Joyce Banda maintains overused  cliché : ‘Coming back to Malawi’

Exiled Malawian former president Joyce Banda is reportedly preparing to come back to Malawi in preparation for the 2019 elections, a report said on Sunday.

JB: I’m coming back this year

Banda went on a self-imposed exile after losing the country’s election to her rival President Peter Mutharika in 2014.

The immediate past president in an exclusive interview with privately owned Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) in Tiuzeni Zoona Programme monitored yesterday, Banda—who ruled the country from April 2012 to May 20 2014—said  she will be back home this year.

“This year after completing my duties abroad I will be back in Malawi. The day when I will be coming will be announced by People’s Party,” Banda said .

Recently, Banda also told supporters of her People’s Party (PP) that she will be back home this year but said Malawians need to be liberated from “deeply corrupt” Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration.

“I feel disheartened with the clueless government which is making our people suffer,” she said in an address to  the PP supporters in an audio message which went  going viral as people are sharing it through the WhatsApp.

Katangale ali ali tho tho tho!Kuba ku chipatala, kuba ku Tevet. Kuba ku Escom. Kuba ku water board.  Anthu akusowa madzi, kusowa magetsi. Anthu akupezeka ndizindalama mmanyumba tho tho tho. Kuwotcha ma ofesi Makati. Koma lero Peoples Party ndiye chipani chimene achipezelera kuti adzichiseweretsa kumazunza atsogoleri ake.[ Corruption is deeply entreacnhed. They are stealing from hospitals, Tevet, Escom; They are stealing from water boards. People have no electricity, no water. People are being found with huge sums of money stashes in their homes (George Chaponda). Yet, at the end of the day, the People’s Pary and its leadership are the  punch bags.]

“I am asking you fellow Malawians to pray hard, Satan has engulfed the country,” she said.

But President Peter Mutharika has since hit back at Banda, saying  she should come home and appreciate what his administration has done to seal  ‘cashgate’ loopholes in government  where there is no more embezzlement of public funds.

Muwauze aja anaba ndikuthawa dziko lino kuti abwere. Last week amanena kuti zinthu zatikanika, chakanika ndi chani? … asiye kuyakhula zachipongwe kwambiri (Tell that person who cashgate public money and fled the country to come back. Last week, she said things are not working out  but what has failed? She should stop the nonsense of making allegations),” said Mutharika.

The ‘Cashgate’ scandal engulfing Malawi, known as Cashgate, has dire implications for its economy. The European Union and other donor nations  suspended direct aid to the government.

About 40 per cent of Malawi’s budget came from overseas aid payments and paid the wages of 170,000 public servants, army and police.

Mutharika claims his administration is now winning back donor confidence.

The so-called Cashgate scandal first came to light following the near-fatal shooting of the Malawian budget director, Paul Mphwiyo who is thought to have been about to blow the whistle on the scam.

Mphwiyo is also being prosecuted on ‘cashgate’ related charges.

In the police raids that followed, civil servants were discovered with thousands of dollars stashed in their car boots and at their homes.

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Real patriot

Its just an old tasteless salt.She has nothing to offer to Malawians other than some useless rants with his failed friend Pitala.These people have stolen alot from poor malawians.its time they were all shackled in chains and doing time.


Mubwera kuzatani? koma mayi awa…mtsogoleri wanji akaluza, amathawa? zisankho zikayandikila, basi kumaganiza zobwera.Mukufuna Muzatinamize chani? Nthawi yanu idapita. Ife tizavotela Chakwera.


Nthawi ya ulamulilo wanu palibe yemwe anasangalala nanu, munazigundikila chuma mumayiko akunja, kuzigulila zimamansion, kuti nthawi ina muzathawile konko, nasiya anthu omwe anakupatsani nchito kumazunzika, iwalani mayi, your time is over you ruled and ruin the country fullstop!!!. Forget pipo will not vote for, maybe only pipo from your town and relatives.Nthawi yino ndiyoti peter alamulile basi opanda manjenje aliwose ndipo come 2019 iyeyo ndi BOMA kale, ndipo ine ndibanja langa tikamuvotela basi, musiyeni apitilize zitukuko anaziyika mupulogramme mkulu wache, Binguwa Mthalika,


This mama is living an opulent life and does not even lift a finger. Come home mama allegations against you are too much to ignore and you know it


How did Amayi got so rich to live abroad with malawi government gratuity? It is not possible. When allegations are made against you all you do is present your self and prove the people otherwise don’t justify yourself on the sidelines. Just come home and explain yourself. The nation needs to know.


Awanso nde kaya game analuza ili yawo kuwaphumitsa mmanja tangokhalani komweko mwamva uyuyu uyu ndi chifukwa cha iweyo nonse mbuzi za anthu








Bwerani kuno ndi kwanu.bwanji phokoso lonseli nanaga..ife zokokanakokana zanuzo Ai..kungobwera bola osatiyambitsira mapokoso iyaaaa..ndibwera ndibwera WA pakamwa bwanji osanginwera.alipo akukukanizani…bwerani vuto.

chatonda Mvula
Let Joyce Banda come back because she is the most wanted to answer her cashgate cases with witnesses that are readily available to tell the whole story about her involvement in the theft of government money. That is good and now many people will be bought to book like Rachel Mazombwe Zulu, Uladi Musa, Mkwezalamba, Mwalwanda, Ken Lipenga, Ralph Jooma just to mention a few. All these people will be finished when JB comes because she is key to their arrest and trial. YOU ARE FINISHED GUYS, FROM MOUTH T BUM. DPP has all the information already and just waiting… Read more »
mbili ya bakha

kodi guyz is anything being done by this whore whereever she is has any impact of mw development?????????????????????????????? osangotulukila bwanji? kungokhala ngati a zanyengo kudziwitsa kuti kuti tizidikila kubwera kwa napolo???????????????? kungobwera bwa, siiwe plezdent . udatha kaya

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