Hip hop artist Chavula arrested over rape song: Hands himself to Malawi Police

Malawi Police has arrested local hip-hop artist  Mwiza Chavura over  lyrics of his controversial song about rape which stirred controversy across the country with human rights activists demanding for his prosecution.

Mwiza Chavura the singer of ‘rape’: Handed himself to Police

Chavula was arrested on Friday morning. He is currently being kept at Blantyre Police Station.

According to Blantyre police publicist, Augustus Nkhwazi, Chavura is yet to be formally charged.

Chavura, accompanied by his father, handed himself over to Blantyre police Friday morning after reports emerged that the law-enforcers were hunting for him.

The  police were in the process of transferring Chavura to Lilongwe where he is expected to be questioned, charged and later on taken to court on matters relating to inciting sexual assualts through his song.

In the song titled Rape, Chavura partially sings: “Agwiliridwe basi, nanenso wina ndizamupanga rape, kukamwa kwake ndikumumata tape…”

Chavura issued a subtle apology through a post on Facebook where he also commented on how he sees no issue with his song.

“I would like to apologise to all women I have offended with my song. I didn’t know it is going to offend women, and I didn’t know the concept would be misunderstood. I apologise to Malawimusic.com for putting them in a complicated situation, and would like all websites that uploaded the song to take it down,” he said.

“Sorry, I will avoid such songs. The song is just an imagination it’s not particularly involving any woman, it’s not meant for anyone to take seriously, like all other songs. The song has been banned, basi let’s move on with our lives. Most of you have lots of problems to fix at home and work,” the Mzuzu University graduate commented on the post.

And Lilongwe-based private practice lawyer, Vincent Msowoya, Managing Partner for N.C. Msowoya & Associates has expressed interest to defend Chavura on moral obligation – pro bono.

Msowoya says the manner in which some civil activists and sections of society have condemned him might have an effect on the prosecution process.

“My coming in is to guarantee that he faces a fair trial and that the outcome of the process is determined by Legal premises, and not emotions, zeal or as a means of gratuitous rights advocacy,” he toldNyasa Times.

Women’s Legal Resource Centre (Wolrec)  and other rights groupings described the song as retrogressive, coming at a time when the country is fighting against sexual offences – a crime of power that can be committed against anyone.

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There is no case here. Let this good for nothing boy go home. He is obviously a misogynist but he has committed no crime. The law cannot solve this problem, this is a global problem that needs a worldwide solution of reforming men and not throwing them in jail. Trump says grab them by the p#### and today he is American president, Eminem, dmx, Snoop Dogg even female rappers like foxy nyimbo zoterezi nkudya kwao but they don’t get arrested. An arrest is made when a threat is made to a specific individual or when an act has actually been… Read more »

i believe as a country we have more pressing issues for the so called police to be looking at, instead of ku ononga ma resources(tax payers money) ku ma gwira oimba nyimbo ,for example umbanda ukuchitika mu govt mwathumu(looting of tax payers money) amene most of them are still walking free….mxii.


I stand by what I said earlier on; the guy has apologized, has shown remorse hence he deserves forgiveness.
It is this kind of double standard that is worrying many. Others called for a REVOLT in this country. Why were they not arrested? Does it mean that the revolt is good?
Mutayeni nyamatayo.

open minded

The young man need counselling.. he might have psychological problem and is time bomb that can go off anytime. His song reflectes that he has harbouring anger plus the fetish and sadistic fatansy. Instead of taking him to court.. They were supposed to take him Zomba mental hospital. Because the likes of him the prison will be sex heaven if not hell

dziko ndi anthu

Mutayeni palibe nkhani apa tiyeni tione mmenetingathanire ndi mbozi zomwe zikuononga chimangazi kuti tipewe njala, komanso the guy apologized to the entire nation ! why arresting him?? muli ndi umboni woti ankafuna kugwiririla?? set him free sanalakwe.


Tayeni palibe issue APA mazoba inu


Free Chavula


The same feet that took him away have brought him back to the same police he was runnng away from. Charo nchonono


holier than thou as usual! since when have we arrested people for their songs?

Zoona Tikambe
Why is this song offending women only? Men can also be raped, Gays and lesbians can do the same. If indeed it is an issue of rape, it should affect all groups of people because not only women can be raped. I can compare this song in all angles where people can condemn but are silent. Examples are many; nude pictures which are posted in all circles of media, abusive language that people talk in many places, unpalatable language many people use in defaming the president or the clergy and all sorts of that. You say there is freedom of… Read more »
Jesus is Lord

Yes, all homosexuals are rapists and paedophiles because they are reprobate. Either they’ve done it or they will if they get a chance.

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