Kapito says amateurs in charge of Malawi: ‘Governing  like a 5-year project’

The governing of the country and economic development is being done  in the most cursory way like a five-year project, Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) executive director John Kapito has observed.

Kapito:Amateurs in power with no vision

The Cama boss has hit on the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)-led government for the socio-economic woes facing the country.

He argued that the country’s economy is under politicians who are ‘amateurs’  failing  to move Malawians out of problems such as drug shortages, lack of maize in Admarc markets and dwindling education standards.

Kapito made the observation in his summary of the 2016 which ends this week.

He said those in corridors of power have taken the country like a five-year project for them to win a general election

“When you are running the country as a project, there are challenges and these are the challenges that we have face in 2016. The [leaders] have no vision beyond five years,” said Kapito.

Kapito expressed skepticism on the ability of the country in 2017 to overcome the challenges that have hit the nation.

He cited high inflation rate, high unemployment  rate and corruption to be among the reasons that have set the country on fire.

“We have seen the economy falling in terms of inflation, the Kwacha depreciation at a faster rate and we have seen no investors coming to invest in the country,” he said.

Added Kapito: “We have also seen corruption becoming rife in almost all sectors of Malawi.”

The common factor in all these is the sheer amateurishness of the government machine , saying the leaders are incapable of driving an economic revival.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president and leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera agreed with Kapito, saying  leaders are busy enriching themselves through corrupt means and are failing to fight corruption because “they themselves are thieves and corrupt”.

He alleged that some government officials are forced into corruption and when they try to reveal culprits are threatened of death.

“The leaders we have are thieves and corrupt,” observed Chakwera.

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Mr. Kapito, you keep on making noise in the media. why the f can’t you join to fix the Malawi government. Malawi cannot develop with people like you who spend their time pointing fingers at the government yet you have nothing to offer.

We know our country is in trouble but the last thing we need is people like you who are only good at making noise.

Private citizens have a role to play in developing any nation. What are you doing?


Kapito now that he is no longer chairperson of the SRWB is attacking the govt. When he was the Chair he kept quiet. The truth and sad story is that Kapitos is doing this without an iota of consciousness or guilty feeling that he is lying to the people. This just shows the extent of corruption in Malawi. Everybody can screw Malawians no problem.


what can you expect from a person who failed to run a single minstry and today you think he can succeed in running the country?
There he is singing “ine ndilibe problem”yet
ordinary people are struggling to make the end meet. Shame on us

Chady Moses

Mr Kapito you have been quiet for too long where have you been then these days?? Looks like you have joined the gravy train yourself and been silenced, am I right? Whereas before a week never went by before you commented on the ills of our society, but looks like you’ve been silenced now.


Mr Kapito are you sure there is no Maize in admark markets ? or mwangozolowela kulankhula kotelo .

Samuel Lwara.

Dead people don’t rule…, What we are today is a result of dead leadership. We can talk and talk, but nothing will work for the expected good out of these political corridors ghost walkers.

It is indeed a 5 year project Mr Kapito. Since 1994, this country has had no Vision and to some extent no policies. UDF run this government on try and error and made lots of deadly mistakes, late Upindi, Muluzi’s Chief Secretary confirmed this in an interview. A country can not be run on Parties manifestos alone without a guiding vision and policies of the government. That’s where the opposition parties should have worked hard to ensure development of these critical documents suiting our country. It is clear that these are lacking or inadequate if available. Even if MCP wins… Read more »
staford nduwaluwa

iiiii chilungamo chima wawa guys chakwela u r right


Chakwela nde ndaninso?


Analanda Ufumu kalero naupeleka kwa oyenera. Ndichani Chingamulake Ambuye Mulungu wachilungamo ndiwachifundo.
Tsikulina zowuluka zidzatela.



This govt has totally failed to govern MW.Despite all the challenges we are going thru the water tarrifcs have been exorbitantly raised that most of the bills we are deceiving have hit a water mark of more than 150% here in Karonga.People have resulted to drilling wells so that they can do away with treated piped water.Where is Malawi heading to?Do we really have a head of state who is knowleable of this?

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