Kasambara’s family angered by Malawi govt fake news

The family of former Attorney General Ralph Kasambara has expressed anger at what it calls a “false and malicious” news article currently circulating on Facebook and online publications linked to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), alleging that Kasambara has condemned the recent ruling by Justice  John Chirwa to suspend Minister of Agriculture George  Chaponda over Zambia maize import deal.

Kasambara: Rebutes Malawi government fake news

According to family representative, lawyer Michael Goba Chipeta, their relative was very shocked with the fake news when they asked him about it during a routine family visit on Saturday.

He said, following the development, the family proceeded to ask his lawyers to issue a statement, which has also been made available to Nyasa Times.

Says the statement:“In relation to published sentiments purporting to have come from our Mr Raphael  Kasambara SC about a matter now before the Hon Mr Justice J M Chirwa in the Mzuzu Registry of the High Court of Malawi and concerning the Presidency, the Honorable Attorney General and the Honorable Minister of Agriculture, we would like to state in the strongest possible fashion that our client did not, cannot, and will not comment on this or any matter that is before the courts until his present circumstances are determined to finality.”

The statement goes on to say that the entire article was “cooked up” for purposes of linking Kasambara to issues that are of no benefit to him.

“Any comments attributed to our relative in the above regard are no more than a lamentable and unjustifiable attempt at trying to bring our client into contact with issues that are of no consequence to him.

“We therefore urge all and sundry to disregard the comments in so far as they purport to emanate from Mr Raphael Kasambara SC.

“It is our sincere hope that those who authored the fictitious article and comments will henceforth desist from doing so,” says the statement.

The false news article was first published on Facebook page of one Chambo Bomba, a known DPP cadet before being picked up by DPP online propaganda and misinformation publications.

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Raphael Kasambala mlekeni,wanangachi?yowoyaninge waka vya chaponda uyo mulikugula kuma venda,kweni mukuti mwagula ku Zambia?U SC ni masambiro,imwe mufikengepo chara Mihlakho!!!!Nchito mabele pamtunda!!!!Shataaap!!!!


We are very keen looking and watching this game up to the end. I think Malawians now are not blind than they were.

Tatopa ndikumatipusisa ngati ife zitsiru zanu ngakhalenso anthu akwanu akunyasidwa nanu. Koma zoona munalumbira kuti muzateteza malamulo mopanda kukondera. Tiyeni Nazoni. Anzanu anavutikira kuti dziko likhale pa mtendere. Koma kwinaku ndi mestiza dala a Malawi. A Malawi si anthu opusa.


asowa chokamba anthu awa zikuwavuta zachimanga chokuba apa


Viwawa apa mulijeso mahala namwe mkayidi ananyengo namalo gho yowoyera ngati kkkkkkkkkkk

George Madondo

Vindele ivi


that is bad news no need to be repeated


The family representative still put SC after Kasambala’s name, is he still SC? I thought his practicing licence was not renewed. Besides, he now has a criminal record and one of the requirements to practice as a lawyer is that one must not have a criminal record. Therefore he shouldnt be addressed as Senior Counsel


That is very sad !

Namaliya N. G.

There has never been a ruling on this land that received so much reaction from both the learned and unlearned elite. The learned such as Edge Kanyongolo and Cape Town Prof are on collusion course, yes disagreeing. Who are we, the unlearned, not to fail to agree or disagree in the circumstances? soberly, there must have been something in the procedure that might have not been considered properly or you don’t think so? If soberly thought so, it ought to be corrected, I would imagine. but looks like the learned do nog error, or do they?


Kkkkkkkk Malawi with its people at its Lowest shame..

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