James Nyondo says Malawi must have 15 ministers only

National Salvation Front (NASAF), a party founded by James Nyondo is defined and described as a party of silence. In this interview with Nyasa Times correspondent, Pius Nyondo (PN); however, the party’s president and 2014 presidential hopeful James Nyondo (JN) ‘breaks the silence’ by shedding more light on what his party is all about and shares what he thinks should be done for the Malawi nation to make headway progress.

PN: What kind of leadership does Malawi need now?

JN: We lack a transformative leadership. Our presidents throughout history as an independent nation do things, say things, make unnecessary trips at huge cost because they can. We lack a transparent leadership. Yes there are state secrets but the nation needs to know how much and their justification. When we do this, public officers will behave responsibly. Today, Malawians are suffering. They are paying for the mistakes of all governments Malawi has had since independence. People cannot go on paying for the government’s lack of foresight.

PN: Can such leadership be found?

JN: Yes. In our party, we believe that a political office gives platform for service NOT an opportunity to access the good things of life.

PN: But your party is defined by silence!

Nyondo: To run for presidency on NASAF party ticket
Nyondo: To run for presidency on NASAF party ticket

JN: No. We are strategizing on how to move Malawi from the mess it is in. Look we are blessed nation. Look at the rivers, lakes, fertile soils, national parks, game reserve, beautiful scenery and above all wonderful people who have been taken advantage of by the political people since independence. Currently, we are developing a strategy that will help Malawi to trade NOT beg Europe, America, China, India, Japan and other African countries. I have been up and down searching for markets across the world.

PN: What makes your party different?

JN: I think it’s embedded in our manifesto. Malawi is fast becoming a nation that (knows no values in life). It is expedient driven. The advent of multiparty politics has eroded the sense of responsibility and good morals of many Malawians, with the youth being most affected. Our party envisions a “Malawi where individuals are valued irrespective of skin colour, race, tribe, faith and place of origin and all other peoples, and hold on to good cultural values.” We truly believe all people are created equal by the Creator and that life is sacred. Therefore, we will hold on to the universal values that respect human dignity which are not in violation with the principles given by the Creator.

PN: What are the values of your party?

JN: NASAF requires of its leaders and members an unconditional obligation to help the poor, weak, sick, lame etc; we mean all those who cannot speak for themselves even if they do not belong to our tribes, regions or faiths. A NASAF leader and member does not ask for an allowance to help or do anything. NASAF as a party is already promoting a culture of hard work. NASAF believes in earning a living through hard work. NASAF is the only party whose goal to is invest every available tambala into the people of Malawi by voluntarily giving up our privileges. NASAF is the only party that believes in linking politicians’ salaries and benefits to economic growth. Our current politicians have no conscience. They continue to draw huge allowances, make unnecessary trips to collect allowances when Malawi’s young people roam the streets because there is no opportunity for self-advancement anywhere in the country.

PN: What should Malawians do, then?

JN: Now Malawians, do your homework. Has there been any political party in Malawi’s history that has advocated the above? NASAF is the only party that says Malawi must have 15 ministers only. As a party we will make sure that the size of the cabinet, the presence of presidential advisors, become constitutional issues. A house to stand must have four walls. Any additional wall must be justified. Similarly, a president must justify before the National Assembly and the people of Malawi why we need an additional ministry. Large cabinets and the presence of advisors are there to serve their egos and to reward often incompetent friends at the expense of the nation. There are other reasons that distinguish us from other parties. Malawians will be hearing about them when we officially launch our party activities [for the 2014 tripartite elections].

PN: Anything more?

JN: Yes. NASAF has started taking part in helping to shape the future of our nation. We have everything we need to fight for the people of Malawi. We now have markets outside, a plan to help make every Malawian willing to work hard lift himself or herself out of poverty.

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