Intimacy will keep stress at bay

Most people’s sex drive drops when they experience stressful challenges. Yet, several scientific studies have shown sex has many benefits on stress, so it is a good idea to get intimate when you are feeling stressed. Below are some results about sex and stress.

A study in Arizona State University showed that women who enjoy physical affection or other sexual behaviour had less instances of feeling low and getting stressed. The above study also found that a woman in a good mood is likely to have more satisfying physical affection and intimacy the following day. This means getting intimate can help women feel less stressed while being less stressed can lead to more intimacy.

Another study found that people who had an experience of satisfying intimacy are less likely to suffer from blood pressure. This was arrived at after participants’ stress responses were measured during stress inducing situations.

Participants who had recently been intimate had either lower baseline blood pressures, less chances of having their blood pressure rise while undergoing stress or while doing stressful activities. Accordingly, getting intimate increases one’s chances of getting a stress response during stressful and challenging situations.

Another study found that women had less of a stress response after enjoying positive physical contact with their partners. This study considered women’s heart rate and cortisol levels as a measure of stress response.

Studies have shown that touch is good for emotional health. Thus, intimate touch and massage, among others, go a long way in managing stress.

The deep breathing during those intimate moments is also good for stress because it relaxes the body and oxygenates the blood.

And of course, you must have read that sex is a form of exercise, especially when a lot of enthusiasm is involved. This means that at the end of the activity, it reduces and manages stress just like physical exercises.

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