Head of Catholic Church in Malawi says 1992 pastoral letter yet to bear fruits

Archbishop Thomas Msusa of Blantyre Arch-Diocese has urged Catholics and Malawians to commemorate the 25 years of the issuance of the hard hitting pastoral letter which brought political change in Malawi by reflecting on whether it achieved its intended purpose.

His Grace Msusa: Living our faith still

Msusa said this at Ndata in Thyolo during the memorial service of former president Bingu wa Mutharika.

‘This coincidentally marks 25 years since the Catholic bishops issued the famous pastoral letter which brought political change in Malawi,” said Msusa as he led the memorial service.

Following the pastoral letter, Chakufwa Chihana came from exile on April 6, 1992 to lead a political battle in the fight against the oppressive Kamuzu Banda’s one party system of government.

His  Grace Msusa , who is head of Episcopal Conference of Malawi, said the pastoral letter was the aspirations of all Malawians who wanted justice, not selective justice for the few powerful and rich peoople, workers who wanted good working conditions and pay, people who wanted drugs in hospitals, among other things.

The then ruling party the Malawi Congress Party clashed with the bishops and there were fears they would be killed as was the case with other critics of government.

Msusa said the emergence of Bingu wa Mutharika in 2004 as president of the country after being propelled to power by former president Bakili Muluzi  rekindled hope of fulfilling what the bishops had wanted through their pastoral letter.

He said Bingu initiated a number of development projects and programs.

“President Bingu wa Mutharika loved his country. He took over the country when it was facing a lot of problems, when HIV and AIDS prevalence was at its peak but he did all he could to deal with the problems,” he said.

He said in addition, Mutharika put women in powerful and influential positions.

Mutharika died on April 5, 2012 when he collapsed after a heart attack when his political popularity continued to plummet at a fast rate as he became increasingly arrogant and dictatorship.

He clashed with the country’s donors, chased away a British diplomat and locked up opposition and civil society leaders and harassed journalists.

His critics say he amassed K98 billion through dubious corrupt means which he is said to have stashed in offshore investment accounts.

The government rejects these accusations.

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9 thoughts on “Head of Catholic Church in Malawi says 1992 pastoral letter yet to bear fruits”

  1. chisoni wa chisoni says:

    Can scarcity of fuel, forex;
    Death of innocent Malawians in July 2011;
    Dismissals of innocent productive persons;
    Ever deportation of British High Commissioner;
    Ever cashgate
    Ever sacks and bags of money found in the so called Palace;
    …….mean doing well
    Then probably some of us do not know the
    meaning of well …….
    Do not dilute the 1992 pastoral that brought hope to
    suffering Malawians who continue to suffer now.
    So help us God.

  2. MNDAMBALA BOY says:

    His Grace Msusa, koma abale…………………………………. kusaopa Mulungutu uku!!
    Mukungopasana/ kugawana ma title mwini wake kumwamba aliphe kumangokuonani.
    Tsiku lina lifika lomwe mudzakane ma title amenewo, chifukwa mwini wake adzakhala ali pompo.

  3. zuzo dekha says:


  4. Quabaniso says:

    Chihana was HERO of Malawi Democracy.

  5. jab says:

    too bad….

  6. CHIMVQ says:

    POWERFULL MSG From the clergy


  7. Maizegate says:

    Pastor Makondetsa muphunzireko kwa alaliki anzanu ngati amenewa , osati zopusa zija munasintha nkuyamba kunyoza otsutsa boma. Izi zimaonetseratu kuti Mlaliki uyu sanapiteko kumaphunziro komanso amafuna kupatsidwa kangachepe. Atleast today I had time to watch the sermon from Bishop Sitima.

  8. winston msowoya says:

    Candidly,the Catholic Pastoral Letter of 1992,was the custodian and the creation of novel Malawi State in emancipation,but also we have a job to do to maintain equality dispite our ethnical differences,by the way,we are one people and we are all sons and daughters of God.Thanks to the courage and determinations of our Catholic Bishops and we urge them also to do the same with the horrible and misguided DPP regime led by the Muthalika dynasty.Soon after the holy letter,Chihana forthwith rushed home from abroad where he was living and had no connections with the leaders of exiled political movements for reasons known to himself.To others,they regarded his return home as a hero who defied Banda’s brutal regime but,to others, they were taken aback in the sense that,why did he leave other prolific and authentic leaders of the Malawi new political trend? The answer is POWER HUNGRY.The other committed exiles,met in Lusaka to plan the strategy after Banda was thrown out of power.The meeting was held in Lusaka,after Robert Mugabe refused to allow the Malawian exiles to use the Zimbabwean soil against his friend Banda,remember,birds of the same feathers flock together.In fact at the outset,the Americans backed him financially and politically,after realised that he could not win the elections without the support of the people from the South and Central,they advised him to work with them.At the Conference in Lusaka which was authorised and supported by the late President Chiluba,Chihana gave a brilliant speech to be fair with him,but he ranout of steam when other deligates discovered that Chihana was after the leadership,this did not go well with other deligates and tried to pour cold water on him,then he had already formed his Party by the name of AFORD,this is where he lost his opportunities because many delegates did not agree with him in the sense that other Malawians,would take it as the Party of the Northerners,opportunistic as he was,he went on with his suicidal and divisive trend.After a barrage of criticisms from Conference members,he surreptitiously left for Malawi through South Africa.Forthwith,Bakili Muluzi went to a Press Conference to condemn AFORD as the Party of the Tumbukas,that was a heavy blow that sent AFORD to wilderness hitherto.However,despite his opportunistic path,he contributed to the welfare of Malawians and will go in history as freedom fighter of the oppressed people of Malawi and may GOD keep his soul in eternal life joining hundreds of Malawians perished in pursuit of freedom and etiquetty.GOD BLESS MALAWI AND AFRICA!!!!!!

  9. Kaya says:

    Lord help our Mother Malawi spiritually so that there should be LOVE, Financialiy that there should be DEVELOPMENT and
    socially that there should be PEACE for all. AMEN.

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