How is digitization affecting Malawi?

Modern technology is affecting Malawi significantly. Today, more and more Malawians are using the internet to improve their lives. Keep reading this information. 

The entertainment industry in Malawi

Technology is helping the music industry in many ways, according to the BBC. There are more indie music artists in the country than before. One reason is the proliferation of the internet in Malawi. You can listen to many Christian hip hop artistes online in Malawi, among many other genres.

Though data is still expensive for many Malawians, this doesn’t stop them from enjoying themselves on casinos, such as

YouTube and TikTok are the most preferred platforms for Malawians. The latter use these platforms for recording and broadcasting their music. If you are an aspiring YouTuber, please refer to this article on the top 100 YouTubers in Malawi. 

Online education

Malawi’s average literacy rate is 62%. Malawians have improved their literacy levels also by online education. There are many online tutors who use YouTube and other channels for education. 

This is how to use YouTube for online education:

  1. Identify a topic you are proficient in. It could be any topic, such as gardening, cooking, maths, science, etc. 
  2. Now create your YouTube channel and give it a unique name. 
  3. Record your lesson in a sound-proof room. 
  4. Describe your video in the Description Box.
  5. Write down all the relevant tags in the TAG box. This helps people to find your videos. 
  6. Upload your video, and set it to Public. 

Follow these basic steps to teach online to your students. Of course, you can also use Zoom and other apps for this purpose. 

Technology and agriculture

Malawians are also increasing their farm yields with modern technology. Thanks to data provided by weather satellites, they can now plan their crop schedules, etc. 

Not only this, but Malawi has adopted mobile phone technologies for better farming incomes. Read this article to know more. 

Technology and freelancers

Even freelancers are benefiting from modern technology. For instance, writers can publish their books on self-publishing platforms, such as Kindle. This gives these writers a lot of flexibility in marketing their books and journals. There are other book publishing platforms as well. These are:

  1. iBooks
  2. Barnes & Noble Press
  3. Kobo
  4. IngramSpark
  5. Smashwords
  6. Deaft2Digital
  7. Lulu
  8. Bookbaby

Since Amazon dominates 80% of the global self-publishing market, it is the natural choice for many first-time writers. 


Podcasting is broadcasting your messages, ideas, etc. through audio files. This is a new way of reaching out to the outside world. There are several podcasting platforms, such as Amazon’s Audible, Anchor, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. Read his article to understand how to be a successful podcaster

Need inspiration from successful podcasters? Here is the link

Cloud technology

Many Malawian companies are using cloud technologies to store their data. Cloud is basically a virtual server that can store significant amounts of data. In fact, some Malawi colleges and universities are offering courses in cloud technologies. 

Malawi is far more modern than you can think. Though small, this country is a development model worth emulating, especially when it comes to online implementation.

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