Govt abolishes on the spot vehicle fine payment: Tough luck for corrupt Malawi Police traffic officers

Government says it is abolishing on the spot fine payments for vehicles, saying motorists will have to make payments later.

Car owners advised to take on CoF

Director of Road Traffic and Safety directorate Jacques Mononga said the new system starts March next year.

“We have perfected the new system to ensure every tambala goes into the Account Number One,” he said.

Mononga said the on the spine fine payment systems had its own problems and loopholes and was abused to some extent.

Until March 2017, traffic police officers fine offending motorists who pay the fines on the spot.

Mononga said the new system is much better than the old system whereby offending motorists were brought before a magistrate and fined.

“This time we have improved the system, with have an improved technology, motorists do not have to queue before courts, the new system is fast,” he said.

Motorists will be booked for a road traffic offence by a police officer and the motorist would make payment later.

Motorists will be booked, issued with tickets and make payments in banks, avoiding having their licences withdrawn by traffic police as was the case before.

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Corruption will still be there. A driver at foult may just give chindapusa kwa wa Traffic and avoid being given pepala la milandu for payment at the bank


Make the fees affordable as in K3000 the same amount asked by traffic officers or else nothing will change as people would rather give an officer K3000 than go to the bank and pay K5000 for a receipt

Let me advise you Government what u must do: first introduce a separate database system where every motorists mishaps Wil be recorded. This i means misdemeanors like uninsured..hit and run..non paid fines..etc. Secondly introduce hand held scaners to all traffic officers. COF discs must hav a barcode with every infirmation regarding motorists. If the driver and/or the vehicle is wanted for some crime. The scaners wil detect such crimes or offenses. For instance this system u r introducing, if any motorists decides not to pay then they can be identified and caught easily. If they are caught it Wil stil… Read more »

How will the government ensure compliance by offenders to the new system.? If am just booked to pay letter and decide to remain silent ,Will the police go car hunting or the tracking system has been incorporated

Much as I know Malawian are too corrupt, go to road traffic and tell me if the new system has improved anything rather than worsening it. People are able to get COF, Licences dubiously. I lament for Malawi




I think this is a very good achievement. however you need to be very careful otherwise government will end up loosing more than now. as far as I know poor mindset of many Malawians, this time they will choose to give a police officer ( K5000) than to be given a ticket of 10000 though to b paid thr banks. in the end govt or acc No 1 will get less than expected.


Its a good move but it has to go together with behaviour change. The challenge is that before issuing a ticket, the corrupt police officer will come to negotiate with the offending driver to pay a lesser fine which goes into his or her pocket or to get the ticket and pay a higher fine which goes into government account. Mostly, people are willing to pay less, hence they will pay the little amount asked by the police officer


And how will the money be protected at acc number 1 because as for me I trust nobody from head to toe in this country pa nkhani ya corruption..


This is a step forward. Currently thecPolice cease the Drivers Licences and can not let you go unless you pay on the spot. This is what encourages corruption as some motorists can only afford half the amount;would rather pay a bribe to be released. Now a motorist will not waste time; will just get fine ticket and proceed with the journey. Thus good for the motorist; good for account 1.


Nde mwatipwetekatu tikudyelani chani pa Naisiland pano?

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