Kapito taunts JB on death threats: PP hits back

President Joyce Banda’s death threats claims have drawn criticism from the country’s consumer watch-dog, Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA), which has since dismissed them as publicity stunt to win sympathy.

President Banda has, of late, been claiming to be receiving death threats from unknown people because of her fight against corruption, sentiments that were first made public by Minister of Information, Brown Mpinganjira.

However, Cama  through its boss John Kapito while condemning such threats, has questioned Banda’s motives of making them public, arguing :“President Banda has been one of the worst leaders in Malawi on the fight against corruption.”

Kapito told Nyasa Times that President Banda should stop propagating the death threats claims as they are only meant to deceive and mislead the poor Malawians.

Kapito: Scoffs at JB
Kapito: Scoffs at JB

“We strongly condemn any threats that certain groups of people or individuals including the President receive as a result of promoting the rule of law, Good Governance and combating corruption,” said Kapito in a  statement sent to Nyasa Times.

“What we find surprising and confusing is where would the death threats on the President regarding her fight against corruption come from when President Banda has been one of the worst leaders in Malawi on the fight against corruption since Independence and during her short tenure as President, why would the very same people that she has been sharing stolen money wish to kill her, during her short tenure we have noted a rise in corruption?”

He  argues that Banda’s administration has been smeared in corrupt practices such as the Capital Hill looting dubbed cashgate, where billions of taxpayers’ money have been stolen, and most of such thefts taking place in the president’s own office by her own close Associates.

The consumer watch-dog highlighted several cases of corruption Banda is believed to have committed such as donations her Peoples Party (PP) has been receiving suspected to be stolen and corrupt money, as well as the president’s refusal to publicly declare assets nullifies her self-proclamation ‘champion against corruption.

“The Presidents Foundations and Personal businesses have become too rich within a short time since becoming a President with no explanations; procurement of government services are controlled by the President, Family and close People Party Associates.

“The President is unwilling to disclose how the Presidential Jet was sold and who bought the Jet and how such funds were used by the country. When the President has removed all the maize from the Admarc markets for her presidential and party campaigns while people are dying of hunger and cannot afford the current prices caused by her withdraw of maize from the market”.

Some of the cases include Banda’s failure to disclose how the money from the Nigerian crude oil deal was used; lack of drugs in hospitals as most of the tenders and orders to supply the medicine were given to her family and close Party Associates who could not deliver.

“Madam President all these issues said above are defined as corruption and only done by corrupt leaders and we would appreciate if you would stop your claims of death threats and as a fighter of corruption as these are claims only meant to deceive and mislead the poor people of Malawi,” reads the statement.

But PP has hit back, branding Kapito as ‘empty tin’ making noise without any knowledge of how government affairs are run.

PP deputy Publicity Secretary, Ken Msonda argued the human rights activist had once mental lapses that were currently affecting his judgment.

“As the saying goes, he who does not know does not know that he does not know. Surely an empty tin make more noise. John Kapito’s behaviour and character is tempting us to believe allegations making rounds in some quarters that the man had some memory lapses during his secondary school days, that landed him to seek medication at Zomba Mental Hospital,” argues Msonda.

Msonda, who made no effort to justify Banda’s death threat claims, branded Kapito as a stooge being used by those who do not wish PP and its leadership well, claiming “he failed miserably to lead Cama, it is alleged at one time he was answering charges of financial mismanagement at the consumer watchdog”.

“He is a wolf in a sheep skin and has nothing to offer Malawians. If he wants to join active politics let him just come into the open, tizikumana pansanja pa misonkhano (lets meet on political podiums); he should not hide behind Cama,” added Msonda.

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