Investigate Prophet TB Joshua

Last week, the late President Bingu wa Mutharika suffered a cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead a few hours or days later. He was 79.

While death is a common destiny for mankind, the circumstances surrounding this tragedy are strange. I therefore would like to call upon the government of President Joyce Banda to immediately institute an investigation into all issues surrounding this death.

Several weeks ago a Nigerian pastor popularly, known as TB Joshua ‘prophesied’ death of an old African president. Millions of people consider TB Joshua a genuine man of God. Based in Lagos, TB Joshua owns a rich mega church with thousands of members. His supporters point to the success of this uneducated minister as evidence of divine inspiration.

TB Joshua: Predicted the death

Yet there are also millions who believe he is a crook. Videos by people claiming to be his former aids warn people to be careful when dealing with TB Joshua. The videos allege that TB Joshua stage most of his ‘miracles’ in a disingenuous manner with the aim of preying on converts who are willing to donates lots of money to his followers.

It is not for me to judge TB Joshua. Christians believe such judgment should be left to the Almighty.

But, as a Malawian, I have an obligation to ask the government to investigate whether TB Joshua was in any way involved in this sudden and tragic death. The facts as we know them would indicate a strong connection to TB Joshua.

Here are the facts:

TB Joshua has, in the past, made several predictions. But they have been broad and their fulfillment debatable. This is the first time his prophesy has been very specific – “an old president would die in April”. He even went further and predicted that this president would NOT be from West Africa, thereby narrowing it to two leaders – Bingu wa Mutharika and Robert Mugabe. He was so sure about this ‘prophesy’ that he repeated it several times over the past few weeks. Is it possible that this unprecedented prediction was made because the masterminder of such a death was none other than the good bishop himself?

We know that the death of Bingu wa Mutharika benefits TB Joshua. It means lots of people will join his church. It means lots of donations from people who believe this ‘prophesy’ proves that TB Joshua is indeed a man of God. Would this prospect tempt the good Bishop to conspire against the former president?

We know Bingu wa Mutharika wrote a letter to TB Joshua. In a TV broadcast, soon after the president’s death, the Bishop showed a letter supposedly from the late president. The letter had the Malawi Government letterhead and presidential signature. He did not reveal the contents. If the letter did in deed come from the president, then it is reasonable to assume that TB Joshua wrote back to the president. When did that reply reach Mutharika? Can our police get hold of the reply, its envelope including everything that came with it and send these to a very sophisticated forensic laboratory?

Was this the only communication between the two? Did the Bishop try to instruct the president on what to do to avoid the impending death? Did the Bishop also send the president his “holy” water, oil, scent or any religious artifact? Could our police liaise with their Nigerian counterparts and seize the letter the Bishop claims to have come from the late president?

Finally, was there a devout follower of TB Joshua in the State House?

It is likely that President Mutharika died a natural death. But government should not leave any stone unturned.

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