Kabwila says MCP set to oust her as legislator

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) former fiery spokeswoman Jessie Kabwila is accusing her party of hypocricy and bad sinister, saying it is sending people to start campaigning in her Salima north west constituency ahead of 2019 parliamentary elections.

Kabwila supporter carrying placard

Kabwila, who was recently reinstated as member of the party but lost her position as publicity secretary, accused the MCP leadership of tactics to oust her as the member of parliament during the elections.

“People from MCP are all over the place campaigning yet am their MCP parliamentarian for the area,” said Kabwila.

Kabwila also said she was surprised that a special committee, which was set up to probe allegations that she planned to torch the party headquarters in Lilongwe cleared her of any wrong doing yet the national executive committee is failing to reinstate her to her party position as publicity secretary.

MCP deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka rejected allegations that the party had knowledge of people who were campaigning in Kabwila’s constituency.

“As a party, we don’t know anything that aspiring candidates are campaigning in her area. Honourable Dr Kabwila remains the MCP member of parliament for the area,” said Mkaka.

He said this was not isolated case, saying the party is receiving complaints from sitting MPs that they are disturbed by political campaigns by aspiring candidates from the party.

Mkaka said the party will deal with the matter decisively.

On why Kabwila has not been reinstated as publicity secretary for the party, Mkaka refused to give reasons why the national executive committee of the party took that decision.


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15 thoughts on “Kabwila says MCP set to oust her as legislator”

  1. ungwelu says:

    I am no fan of Kabwila but got very excited with her courage in handling the ‘Academic Freedom Saga’ in the past few years.

    Fortunately that fight you won. But my dear Kabwila take advice from the people who have posted them here. There is no need to antagonize the party. Be part of it. With your education, you should be able to do it. No more being used by OTHER PARTIES.


  2. Thako la Nkhuku says:

    Ndiye zimuvuta bwanji! Angosetsatu mwina awine ngati independent chifukwa akangoluza palibe university yomwe ingamulembe ntchito pomwe ikudziwiratu kuti ndi munthu wosowetsa mtendere.

  3. kwanyasa says:

    kabwira ukungoona kuikakamira MCP,kodi kulibe zipani zina zoti zingakukonde ndi kukulemekeza.

  4. Charles says:

    anthu inu musamayambane tikudalila inuyo kkkkkkkk

  5. puludzu says:

    JK watha pa ndale ask Jumbe akuuza. Ndale ndikukhalilana. Garbage in garbage out. Watch the space this Sunday shadow ukumunenayo ali pa msalura ground kukaonetsedwa kwa anthu.

  6. MAUNITS says:

    Strong party does that. The party to be voted to power and win landslide victory

  7. Apao Kugola says:

    People on nyasatimes, try to follow issues behind the lines. It is not only in Kabwira’s constituency that campaigns have already started. It’s all over the country. Any politician who wants to contest seriously in 2019 must get on the line now. There are only two years before the next parliamentary elections. Contestants need to strategise now. The problem with Kabwira is that she is too noisy for nothing. She thinks by going to media with simple issues MCP will be weakened. She is fighting Chakwera to be ousted from the position of party president. Those who move around the country will see that Kabwira has nothing news worthy in this article.

    For those who don’t know party calendars, take this one: September 2017 – April 2018 – All contesting parties will have gone to conventions. MCP will likely hold its convention this year (2017). As such, those members of MCP establishing their visibility in Salima North West Constituency are clever. Let Kabwira revisit her strategies so as she can hold her head above the waters come 2019. Otherwise, she will fast turn into a laughing stock.

    The Fearless Samurai

  8. Yahya Jammeh says:

    Kabwila, you are in politics, be strong. There will be no easy ride, it’s all in the game. If you keep on complaining you are actually exposing your weakness to the public and you may lose public faith. Politics is not standing in front of students lecturing them, but a fight and if you are weak you will fall and lose, hence the name ndale, the Chichewa translation for politics. Are you following political developments in the USA? Trump is in a tight corner, but you can see how he is manufacturing stories to defend himself – it is because he has realised he will fall and lose. Politics is complicated business which is practised by dirty people. Your best friend today will be your fierce enemy tomorrow, and that is how complicated politics is. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

  9. mtete says:

    You talk too much Jessie. Tone down in washing dirty linen in public.

  10. If Kabwira is not Loyal to MCP and its Leadership, There is no other option but to find someone to stand on MCP ticket come 2019, After all, Salima North west is for MCP, Don’t think you are bigger than MCP, Watch out Kabwira!

  11. Becks says:

    People have started campaigning all over constituencies. It’s not only Kabwira’ constituency. Kulumpha mtsinje timayambira patali. People campaign in constituencies where they know they shall win. Where the incumbent has weaknesses. There Kabwira needs to jurk up and get prepared for stiff competition and she must stop being a nuisance to MCP

  12. Kingsley Jika says:

    MCP, the party of my mother, when shalt thou demonstrate the decency & decorum & consistency of a force bracing for takeover come May 2019? Outside of power, you should have shown us you’re master handlers of internal dissent; you should have demonstrated to all & sundry you represent the highest level of maturity in constructive criticism & opposition; you should have proved to us you are that promised pearl of Malawi’s democracy. But now see, you look like a house on fire, a grouping walking in the middle of the road; you risk being run down my good MCP. Don’t you think so? You are.

  13. BITI BENSON says:

    zomakolanazi zikutibowa,takambilanani mwa bata pliz,mcp enafe ili mu DNA.thetsani kusagwilizanako,aaaaaa!

  14. Kudzadza Lembwende says:

    Wow! Government in waiting? No intra-party democracy yet we say 2019 boma. Koma zidzathekadi? Nayambuukaika ndithu… Nanga tere?

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