Kamlepo says PP-DPP will not be political bedfellows

People’s Party (PP) vice-president and parliamentarian for Rumphi East Kamlepo Kalua has said the much aniticipated political alliance between his party  the ruling Democratic People’s Party (DPP) will not come to pass.

Kamlepo Kalua: What alliance

PP parliamentarians have been prostituting themselves with DPP in secret taks aimed to form a working alliance as observers say DPP desperately wants to frustrate the electoral reforms bill in its bid to be retained in power in the next elections.

The reforms include the switch to the 50+1 electoral system to replace the first-past-the-post system of electing a president, DPP wants Parliament to reject the reforms.

However, Kalua said PP will not enter into an alliance with DPP.

“There has been a lot of wrong information but I can state here without any fear of contradiction that PP will not enter into an alliance with DPP,” he said.

Some PP MPs met President Peter Mutharika in Lilongwe and that sparked specualations of the alliance.

But Kalua said he and PP know that Malawians are hurting  with Mutharika’s underperforming government, subjecting 17 million Malawians to 25 hours-plus of blackouts, and is riddled with rampant corruption.

He said the PP asked President to guarantee safe return home and protection of former president Joyce Banda who fears persecution.

Kalua said PP know that  millions of Malawians are suffering under the DPP’s watch and making hence they would not abandon the people.

He assured that he will remain vocal to fight government which is shielding culprits in the K577 billion Cashgate reduced to K236 billion by RSK Risk Assurance Services of The UK.

“PP will not become bedfellows with the DPP-led government, we want to fight many corrupt issues DPP-led officials are committing,” he said.

Meanwhile, fFormer acting People’s Party (PP) president Uladi Mussa had a ‘change of heart’ in Parliament when he lavished praise on President Peter Mutharika’s government, which he has criticised for many years.

The member of Parliament (MP) for Salima South.praised the President for successfully completing the national registration exercise to afford Malawians a credible national identity card.

“I would like to say the truth, Madam Deputy Speaker, it is this administration which has started to successfully implement this national registration programme,” he said.

The statement attracted a round of applause from the government benches while some opposition lawmakers booed him.

Mussa further hailed Mutharika for lifting the maize export ban, saying this was a wise decision which would ensure that the country is food secure.

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Now I believe that Only South Africa in Africa will continue to move forward, because their political system is very simple to be understood and the MPs are able to understand it. Economic policies are good for investment. Malawi is not just suppose to change electoral reforms but the entire System of politics administration and economical policies that would attract investments. There must be regional administrations and regional financial managements. This would boost local investments in all the Regions. Some executive powers should be delegated to the regional governments based on party politics or proportional of representation. Electoral reforms must… Read more »
Santana wa Satana

Santana living in fool’s paradise. In October 17 by elections where was your so called bedfellow UDF??? Does it mean that udf has no supporters in Nsanje and BT??? Why did MCP manage to scoop the seats in the said areas? Do not take people for granted, you will be surprised as you were on 17th October.Why do you bend so much on regionalism??? With such kind of thinking Malawi can not develop.

Mudzi abibi ku Area 18
Mudzi abibi ku Area 18

You and the PP founder’s son Roy Kachale Banda slept with the devil last week……..weren’t you wining and dinning with Mutharika last week? Didn’t you sell your souls for Mk100,000???


Ku congress wa nzeru ndi His Worship Bikoko basi. The rest are the opposite.

Kanthiti Mzandu

Mbanva zikakumane kuti zikagawane 577 reduced to 266 billion. Mapazi anu munya muona simungadyetse anthu manyi anthu singamagonetse mdima ndiye muziti Chitukuko samalani God is watching u

Kanthiti 6

A Kamlepo ndi a Uladi Mussa pitani mukagawane 577 billion ija zabwino zonse simudzabaso zina ayi mapazi anu. Chitukuko chake chiti mukunena chothimitsa magetsi 25 hours or kudyetsa anthu a ku 18 manyi


change goal wasala pang’ono


Mr. Change Gologolo at it again. Kuopa kumangidwa. Anthu akuba nokhanokha inu kapitirizeni kuba ndi katangale ku DPP. Mbuzi ya munthu Uladi, clueless MP.

So what made opposition members to boo Uladi Mussa when he praised Mutharika for the National IDs? Is there any reason to boo him for? We have always said that the opposition criticism comes from jealousy and power hungry. We expected Chakwera to include in his speech what Uladi said. But abusawa kunali kungotukwana basi mpaka speaker kuwatsina mulomo. The bill which the opposition is fighting for will only help the DPP to get 75% if there will be a re-run. I always ask if people can point at any strong opposition party which will side with Chakwera in a… Read more »
Apao Kugola
Iwe santana, if that is the case then why is dpp behaving like a lunatic? Why can’t you share this school of thought with the big guns of dpp? Does it mean that you are the only one who thinks like this? Doesn’t the dpp have a research team to guide on the next best move after analysing the various scenarios? Obviously, the beahviour of dpp leadership on the 50+1 leaves a lot to be desired – akuchita kuonetseratu kuti akuopa kusintha kwa lamulolo. Such fearful acts are dangerous; people are questioning as to why the government led by the… Read more »

They cant win . Malawi is far from development. clinging to power and for power not for development. Malawi politics need alot of Changes.


Says who?


DPP is packing and face their road to Goliati for retirement come rain or sun shine.

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