Govt dismiss Viola remarks that Mutharika is puppet, new jet: Malawi Presidential spokesman under fire

President Peter Mutharika has rejected remarks by his Press Secretary Gerald Viola during an exclusive interview on Times TV on Saturday that there are plans to buy a presidential jet, saying that is not true.

Viola: Under fire

Viola: Under fire

Government spokesman Jappie Mhango said Mutharika and his government have no plans to purchase another Presidential Jet once the economy is back on track as claimed by Viola.

The government spokesperson said in a media statement that “neither the State President nor any Ministry or any government agencies have these alleged plans to procure any presidential jet now or in future,” adding further that “the State President’s commitment in exercising financial prudence and cutting down on unnecessary expenditure remains as ever before.”

Malawi government had a presidential jet which was sold during the short regime of the Peoples Party (PP) under Joyce Banda.

Government has also rubbished Viola claims that the President is just a figure head as most decisions concerning the affairs of the country are largely done by his top aide.

Viola’s remarks vindicate former Presidential legal advisor Z Allan Ntata who branded President Mutharika as a puppet who is controlled and manipulated by his aides (Puppet masters) and not him.

He also said his predecessors-Fredrick Ndala and Timpuza Mwansambo– were shown the exit at State House because they were not appointed by Mutharika himself but people who control him.

Viola said there were people that were making the decisions and appointments on behalf of the President and that he was equally puzzled when Mwansambo and Ndala were appointed to head State House Press Office.

On this, government says Malawians must know that “it is the State President that makes appointments through a process that involves submission of at least three proposed names to a position complete with Curriculum Vitae (CVs) by the Chief Secretary from which His Excellency makes the appointments after thorough scrutiny of the individuals.”

Viola was reportedly handpicked by Mutharika to replace Mwansambo, who was fired for drawing two salaries from State House and Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

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viola yemweyo kuti Wa W
a Wa!


I think the one who has to be presidential press secreatary should be well matured and educated not phalaphala like this guy. Dont forget he was busy campained for this president during 2014 election. oviously akulandila zathukuta lake.

I cry for Malawi coz i don’t see any president or politician who shares Kamuzu’s vision of Developing this country and maintaining Discipline, otherwise the presidential seat has been literally turned into a “personal enrichment vehicle” which is being used to siphon our public resources into their filthy pockets. A lot has to be done to bring sanity to our economy. Shockingly Malawians have accepted bribes as a normal act when accessing public services especially at Malawi Traffic Police Department and Immigration. we do these things in the sense that we want to speed up the process but we forget… Read more »
isaac tekamtawa

inu mukufuna mzanu akhale pa airport 10hrs……

Nyapaphi wabowa

For sure Viola is not mad. He is an OFFICIAL Presidential Spokesman and as a nation we have to take what the OFFICIAL Spokesman says. Zinazo ndi zigendere. there is no way you can dismiss what your own Official spokesman says. Mwayaluka a nyapaphi!


Umboni wa mwana! umboni wa mwanaye!umboni wa mwana ndi poison wovuta kuukanaa.singing’ooooh

yamikani john mwasama

I dont think Mr Viola is insane for publising it in media and such a high profile figure could not jst wake up in the morning and speak out such imformal words.Bravo! che Viola coz these people are fond of purchasing properties in a hide and seek style

Chilungamo Chidziwike basi

Alhomwe ndiopusa, ndiye akuyesa kuti onse ali kubomako ndiopusanso eti? chitsiru cha Prezident, mmene zasowela ndalamazi angamakambe za Jet? Fools government

Chilungamo Chimawawa

chilungamo chimveke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


what viola was saying is true,go and have a look at the people going to our embassies,you we have the shock of your life.i know two weed smokers with a one page CV going to be diplomats soon.i wonder if the president is aware of this,i wonder if the president approved their posting.

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