Hallucinated TV actress implicates men in sex scandals

A letter authored by TV and radio actress Gladys Phiri reveals that the actress is mentally unstable and sees visions and ghosts in connection with her sexual affairs with men.

The letter also reveals her true character that she implicates men in sexual scandals in search for money and that she hates her own father for divorcing her mother.

Police at Soche in Blantyre discovered that the actress was insane and threw out her complaints against actor Michael Usi aka Manganya in 2008 after she raised nine allegations to do with sexual harassment against him at Adra. Police told her there was no evidence.

Phiri: Insane?

Some of the accusations she says were an attempt to force himself on her in his office, making strong sexually suggestive remarks to her, asking her to undress in his office to take a look at her body, asking her if her pubic hair was shaved, forcing her to put his penis into her mouth and demanding sex on several occasions.

Manganya refused to comment on the issues saying he was busy with school.

Nyasa Times got hold of the letter s circulating in Blantyre with  detailsof  her accusations against Manganya in 2008. The accusations were thrown out by police and she later asked for out of court settlement but that did not work out either because she was discovered that she was mentally unstable.

Police also trashed her after learning that she made efforts to implicate other men in similar sexual scandals. Some of the men that Nyasa Times found that were her victims were Spencer Mhone, Chris Mwase (who with the wife wanted to beat her up), Usi (whose case was dismissed for lacking evidence) and Hewton Samuel.

Then she went out with an official at Malawi Revenue Authority who was later overtaken by MBC TV camera man as the 14th boyfriend to Gladys according to sources.

“She is good at making sexual allegations about men she has wanted to have sex with and get money from her. She becomes bitter when such she fails to bed with those men and she implicates them. The cases that came to us lacked evidence and were thrown out,” said a police officer
familiar with her cases in Blantyre.

“She is a dreamer. Can you take seriously what a dreamer says?” asked the police officer. Her problem, said the officer, is that she accused many men of harassing her sexually.

“May be that is what she saw in her visions,” the officer said.

The fear that some of the implicated men have is for students at the Malawi Polytechnic where Phiri is studying business.

“My concern is that some of the students and even teachers at the Poly may fall into her trap and it will be difficult for them to come out clean. I warn Poly students to take care. She would target those with money and where they do not have sex with her, such students will be in big trouble,” warned of the victims.

Phiri’s letter which exposes her hallucinations and visions begins by unkind remarks about her father: “My name is Gladys Phiri…I stay with my mother in Nkolokosa who got divorced in 1993 and since then I have been living with my mother without the help of my father which means I am more inclined to my mother than my father.

“My father took himself another wife with whom he is currently staying with in Chilomoni and they have children together.”

Under the sub heading: “Spiritual aspect and mysterious sickness” Phiri’s letter which she wrote for the police and her lawyer details how she became mentally disturbed by her many sexual dealings with men.

“On Friday 10th October I mysteriously began to feel strange and realized that I was not myself. I began to talk on top of my voice and everyone at home was surprised what was wrong with me. I began to roll on the ground and getting soiled up and dirty, crying and feeling a little nausea. Later I went to my room, locked myself up and closed the windows despite the unbearable heat. I began to read the Bible in that confused state of mind and in a little while I felt like I was taken in spirit and I was shown lying down on the table naked an different men are looking at my nakedness but I held my Bible tightly to my bust and cried while I was praying.”

She further writes, “When I came out of the room I was so confused that I began to chase away my sister’s little baby of 18 months because whenever I look at the baby I was seeing a strange masked face on the baby’s face. I told my sister to take him away because I feared I would hurt the baby and I felt so irritated just by looking at him.”

Phiri was then taken to Mwaiwathu Hospital for medication where Dr. S. Kondwani treated him. But her hallucinations and illusions and visions came to her again at the hospital.

She says, “When I tried to look at the doctor’s face  I saw a scary face similar to that which I saw on the baby’s face back home. I turned away opted not to look at his face because I was connecting
with what had happened when I looked myself in my room to what I saw on the baby’s face and knew that something strange was happening and I felt something evil was hovering around during the whole process of observation by the doctor.”

She got discharged but in the evening, according to her letter, the visions appeared again and she says she saw a group of people that had come to kill her. She rolled on the ground as she saw the strange face again.

“It was scary because I was seeing things no-one else was able to notice at home. I was begging them to kill me but no one was doing it. I began to call my grandfather who died a year ago to take me with him.”

She was then taken back to Mwaiwathu where she was in chasing battles with guards as she ran away from doctors.

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