Jappie says Chinsinga death threats baseless: Kamlepo blasts ‘intoxicated’ DPP govt

Malawi government spokesperson Jappie Mhango has said the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government will accommodate views of political analysts and citizens in general even if the views are critical to the current leadership of President Peter Mutharika and his party.

Jappie:  Chinsinga should report to police not just yappie -yappie

Jappie: Chinsinga should report to police not just yappie -yappie

Mhango, who is also Minister of Information, gave the assurances after Chancellor College political analyst Blessings Chinsinga claimed he has been receiving death threats from unknown people for being too critical to the Mutharika administration.

Chinsinga says he suspects he is being targeted by regime operative following the comments he made at the last Public Affairs Committee (PAC) meeting that the nation is in deep political, economic and social problems because of “accidental presidents” and “try and error” leaders who have ruled the nation since the dawn of multiparty politics in 1994.

He therefore announced that he has stopped commenting on any political, economic and social matters in Malawi.

But speaking inside ‘Times Talk’ Programme on Times Radio on Wednesday, the Information minister downplayed Chinsinga fears. He said Malawians should not be worried of their security.

“APM (Arthur Peter Mutharika) government listens to its people and cannot let its people being threatened,” said Mhango dismissing Chinsinga’s claims as baseless.

“Chinsinga is a citizen of Malawi and it’s the duty of the government to protect him and together with the rest of its people through Police” he added.

While distancing the government and DPP from Chinsinga’s claimed death threats, Mhango advised Chinsinga to report the matter to police if it is indeed true that he is being threatened.

The minister further wondered why Chinsinga can be the only person claiming he is being threatened whilst there were several participants who spoke at the PAC meeting.

“Chinsinga claims he has been receiving death threats following comments he made at the PAC meeting and I think these claims are baseless because there were so many people at the meeting but we haven’t heard anyone complaining that he or she is being threatened,” said Mhango.

Executive arrogance

Controversial Rumphi East parliamentarian Kamlepo Kalua also joined in the programme through a telephone call and pleaded with Chinsinga to be strong and not to stop criticizing the DPP government.

Kamlepo: I will continue to be critical without fear

Kamlepo: I will continue to be critical without fear

Kalua said Chinsinga has views that can help develop Malawi.

He said those currently in power are “intoxicated with leadership” hence they can’t listen to whatever people are advising them.

Kalua therefore vowed to soldier own in pointing out the weak areas of Mutharika leadership without fear, saying there is executive arrogance.

“These people cannot threaten me akuchepera kaba, Kamlepo sangamukwanitse“, challenged Kamlepo before he was ordered not to comment more of things that were outside the topic by the host Brian Banda.

Chinsinga refused to comment anything when he was contacted during the programme.

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Jappi lli ndi dziko samalani munthalika mukumuikira kumbuyo uyo akufa this april ndiye chima sadzakutengani inu mu cabinet yake

Mwanangwa Jappie, Astute Academician Dr. Chinsinga is a well learned and knowledgeable Political Scientist, a qualification wanting in either the President or you Jappie. So if you are not accidental leaders, then take it you are accidental politicians. Dr. Chinsinga lectures in Political Science, a programme under the University of Malawi, which boasts full funding from our taxes. And we employed him to do exactly that. Now, saying he courts trouble by always speaking against the DPP and the President is quite hallucinating. Any Professor or Doctor worth his name will research, analyze and present/publish (sharing out) his findings and… Read more »

Hon.Jappie be advised that one day u will be at ur home in lura ,so what good will u going to tell ur people there becoz ur a minst. Mind u mwamulima waka ntchunga pakhowe. Stupid with ur gvt.


what a dead government is? stuped kind of leadership we have. jappie seems like a good man while not, he is foolish with the police are used kill innocent pp.


which muhango is juppie from tyolo? foolish juppie ur tyme is cmng.

Mtonga wa ku nkhunga

Cmment reserved

Jappie again! At first he was saying Chinsinga is facing problems created by himself for being too critical of DPP got, now he is saying DPP got is accommodative to options and views of other people. what should the nation take here? By the way which police should Chinsinga report the matter to? The same police that killed Njauju? The same police that deliberately turned up late at chibavi fracas in mzuzu? the same police that pocketed 80k from the same dpp govt for killing 20 people on July 20 demonstrations? May be u wanted to advise Chinsinga to report… Read more »
Moses ned

Democracy means listening to evry opinion no mata how stupid it is, running the country is not a simple thing so you chinsinga get lost with your nonsens comments. Where hav yu been during muluzi leadership?? We wnted strong pipo like yu during that time tikadawona ngat sukadasowa. Muluzi used ti kill stupid pipo like you

Greencardless Malawian
Greencardless Malawian


mwana nyungwe

Jappie u r a shame to the north just like Goodall and Tumpale who at one point or the other spoke as if their positions were for life I remember at one point Tumpale Mwenifumbo asked Government departments never to advertise in the nation and Goodall defended quoter system at the expense of northerners so you too are doing the Same attacking every truth and everyone forgetting that DPP days in government are numbered. Lucky enough is that Malawians knows who you are and do not take you seriously. You, Kenyatta and Mtambo muzatipeza day one.

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