How to Show Love And Respect to Your Parents

As we grow up, we can sometimes feel our parents do not understand us, but whatever differences we perceive does not have to lead to a poor relationship.  At all times it is important to respect our parents, which requires an appreciation for all they have done and continue to do to support us, which often needs us to reevaluate our behaviour towards our parents so they receive the genuine kindness they deserve.


It is sometimes easy to overlook the sacrifices our parents make. Their time, energy, and efforts to provide for our needs should be appreciated through a simple word of thanks but also taking on small tasks they need doing at home, such as cleaning up after a meal, small repairs around the house or some work in the garden.

Your parents are unique and perfectly imperfect. they make mistakes but deserve a return of unconditional love. Buy gifts for special occasions searching out special silver wedding anniversary gifts for parents that they will appreciate. Surprise them with random gifts and treats like chocolates or flowers when you see them or after they have offered support and advice.

Learn more about your parents

There may be differences of opinion in some matters between you and your parents.  Respecting different opinions will strengthen every relationship and if they exist between you and your parents, you can close any division with conversations with them about how they have come to have the opinions they have. Be open to what they have to say, even if you disagree, rather than interpreting the words to suit your narrative. If you struggle with their points of view, talk to a friend or someone who does not know them to get another more objective point of view.

Honour your parent’s wisdom

Our parents have overcome many challenges in life. Some of these are shared human experiences whilst some are unique uncertainties that we can all learn from. Honouring your parent’s experience and wishing to learn from it is showing you respect your parents.  Write down the stories they have told so you have a family history to share with your siblings, children and other family members which will keep you all connected in kinship.

Stay connected

Life is busy for all of us and it is not easy to meet up if we live far from each other. However, try to meet up as often as you can, even if you are thousands of miles away a trip to their home once a year should be a priority if finances allow. Otherwise, book in Zoom calls or phone each week with an update on how things are going in your life. Staying connected is a sign of love and respect because it offers extra time to learn more about what is going on in your respective lives.

Show affection

The power of the human touch is strong at every stage of our lives. Do not forget hugs and other physical displays of affection with your parents. This acknowledges your continuing love and respect for them both. If your parents say something you dislike, respect their right to say it and do not shout, swear, roll your eyes, make a sarcastic or something else that shows strong disapproval. You can agree to disagree.

One way to show affection is to cook them a home-cooked meal. This will give them a break from having to cook for themselves and you can prepare their favourite dish or introduce something new that you enjoy and want to share.

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