JB de-campaigns herself towards 2014 elections- Part One

It doesn’t need overemphasis that patriotic Malawians in the country and those in diaspora have been following with keen interests the issues unfolding in their mother land as they count down days towards 2014 tripartite elections. JB has had enough time to make it up to Malawians ahead of 2014 elections but the way she has handled some issues has worked against her and her Peoples Party.

Since these issues are of a good number, we are going to look on how JB has been de-campaigning herself in two parts. If JB had handled the issues discussed below wisely and patriotically, they would be her stepping stones towards 2014 elections but it looks like the opposite is true. Let’s go straight to discussing and analysing them.

Lake Malawi dispute may not de-campaign the president and the ruling party but the way the issue is handled would betray citizens’ trust in their leaders. Tanzanians have been to some extent aggressive towards Malawi in dealing with this issue. Remember the issue of pushing and harassing Malawi fishermen, deploying of soldiers around what they call their portion of the lake, war threats and recently the said xenophobic attacks on Malawians in their land.

President Banda greets a PP official a
President Banda greets a PP official a

In all these, Joyce Banda’s administration has not been patriotic and protective. I don’t think diplomacy means sacrificing our citizens or mediocrity. Tanzanian authorities are hiding behind legal part of it while in reality the drive is likely to be the Lake Malawi dispute. One wonders, since the report from SADC former heads of states is in, may be Tanzanian authorities have leaked what may not be favourable to them, thus inciting violence against Malawians from their subjects.

Tanzania is not the first country to deport people. Malawians and other national get deported from USA, UK, South Africa and other countries but there has never been a report of death as a result of deportation, why Tanzania and why at this time? Malawi government through information minister Kunkuyu has backed Tanzania at the expense of deportees, saying that no one with required documents has been deported but has not even touched the issues of one Malawian’s lost life, robbing of property, rape of our women and the beatings which interprets that Malawi government is not interested in protecting its ordinary citizens, in and abroad.

The question is, have Malawian authorities investigated to establish that those who were attacked didn’t have required documents? Don’t we have Tanzanians without required documents freely trading in Malawi? If deportation was conducted in good faith, why didn’t Tanzanian government protect deportees against attacks by its citizens?

Vice president Kumbo Kachali has emptily consoled the returnees and urging us not to retaliate without even security assurance to the remaining Malawians in Tanzania. Why must it be only us talking about diplomacy when our neighbours are violent? While we don’t have to retaliate violently, we are closely watching as to how Malawi government will deal with illegal immigrants including Tanzanians? Will I be wrong if I say that nothing is going to happen since we are a corrupt country?

May be few individuals will get bribe from Taifas trading in Malawi to supress any peaceful reactions on their illegality. If Tanzania was friendly to us, it shouldn’t’ have been harsh to Malawians, especially at a time when we have the border dispute. Their actions or even ours would be misinterpreted. Tanzanian government has taken advantage of Malawi’s weak administration, which is a de-campaigning tool to Joyce Banda and her Peoples Party any way. Remember, it will be Malawians voting in 2014 not Tanzanians. Handle your people with care.

There has been a public outcry on freeing MBC to serve the public regardless of political affiliation. Let me say “Kudos” to MBC for starting to accommodate other parties since all Malawians pay tax regardless of political affiliation but open up to all parties. Limiting it to only few opposition parties which seem not to be a threat is a political desperation. Any ruling party does not need to monopolise public broadcaster to retain its powers but by positively putting its arguments across on the same broadcaster in the presence of the opposition members as they also render theirs. Locking out other opposition parties means fear of being defeated by their constructive policy articulation. If the ruling party is convinced of being on the right track, outclass the opposition on the public media while you accommodate them also. In this way you may gain more votes than when you lock them out. Vengeance will take us nowhere.

The shooting of the budget director, Paul Mphwiyo is a manifestation of a corrupt government. The people connected to this shooting are likely to be within the limit of the ruling party for fear of being exposed. We are yet to hear more but my only fear is that if the big fishes get netted by this spider thread, the case is likely to die a natural death. That’s how professional corrupt government works. This issue has seriously de-campaigned JB and its ruling PP.

Government authorities talk about fighting corruption when they are party to it, fooling us in the process. Now one has been shot that’s when we want to investigate corrupt acts. It is unfortunate that, we fight the effects of corruption instead of its causes. President Banda is pursuing MK1.7 billion and MK61 billion alleged cases of Bakili Muluzi and Bingu respectively, just wait for this government to be out, we will see the hunter being hunted.
Declining to re-declare assets and the way contracts are awarded are serious signs of corrupt government machinery. If JB is not conscious of any corrupt act, re-declaring assets should not be heavy for her. The way government contracts are awarded leaves a lot to be desired. Contracts are awarded to foreigners corruptly leaving out local contractors who are even offering reasonable competitive prices.
Some local contractors are left out due to political differences. We have let out more money to foreigners because we hate each other. Instead of working on developing Malawi, we are developing others and when local contractors close down their companies, the 2014 elections voter loses the job. How can such a person vote for such a ruling party?

Rising cases of insecurity in the country in one most grave way in which JB has de-campaigned herself. JB repealed the shoot to kill Bingu order. Now security officers are not safe. How can we expect tight security in the country where the life of a security officer is not secure? A police officer cannot shoot and kill a criminal but a criminal can shoot and kill a police officer, what are we doing?

 Shoot to kill policy was not meant to eliminate lives but to save life and property of an innocent law abiding citizen. How can one vote for the candidate who has failed to protect a law abiding citizen while protecting lives of criminals. The sole purpose of shoot to kill order was to reduce crime.  Timadikira kuti pafe mzungu ndiye tiziyankhula za kuchepa kwa chitetezo (we wait for the death of a high profile person before we acknowledge security lapse). Many people have been killed, injured, raped with many properties lost but no serious investigations were launched, shame.

JB has unknowingly de-campaigned herself in the process of elevating and dethroning chiefs.  Many chiefs who do not merit it are elevated for political gain while on the other hand dethroning brainy chiefs, their crime being exposing government failures. At one point JB elevated chief Chikowi of Zomba despite controversies and court injunction surrounding it. How do you think those on the opposite side felt?

By saying that the president has been selective when elevating chiefs and distributing food items, TA Mankhambira in Nkhatabay guaranteed himself a dethroning warrant from the DC, thanks to the court which unveiled justice afterwards. How do you think his subjects felt? Will they be in position to vote in favour of you?

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