Kabwila justifies ‘inept’ tag on Mutharika, DPP:  Raps inflationaly K2,000 new bank note

Salima North-West Member of Parliament Jessies Kabwila on Thursday justified the tag of “inept” being used for President Peter Mutharika and his administration, saying Malawi faces an unprecedented number of serious challenges, and Malawians  are struggling to make ends meet.

Kabwila:They have failed exceptionally

Kabwila:They have failed exceptionally

Kabwila was speaking in parliament after standing on a point of order when Democratic Progressive Party ((DPP) MP forLilongwe City South East, Bentry Namasasu querried to use the word “inept” reflecting on government , saying it was subjective and flawed.

But Kwabila said it was “grossly out of order” for Namasasu t to even dare to question the description of “inept”, saying since Parliament started sitting the Executive is failing to take questions for legislators

“I think let us just focus on the fact that  Committees should do their work, which I agree,  but for us  to sit here and insult the intelligence of Malawians on whether people are inept, I think we are pushing the envelope too far,” she said.

Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya pointed out that the word “inept” means “incapable”.

He said the MP was entitled to his opinion to use the word and encouraged Namasasu to explain how capable the government of the day is.

Namasasu said: “Government has already displayed that it is capable. Otherwise, we would not have survived up to this moment, Mr Speaker, Sir.”

But opposition MPs said Malawians were starting to feel the pinch as  things have got worse, not better.

Meanwhile, on Friday in Palriament, Kabwila  criticised the introduction of K2,000 new bank note  when the country has other notes in circulation which are not valued.

“You talk of the twenty, fifty kwacha’s which are not valuable on the market, yet government thinks of introducing another note to the same market,” said Kabwila.

According to Kabwila, the introduction of the new note is an indication that government is failing to reinstate the economy and that the inflation rate is going up.

“Furthermore let the Minister explain to this august house as of why it has thought of putting John Chilembwe on the new note leaving out the founder of this nation Kamuzu Banda on the K 1000 note which is lower, “ she noted.

Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Planning, Goodall Gondwe agreed with Kabwila that the introduction of the new note is as a result of inflation but was quick to say that it is not as high as they assume.

Gondwe said they should not politice the use of  Chilembwe on the K2000 note while Kamuzu is on the K1000 note.

“Let us move the issue away from our emotions. United States founder George Washington, is on one dollar while the leaders who came after him are on higher notes than his. Let us not politicize this, there is no issue here.

Gondwe also said Malawi will not stop at K2000 note as “time will come when a more higher note will be introduced to the market,”.

The Reserve Bank of Malawi recently announced that it will on December 19,2016 introduce a K 2000 note into circulation.

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Lenyenye Kachale

I hate this dude!! he must pack up and go we don’t need him anymore!!! he need to be fucked up. In other word Mr big man, go and fuck yourself!!!!!!…….


The is is not a bank note all we want is to see how will the country get out of economic drift,yes the economic of a country is determined by its currency but if this is a case Tanzania could be very far from Malawi because Tanzania already has 2,000, 5,000, and a 10,000 note in the market.Your JOB IS TO MAKE THAT COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN


The issue is how will the country get out of economic drift not the bank note because Tanzania already has 2,000,5000,and a 10.000 NOTE but their economy is stable.Though its a bad sign of economical inflation.

Imraan Sadick

Jesse mumafuna Kamuzu akhale pandalama iliyonse?
Kuganiza kwaine ndimaganiza kuti pa 2pin imeneyi pakhale Atcheya,he deserve the honour

Andrew Kachale

Mukunene zoona big man tcheya akumamukhomelela bwanji makape amenewa chonsecho ufulu akutisimbwila nawowu anamenyela ndi atcheya iwowo atathawira kwawo kwa azungu kutsidya lanyanja.

Chilungamo Chimawawa

I agree with the guy who says we need a revolution in Malawi just like how Libians did to Gadaffi kkkkkkkkkkkk


please,DPP government, economy is totally in shambles, tell others to help you

Jelbin mk
Did I hear this foolish miniter well? That there are plans to intoduce a higher bank note other than a K2000 bill?????? These people must secede power because they are really inept. I like this speaker of parliament, honestly he knows how to steer parliament in un biased manner. He cautions where necessary he reprimands where need be. He is very far from all the speakers of parliament we have been having. Especially thst inept Chimunthu Banda was the most biased speaker we have ever had. Where are those institutions that give credence to people who have done exceptionally well… Read more »

Revolution is the only solution to remove this snoring leader.

ChiMunthu Chino

Kodi Kabwila ndi a Speaker zikuyendabe? Kunena zoona, ndikale an ayamba kutikitana!


So – called Chimunthu Chino, if you have nothing to offer, the best thing you can do is keep away! You have offered nothing to the discussions and you are just showing how shallow your mind is and how uneducated you are. Stick to the topic under discussion or simply go to sleep! Your type are a disgrace and shame to Malawi, enemies of progress!

Ms Kabwila is right to call the DPP and its leadership ‘inept’. These jokers don’t even know whether they are coming or going. How can our country be sunk so low like this and it seems nobody cares anymore? Give the reigns of power back and go back to where you came from. We will not miss you!! The problem with greed is it clouds judgment and to some people benefiting from the incompetence of these DPP thugs, life cannot be any better no matter who suffers. This mentality among black people is what is holding our progress. If we… Read more »


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