DePeCO hail Catholic Bishops for call that Malawi needs a change of direction

The newly formed, fastest growing political party Democratic People’s Congress (DePeCo)  led by Chris Daza has hailed  the Catholic Bishop’s Pastoral Letter issued Sunday  which addresses serious problems that Malawians are facing everyday.

Sukungwe: The letter from the bishops addresses things that this country is going through

Daza: Depeco interim president

The outspoken Director of Public Relations and Communications for the party Kelvin Sulugwe said that it is time to seriously consider the voice of reason and goodwill by the bishops.

“It is an open secret that Malawi has been let down by greedy and corrupt leaders especially in the political circle. Open a newspaper today, whether Daily Times or Nation and  our online  [news sites], you will be greeted with very unfortunate headings of power struggle and corruption. This is happening at the expense of Malawians who now cannot even afford a loaf of bread. What the pastoral letter addresses and begs from Malawians is that we stand up and reclaim our destiny,. This is as we keep saying that Malawi has lost direction and needs a serious revolution like the one we preach as DePeCo,” explained Sulugwe.

In the letter read in Catholic churches nationwide yesterday titled A Call For A New Era In Malawi, the bishops stressed that Malawi needs a change of direction.

They called on Malawians to help create a new era, where truth, fairness and respect for the dignity of all are observed.

DePeCo’s Secretary General Alick Mwenechanya echoed the bishops sentiments saying it is a battle for a common Malawian to survive the current hardships.

“A very good development coming at the right time. I hope the grassroots will understand and vote wisely in 2019 because as the bishops say, its high time we changed the people who are managing this country. A lot of new faces have come up with great ideas Malawi must work up. There is no beatinng about the bush, most current leaders are not loved and we believe Malawi will put in leaders who will save the needs of our great country,” said Mwenechanya.

The opposition political parties represented in Parliament, notably Malawi Congress Party (MCP), People’s Party (PP) and United Democratic Front (UDF),  have alsi described the letter as a timely guidance to Malawians as they go to the polls next year.

Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi said government would not comment on the letter.

The Pastoral Letter came two days after civil society organistions (CSOs) staged protests in the country’s major cities, through which they gave President Peter Mutharika and his government 90 days to solve socio-economic challenges.

The  influential Catholic Church has been instruments of change to Malawi’s political regime change.


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kaka ni dada

Fastest growing party? ………lol! Where is it growing? Awa akupangila campaign Chakwera chifukwa aliyense amadziwa kuti anali mmodzi mwa anthu amene ankasokoneza MCP. Pitilizani bambo Daza MCP ilowe m’boma.





What ìs this party championing


The church is championing for a change, so that these thieves must go and rest in Thyolo.


What about the killing of albinos.?The Church is involved.Mwalembamo mu pastoral letter yanuyo?. Tell us before we discredit it


Komanso umbulli ndi matenda, which church is involved? Be objective friend.

The church was instrumental in ushering in multiparty democracy leading to UDF rule from 1994. It was clear after first term that UDF was no different from MCP. There came UDF with its promises to take Malawi forward and liberate it from MCP’s debilitating chains. No sooner had UDF ruled for the first first term, did Malawians realise that UDF wasn’t any different from MCP, after all, the founder was a staunch MCP indoctrinated member. The church was took its role and was once again instrumental and very vocal, leading to the ushering in of another so called saviour, Bingu… Read more »

kkkkkk koma Daza kodi president ndani pakati pa inu ndi mkazi wanuyi?

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