How Effective Is Vaping And Therapy With Quitting Smoking?

The vape-related products industry is worth billions of dollars now and continues to grow. Part of the reason for vaping’s popularity comes from people ditching tobacco.

Nicotine is the addictive element in cigarettes. It is this drug that makes quitting tobacco so hard. Just thirty minutes after a cigarette is smoked, nicotine cravings can kick in again.

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Seeing as how most vape juice contains nicotine, is vaping an effective way to stop smoking, or is it just replacing one habit for another?

How many people still smoke cigarettes today?

The ability to search for vape-related products online, such as Top Vapes, has made the transition to vaping more convenient and accessible. Despite this, a substantial number of individuals have not yet made the switch from smoking, leaving a significant population still using traditional cigarettes. 

The global tobacco products market is valued at $941 billion in 2023. This figure dwarfs the revenue made by the e-cigarette and vape industry, but slowly things are changing. Over the years the rise of vapes and the decline of cigarettes has occurred. 

In 1990, about 90 million adults in America said they had smoked with 45.8 million saying they continued to do so. By 2020, there were only 30.8 million smokers in the states, and this figure continues to drop. 

How hard is it to quit cigarettes?

When someone stops smoking they will experience cravings for nicotine. A smoker will usually experience cravings for nicotine mostly in the first few days after quitting. Yet, it can be weeks before cravings for cigarettes pass completely. 

Up to half of all smokers attempt quitting each year with very low success rates. Just 7.5% of smokers quit successfully, and this may have something to do with the tactics and approach these individuals to employ. 

The NHS in the UK has promoted vaping as an aid to quitting cigarettes, and they also recommend therapy or counseling as a complementary tool. 

Can vaping help someone stop smoking?

One of the reasons the NHS tries to encourage smokers to move to vape pens is the belief that they are 95% less harmful than cigarettes. Smokers have plenty of options for quitting, with some people preferring to simply go cold turkey. 

  • Hypnosis
  • Acupuncture
  • Tobacco lozenges
  • Nicotine patches and gum
  • FDA-approved prescription medicine
  • Therapy
  • Vape pens

One study showed that vaping helped more people to quit smoking than other methods such as nicotine gum or acupuncture. Between 9% and 14% of people quit while using vape pens as opposed to the average of 7.5% who successfully quit using other methods. 

Counseling and therapy were found to help just 4% to 7% of smokers quit. Yet, when counseling is combined with vaping it becomes a much more effective method of quitting. 

How can you quit smoking more effectively?

The medical director of the Tobacco Treatment Program at MD Anderson Center believes the best way to quit smoking is through a combination of counseling and medication. Yet, not everyone wants to take prescription medicine. 

The best alternative then could be to begin vaping and receive face-to-face counseling. Research has shown that therapy and vaping together resulted in smokers being twice as likely to quit than those who used other cessation methods. 

90% of all lung cancers are caused by smoking, so it is very worthwhile to seek out successful methods for quitting. 

Why do vaping and therapy work together?

Counseling provides support to anyone trying to quit smoking. Through therapy, a smoker can discover what their trigger points are, and how to avoid certain situations that encourage smoking.

Vaping helps with nicotine replacement from not smoking, while also helping to keep the person’s hands busy. Gradually, as time moves on, the person quitting can choose to use vape juice with a lower nicotine level if they wish.

Is vaping a better alternative to smoking?

When you think that vaping involves synthetic vape juice it might make you wonder if natural tobacco is actually a better option. But, vaping involves far fewer risks than smoking does.

Cigarettes produce carbon monoxide and tar that builds up in a smoker’s lungs. By switching to vapes this can all be avoided. The temperature of some vape pens can also be controlled and this helps to avoid the production of carcinogens which are common in cigarettes. 


Combining face-to-face support and some form of nicotine replacement could be twice as likely to help someone quit smoking than just patches or gum. Vaping helps because not only does it provide nicotine but it also helps to occupy the smoker’s hands. 

Adding therapy or counseling means that you can understand what triggers you to want to smoke, and how to avoid those situations. After progress has been made, nicotine intake can be lowered or completely removed if you desire.

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