Goodall says MCP soliciting campaign money from some ‘Amwenye’

Finance, Economic Planning and Development Minister Goodall Gondwe has accused the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  of soliciting money from some ‘Amwenye’ [Asians] for campaign.

 Gondwe: Malawi needs to be run by Malawians even the skin must be black

Speaking when he opened a meeting of senior DPP officials attended by over 200 party members in the Northern Region at Katoto Secondary School Hall in Mzuzu on Wednesday, Gondwe said MCP is breaking the standard that founding President Kamuzu Banda had not to allow people of other colours to run affairs of Malawi.

He said Malawi, particularly the North, is not for sale, and that votes will not be given because someone has more money.

Said Gondwe: “Even Kamuzu Banda said Malawi needs to be run by Malawians, and even the skin must be black. He said those other people must not even join parties. Was it us who said that? Now they are breaking their own rules, we will just watch them?”

His speech was  welcomed by jubilant supporters in the hall who sang songs rebuking MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera while praising Mutharika as a true and great leader whom the country still needs.

But MCP second deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka said Gondwe should first reveal those who are donating to DPP resources for campaign before pointing fingers at other parties.

Among the notable DPP members at the meeting were secretary general Greselder Jeffrey, her deputy Grace Chiumia, who is also Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development, Attorney General Charles Mhango and North Region governor Kenneth Sanga.

Gondwe’s remarks comes at the background of controversial statement made by Minister of Transport and Public Works, Jappie Mhango,  which were  racist and discriminatory  targeted at MCP aspiring vice-president Muhammad Sidik Mia when he launched Thumbwe Bridge construction project in Chiradzulu.

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32 Comments on "Goodall says MCP soliciting campaign money from some ‘Amwenye’"

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wa Lowe

Goodall mulibe nzeru inu
kaya poti muthu ukamakura nzuru zimabwelera ku mwana kkkkkkkkk siyan ndale mwakura


MCP chipani chanthu onse, kwachaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! Ife to lookin seeded were,”bomaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

His Excellency Nkhalamba AP
Nganya uyu watondeka chomene. Look at his bizarre look in the picture. Kamuzu was an old man but not very useless at the age of Goodall and Pitala. This old man has already forgotten that the court in Zomba told dpp to negotiate with NGOs on how dpp should pay back K13 million they stole from parastals. They have forgotten that they campaign disguising that they are doing development rallies. Please mind your dpp business and deal with the chindindi brought by Callista and Winiko. Kamuzu was never as silly as you two old guys. Mukuyendera ndodo ndi mmutu momwe.… Read more »
Timvê ziti

Badall old age aside you are not even a good politician. How do you encourage racism and hope to be elected? What does this say for your party. Aren’t APM s grandchildren of color? Mwanyoza a president anu.


Has lost direction,kunyula daily gogo wane



Goodall this is racism at its worst!! Your message is loud and clear……………………. I for one knows that you are targeting Sidik Mia and you are not happy with his support to MCP. Secondly this is why I personally have been saying the current crop of MCP leadership have nothing against whatever was happening kumbuyoku or during Kamuzu’s time. Yes while we may agree that Kamuzu, Dausi, Ntaba, Musa, Kutsaila, Gondwe, etc did more harm on Malawians in the name of MCP, the current team is a new group and has nobody in its NEC from old MCP. All the… Read more »
peter georgce

Goodall Gondwe mwasowa nkhani ,chipani cha MCP ndi anthu onse amwenye, akuda azungu, makaladi komanso ma ambasada onse ndi a MCP , mumuwuze APM kuti amwenye MCP yakomera kwambiri.


bora a mwenye kusiyana ndikumaba za mu boma……mmene ikupwetekera misonkhomu……shupit

Kunena Mosapsyatila

Foolish talk from an old man run out of ideas. Who told you that Malawi is only for you, black Africans? You need to be taught the definition of a Citizen honourable “mkhungu” minister of finance. A party can solicit money from anybody as long as they are legal means of obtaining the cash.

Can you tell us how your theaving party obtains it’s financial resources? Those who were applauding you for this silly speech are themselves empty tins, listening legends from an old and outdated elder.


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