Kasakula ‘Hitting The Nail’ in Malawi News: Refuses to be duped by President Mutharika

Instead of addressing issues that are of concern to Malawians, President Peter Mutharika chose to engage in his favourite pastime of picking fights with the media on arrival from the United States .

Kasakula: I refuse to be duped

I am deliberately avoiding describing his arrival as coming from United Nations General Assembly because that is merely the excuse which was being peddled.

The truth is; the president went to the US partly for a visit but also to check on old acquaintances.

This is so because after the UN meeting wrapped up, the president stayed on for the unexplained ten more days.

But I digress here. The issue at hand is about the president blaming the media that we do not write positive things about Malawi after he saw a documentary playing, featuring the role of TA Kachindamoto in ending child marriages in Dedza.

His view is that the media in Malawi concentrate on negatives and not such positives that Malawi should be known for.

To begin with, this just shows one thing and it is that the President does not pay attention to what happens in this country and only waits to travel to the US to see and hear success stories that have already been highlighted back home.

Mutharika did not need to travel to New York for him to see the documentary about TA Kachindamoto because the chief has featured extensively for that precise role in Malawi media.

As for the success stories about the fight against HIV/Aids, the media have been part and parcel of the battle against the pandemic since the first case was diagnosed in this country.

There have been projects, of which the media have been an integral part, that it is a first rate insult for the President to say we have not been part of the success story.

As for me, I refuse to be duped by a president who has clearly failed to take this country forward in anything.

The issue here is not about positive stories from Malawi and the media. The issue here is about a president who wants to be praised to the sky and to the moon and back, when there is absolutely nothing to sing his praises for.

Why should we write positive things about Malawi and this government when the majority of the population lives below the poverty line?

Where is the positive story when Malawians are dying in hospitals like Tsetse flies because there are no drugs as a result of a government that is clueless and utterly incompetent in managing the health delivery system?

What crimes have poor Malawians committed to be fed propaganda that there is something positive happening in this country when their children are still learning under a tree?

I have searched everywhere and I have not found positivity.

On the contrary, I have found a government that practices nepotism, tribalism, corruption and so many other forms of injustice that to write anything positive about it would be committing an atrocity against the people of Malawi.

There is one reason why the president wants the media to write about positives when there are none.

It is because he wants his privileged position and that of the elite connected to him protected from their Ivory Tower, while the rest of us are toiling to keep them there.

There are so many bone chilling things that happened in this country while he was away and Malawians expected him to address them.

His own Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), after noticing that things are failing apart in literary all aspects, has decided to unleash violence on everyone to hide those failures.

DPP operatives and thugs have been to Nsanje Lalanje where war is raging over who gets elected into Parliament in a by-election.

Because the DPP has no ideas on how to win it, the party thinks threats, intimidation and violence will make voters vote for its candidate on October 17.

In Rumphi, Tumbukas decided to celebrate their culture and invited all parties to spend the day with them.

The DPP functionaries thought they only are more Malawian to be invited and unleashed terror on Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera to stop him from attending the function.

Home Affairs Minister Grace Chiumia engineered the arrest of innocent clerks registering people in this country, who were merely demanding their dues in Mzuzu.

Malawians who were waiting with bated breath to hear the president talk about these issues were disappointed that he said nothing on arrival.

The question that he failed to address is this: Has the DPP decided to unleash violence on innocent Malawians, with a view of intimidating them, to maintain it in power?

Any leader up to the mark would address these issues and would refrain from talking about the periphery.

At the end of the day, the sum total of our country is that we are on a wrong trajectory and this president is taking us nowhere.

The president wants to dupe us into believing that all is well and we should be happy when the reality on the ground is the opposite.

I refuse to be duped.

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It’s us who could change to the better! Our problem is: To get organised and stay together and fight for a change!


A Kasakula,
Vuto ndilakuti anthu amakudziwani kuti ndinu a MCP. Mukadakhala kuti ndinu wa independant bwenzi atakumverani. Koma kuti tikukumbutseni kuti documentary iyi simunalembe ndinu chifukwa the way you behave with your schoolboy utterances , simungalembe documentary angati imeneyo. Inu kwanu nkutukwana President basi. Muyamikire kuti mukutukwana Peter koma akadakhala Kamuzu munthawi yanu ya MCP sindikudziwa kuti akadakupulumutsani ndani inuyo.


Kasakula that is true writing. If the President might read this I think he can have some positive attitudes towards some of the things happening in the country, but because he think that he is what he is he will brush this article aside. But the truth is what you have written.

Joao Moyo
The fact is that as a country we are not going anywhere. We have people in power but really doing nothing and this is so awful. How can we really as a country explain why children should still be learning under a tree like the time of John Chilembwe? Surprisingly, this is what I do not hear any Government official mentioning. In fact our leaders are so hard-hearted, their conscious is sealed that no simple rebuke can provoke them into action. How can we explain that until now, 46% of us cannot read and write? How can we explain that… Read more »

Don’t loose hope there is one who is just very young in politics, this one is our king chosen ali kokadyetsa Nkhosa kutchire, wosadziwika ku anthu wamamina, wosaoneka bwino, komanso wam ng’ono pakati pa abale ake,then Samuel said bring him, he is the King.
Don’t loose hope your joy is coming.
Don’t loose hope the Egyptians you see them to day, you will not see them again.
Don’t loose hope your morning is near.
Don’t loose hope the sun will shine again!




a President awa nde tinabetsa basi palibe chanzeru chomwe akutithandiza amalawi tikungokhalira kulira basi. Magetsi mmene akusautsiramu tiziti sakumva kut amalawi tikulira????? kod amene amadalira magetsi kuti a business aziyenda akudyanji ndi mmene zikukhalairamu?? musamaiwale mr President kuti muli pamenepo chifukwa chaife anthu ndipo MULUNGU akuona….

Sometimes i ask myself,if really Malawian are willing to move forward.Am writing this because all what is happening in Malawi is from our failure to locate the main problem.The truth is since we got independence in 1964,As a country we have only managed to hire 2 real and genuine presidents who had the zeal to develop this Nation (DR .H. KAMUZU BANDA and PROFFESSOR BINGU WA MTALIKA).Some may argue that these people are History now but their Good ideas that could have taken this country forward is still VARIABLE now.The issue of Development is taking us no where because our… Read more »

100%, that is the love upon your country.


A Kasakula kkkk mwandikumbutsa malemu che Tenthani (may his soul rest peacefully) please beware!anthu awa akusakulani BUT The Almighty is your true protector AND HE will protect you for the sharia you are talking here coz sharia (chilungamo)kuwawa!!

Bwana Kamenya, Even a dull crocodile would know that it ‘s you who have issues with Kasakula. There’s is nothing to defend about the terribly incompetent icon of yours in the name of APM. If APM is your icon then even a crocodile is wiser than you. You can’t even be a rock coz a rock can contain useful minerals and fossils. Not you bwana Kamenya. It’s people like you and your petulo make us Malawians a laughing stoke. If you have issues with Kasakula approach each other in private not defending a useless public figure, petulo by attacking personalities.… Read more »

You have personal issues with APM who is not your march in every respect. Just mind your business of skirts bro. You are a failed person in all respects. No matter how you write negatively about him, it is difficult for you to let us forget how we suffered from the dirty MCP. if it were then you wouldn’t find time to risk your life and take a low cost meal at Pamudzi without paying for it!!!
You just have no issues ayiseee, concentrate on rebuilding your tattered house and family!!!


Inuso ulemu sitichita kupempha, chitani zabwino anthu adzakupatsani ulemu, why the whole president is asking positive stories while he is doing shit? Palibeso za personal here tell your President to do good am telling you we Malawians will speak good things about our President like what we did to his brother the first term, mwava O finye Kamenya?

A G Kasakula, mwalembatu apa. Do you think Dr Lazarous Chakwera will rule Malawi with a human face? Forget it. Remember: “Politicians don’t want an intelligent population because people who can critically think can’t be ruled, they want a public just smart enough to pay taxes and dumb enough to keep voting for them. However, don’t think when MCP president takes over power from APM anything will change. Corruption, drugs shortages, robbery, power outages, etc will be there even worse than now. At State House, politicians are like they are in heavenly paradise where everything is in abundance. They are… Read more »

I don’t think you are in Malawi and or you are a Malawian.

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