation and I continuously pray for our leaders that God gives them supernatural wisdom to lead the nation to success in the best way, beyond their physical senses.

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2 years ago

This is good news seeing youngmen coming up like him. I pray that the Lord continues to use this guy. However, this prophet must be aware of the current environment in Malawi. We come from a background where prophets are regarded as supermen who live in heaven and occasionally visit people. Thus why when they make mistakes, people struggle to accept them. Knowing that the wrong impression has already been given. I encourage you, young man, to make your routes clear and your spiritual father known to everyone. Now is the best time because I can assure you that times… Read more »

Mangochi Kabwafu
Mangochi Kabwafu
2 years ago

Getting to know ndaninso apa. Mbava zokha zokha.

Peter Mtambo
2 years ago

This is good God bless you man of God.being humble open more doors from heaven.

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