Joyce Banda hints at Malawi presidency run in 2019

Malawi’s former president Joyce Banda said Sunday she will talk politics after her party National Executive Committee meeting in Lilongwe , hinting she may run for presidency in 2019 on her People’s Party (PP) ticket despite facing the threat of arrest over corruption allegations.

PP supporters who attended Banda’s rally at Domasi

But Banda, whose two-year presidencyfrom 2012 to 2014 was characterised by the plunder of public resources in government known as Cashgate, said she was not afraid of being arrested despite an outstanding warrant over corruption allegations, a day after she returned home after four years absence.

The  first woman to lead Malawi, told a crowd of supporters in her home village of Domasi, Zomba that she has to study the political landscape first and consult party leadership and local people.

“I will not comment anything on politics because I have just arrived in the country. I need to consult. I work with a team. I don’t do things or make decisions by myself. So, when the National Executive Committee (Nec) meets, I will be able to comment on the matter,” she said.

“I will only talk about politics once I have consulted widely,” she stressed.

Banda deplored  hatred, animosity and other problems facing the country.

“This country needs salvation. The country has been in the same state as it was when I left in 2014.”

Banda made history by becoming Malawi’s first female president and the second woman to lead a country in Africa.

She took power in April 2012 following the death of President Bingu wa Mutharika, who headed the country since 2004.

Her return home coincided with the nationawide anti-government demonstrtaions, organised by civil action groups,  which were against alleged corruption and poor governance under President Peter Mutharika, who has ruled the country since 2014.

The groups have given President Mutharika 90 days to address their 10-point concerns threatening that they will be back in the streets to protest  to demand hus ouster if he fails to act.

The Catholic bishops in the country, under the umbrella of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), have Aalso said Malawi needs a change of direction, lamenting that the hard-won democracy has not yielded fruits people anticipated.

The bishops in a pastoral statement call on Malawians to help to create a new era in the country  where truth, fairness and respect for the dignity of all are observed.

“This means wisely choosing servant leaders who can become heroic agents of change,” adding that these will be the heroes not only for the deeds they do but for the stand they take on unpopular issues.

The Pastoral Letter issued sunday, has been signed by leaders of all the eight Catholic dioceses in the country, led by ECM bishop chairman Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa of Blantyre.


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winston msowoya
Joice Banda,are you puffed in your head? Do you think that you are the only woman in the country to lead? We have young and brilliant women,for instance,MP Lunguzi who has shown tremendous qualities of leadership.Recently,the former wife of rogue Bingu, Callistas impressed Malawians when she rightly pointed out that Chilima is capable of running the country effectively morethan Mathanyula.However,your ambitions point to Malawians that cash-gate scandal might be circulating in your blood because it is not easy to run for Presidency if you do not have enough cash.May be your friends Americans who had always supported you .during your… Read more »

Iiiiiii hiii amai phuma lachuluka dekhani Kaye..mukilankhula kwwmbiritu..zikisokomekerano..anthu adyera akizunguloranitu kale chenjerani nawo.

aubster kacheche

what i know is unity can bring devolpment so if the polititians pple are toturling them selves insted of giving good ideas that will going to do in 2019 that meens they will be falier . please malawians lets forget about the past and make new thimng that can transfom our nation lets accept the ideas of mama


There is no need to consult. The question is very simple magalimoto anapeleka Lutepo Aja mubweza liti? Now it’s clear those vehicles came from cashgate. Malemu Senzani surrendered a house and some vehicles, inunso muchite chimodzimodzi that is the only reason we wanted you back.
Inunso mumagawa Ng’ombe za mphongo kuti anthu azikama mkaka, simalaulo amenewa? Nanga choncho munthu angawine chisankho? Kwathuku munangosiya zingwe zaoranje m’malo mwa ng’ombe, mukaona chigulu cha wanthu chikubwera kuzakumbutsa si ndale ai koma kuti wa khate sanamizidwa nsapato.
Amai chonde tikudziwa kuti simunapume koma mupite mukamuone m’nyamata wanu Lutepo.

Joisi Banda has already started digging her political grave, and majority of Malawians are just watching with a smile. She needs to fire, stat, whoever is plotting this stupid strategy for her: the public is now getting the (correct) impression that there is not much between the ears. I am seriously thinking of petitioning the Courts to execute the “warrant of arrest” that has been collecting dust in someone’s office. We want answers as to her role she and her Party played in the grand theft of our money, and also where she got all the money she lived on… Read more »
Yahya Yahya Jammeh

What is the position of change golo now?

Chatsikadi Chakwera

Mulungu si James. Plot foiled. First demos hit a blank wall with leader of opposition championing the revolution. Second amai abwere aoneke ngati hero to save the situation. Third chibaluwa chiwerengedwe mmatchalichi a ku Roma. Mulungu amakondadi dziko lathu. MMene amaonera zinthu siimmene timonea zinthu. Malawi is a secular state and it’s led by lay people not men in collar who laim to be prophetic while they are sinning to hell. The likes of trade in alubino bones.

If elected back to power I can predict comfortably that there will be massive looting from the coffers and you won’t know madam. You have no clue how these corrupt civil servants and your inner circle operate. They will loot right in front you. You’ll then tel the nation that it wasn’t you who stole the money. Unless you explain to the public how so much money was looted under your watch and probably we will not consider you for election to the higher office. Explain to the public how you amassed so much wealth within a short period of… Read more »

My mother I love you. Our strong pillar.

You were always in contact with your party gurus while away. Which other things were you not told that you need them to discuss before you make a decision? Your remnant NEC has been calling you back home so that you lead the party before it finally finishes. The majority of senior members joined other parties and those remaining want you to lead them into 2019 not that you should join other parties. They want you to make another trial while in the opposition. You know it pretty well that those you have found still in the party cannot ask… Read more »

Inu amayi tengani mphasa yanu mukagone uko ku Domasi ntchitoyi muwasiire amuna osati dress vwakavwaka kumayendera perete zmandiwawatu ine zimenezija ndiponso ndinu amantha kuthawa aaaaaa bwanji akamuna amuluzi sanathawe izi zawonetseratu kuti mkazi wamwiniwake ndi nkazi basi


You are totally biased MCP is not a sinking Ship but DPP government is watch and see how Chakwera akutibilenii ndi ma vote 2019 sipatali ayi muzandivomereza ine.

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