Goal Malawi respond to Chief Lundu ‘stupid’ remarks

Goal Malawi, one of the country’s leading humanitarian organization has vehemently distanced it self from being “stupid” and “rude” organization as portrayed by Paramount Chief Lundu on Sunday during the political rally organized by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) at Nchalo in Chikwawa district.

Paramount Chief Lundu: garrulous

According to Goal Malawi country director, Collings Bright his organization has never received any complaints from the community it serves and that there is a good relationship.

Bright said his organization’s target and goal is to make sure that all 8,000 beneficiaries are being served accordingly and in time.

Goal Malawi is distributing maize to the people affected by hunger in the Lower Shire and Lundu expressed displeasure with the way the grain is being distributed.

Lundu made the remarks on the presence of President Peter Mutharika while asking him to replace the organization with World Vision Malawi.

“Goal Malawi is stupid! What is Goal Malawi? Who are they? I don’t want them to work in my area. They are rude, very rude even to chiefs, tchupitii . We want Malawi World Vision back. We have been working with this organization and their officials are good, very good. I have said it.” said Lundu.

When asked to clarify how and where the organization was disrespectful to the extent of calling it stupid and ban it in his area, Lundu said “I don’t want to talk about it again.”

Recently, Lundu banned the Church of one of the country’s Prophet, Shepherd Bushiri to carry its services in his jurisdiction.

Some activists have so far condemned Lundu for attacking the organization without valid reasons.

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Hahahahahahahaha, koma mafumu aku Malawi.


Whatever Lundu says in the presence of the president has his blessing otherwise he could have been censured but he is sent by politician to say what he says, these are not his words are the words of DPP


A Paramount alankhula and he knows what he is talking about. Akunyoza amfumuwa ndi a kongilesi ndipo ngati mukufuna a Goal Malawi atengeni apite Ku Kasiya adzikapopa kongilesi yaoyo kumeneko.. Anthu a Ku Chikwawa akufuna World Vision ndipo tisawaphere ufulu wao osankha.
Well done my Paramount Chief!!! I am proud of you.

Concerned citizen

These partisan chiefs.

Very embarrassing.

He cannot even give his reasons, after using a public podium.


so shameful for a garrulous, loquacious, promiscuous and greedy chief to utter such sentiments. He sleeps with unsuspecting desperate girls who work for World Vision and other orgs. And he is bitter with Goal Malawi because he cannot prey on them successfully. Goal Malawi refuses to serve the list of the chief’s relatives that comes from him and he is bitter. A very corrupt and rude chief. Goal isadzapitenso m’dera lake. mxiew


Iyeyo amadya zakuba za DPP, Goal Malawi is for the poor, amafuna adzimupatsa iyeyo kuti apangire campaign ngati kuti ikugawa ndi DPP, yagwa nayo Lundu, silly chief.


A very corrupt and money hungry chief, kupanda and umbuli.


Mfumu iyi mukuti Lundu ndi Mbuzi yamunthu. or muiwone kukamwako ngati imadya zoola. Fisi wachabechabe uyu. Wagwanayo amaona ngati Goal Malawi izikondera anthu a DPP ndi zibwenzi zake. Galu wa munthu.


Anamumana chimanga ameneyu. Lundu is very very stupid chief and an idiot!! Amapereka maina ku goal Malawi a ana ake akuzibwenzi, zibwenzi zake komanso a DPP oti sakuyenera kulandira nawo chimanga chi. Ineyo Lundu yi ndi mfumu yakwathu and he used to manipulate a World Vision staff, but GOAL Malawi staff are no nonsense, they are not partial thats why Lundu anakwiya nawo. Kufuna kusankha a DPP, ndi azibale ake basi ndiye zidamunyelera.


This chief and the one in Karonga should declare that they have joined politics because their behaviour is appalling, to say the least. As chiefs, they are supposed to be unifying pillars and not the ones causing divisions amongst their subjects.

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