Khumbo Kachali poised to launch new party, dumps PP again

Former vice-president Khumbo Kachali has again sounded that he is qutting erstwhile ruling People’s Party (PP) again as he is poised toflaunching a new political party.

Kachali: Dumps PP again

Kachali said he is on a mission to clean up the politics of Malawi with new political movement, saying  there is a body of ideas out there people would support.

“Watch this space, there’s a possibly a new party movement coming,” said Kachali.

He said he has been out strategising and reconnecting with the people.

Kachali is reportedly working among others with Christopher Mzomera Ngwira (legislator for Mzimba Hora) in the new political movement.

Ngwira is a strong supporter of Kachali and he once declared him PP leader following Joyce Banda’s failure to return home as the party founder and president.

Others being courted include PP national executive committee (NEC) member Elias Wakuda Kamanga.

While serving as State Vice-President during the Banda regime, Kachali had quit PP with only few days to the May 20 Tripartite Elections.

Banda left out Kachali as a running mate and opted for Industry and Trade Minister Sosten Gwengwe – the presidential ticket that flopped miserably.

Banda and Kachali were expelled from  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)in December 2010 for allegedly forming parallel party structures. However, the two were on record as having said their dismissal was because they refused to endorse the presidential candidature of current DPP leader Peter Mutharika.

In April 2012, Banda ascended to the presidency in line with constitutional order after the death of former president the late Bingu wa Mutharika and picked Kachali as her Vice-President.

Before joining DPP, Kachali was treasure general of United Democratic Front (UDF), the party which Banda also served as director of women.


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21 thoughts on “Khumbo Kachali poised to launch new party, dumps PP again”

  1. Za ziiiii
    zipani zonse mwapondako, chomwe muzaudze anthu nchiyani? Bwanji osangosintha chipani nkulowa china, ndiponso ngati muli ndi luso lotsogolera dziko bwanji osaonetsera kuchipani komwe muliko. kadziko kabwino kathu ndipo kakhoza kukongola kuchoka karonga mpakana Nsanje, koma mwakakhwasulakhwasula katheratu chifukwa chaumbombo kufuna kudziwika. Atsogoleri azipani zotsutsa boma akungopita komwe fungo

  2. pixy says:

    A khumbo khalani waka pasi nakurya ndalama zinu other wise you’re just wasting your time thinking of forming a party.Mubwenzenso mak50 aja munkapempha poyenda bawo pa Mzimba Hospital.

  3. Banda says:

    Akuluwa ndiodzikonda kwambiri ndipo ndiovetsa chisoni,amaganiza ngati mwana, anapatsidwa mwai koma analephera kuwugwiritsa ntchito.

  4. Tiyanjane says:

    Chipani chinyaki kuti chichitenji? Anyinu sonu akamba za kuyusa Aford kuti mpotu yiwele Ku regional block.

  5. francis says:

    he is just one of these greedy politicians of the land koma sangapambane masankho

  6. concerned citizen says:

    Do we have politicians in Malawi? I believe we have fortune seekers. If there are true and genuine politicians, may be very few. At the most, we have opportunists. Lord have mercy for my country

  7. Konge Lesi says:

    Komanso Atumbuka chimene amaganiza akasowa chochita ndikuyambitsa chipani basi. See Nyondo, Chiume, Gondwe, Kamulepo, Orton Chirwa, Aleke Banda, Chisi and many others. Maybe it’s high time scientists engaged in deeper research to find medication to heal the power appetite for Tumbukas. If truth be told, Khumbo Kachale is a spent force. Despite being vice president, he failed with distinction to eliminate the quota system

  8. Harawara says:

    Malawians you don’t know Northern politicians. With the 50+1 system people like Khumbo, Junior Tzar of Aford and Ngwira are strategizing to be roped by big parties through party coallisions. They will form fake parties/groups and negotiate with DPP and MCP for posts in the 50+1 System because they know the system will force coalitions to occur for a party to win. The nomadic politicians are seeing this. So the parties being formed or reformed are meant to be tools to bargain for posts in the big parties. They know better than you do that they can not win on their own. The big parties will be promised votes from the north and in exchange they will be given/promised political positions in the new system. Why am I the only one who sees their political madness?

  9. youna says:

    This man has nothing to offer Malawians. Ali ndi moyo odzikweza, odzitukumula komanso odzikweza kwambiri.

  10. Osangolowa MCP bwanji? Greedy and selfish politicians of Malawi.

  11. Rift Valley says:

    Just confine your party to the North A Mwene. Sometimes it’s Betty to accept failure and gang up with existing parties.

    MCP appears a better alternative after the advent of Multiparty Politics in Malawi; having been miserably governed by UDF,, DPP, PP, and, again DPP. Mayby you shout vie for Aford Leadership and fight it out with Chihana. The likelihood of your proposed party making in roads in the South and Centre is VERY remoty.

    Remember Loveness Gondwe also has a party.

  12. mphuti Pajani says:

    How I wish people like Khumbo Kachali had the nose to smell around their appealing in politics? Khumbo, why waste time. What you achieved is beyond your ability and capability. It’s by jackpot so do not be cheated that people can vote for you. You are one of the people who spoil the North. You must be in the fore front now encouraging the building of a single bloc that can dislodge the incumbent from the seat. Work with facts or numbers not dreams please. You better use the little wisdom you have gained to support and recruit and bring others together while concentrating on your business.

    Bulumembe wakafwa na mphingili kumuwila pachanya chifukwa cha dowera. Nyinda yendezi chigunyu mbwenu mphwaaa. Kamuzganga nifwiti ndipo fwiti ni tilinganenge.

    Naluta ine, kweni dada muleke kuwa napyumphyu ngati panji mwakoleka na mavi yapamoyo.

  13. chikondamoyo says:

    The problem with some of these dead wood politicians like Khumbo is that in their wildiest of dreams, they think they are still relevant to the politics of the country. Wake up man your time is long gone and you better use the little resources you have for something productive. The best you could do is to assist in revamping AFORD for the sake of being king makers in 2019 otherwise your suggestion of a new party is stinking and even your relatives know it.

  14. Kabiniko says:

    He will nothing with the said party. We know him as a person with small brain. If at all he was connecting with people those mentioned above are his fellow clueless,unfortunate, disgruntled, senseless and usual political fortune seekers. He is on his road to a final point in politics……

  15. Jolobala says:

    Waste of space.

  16. @ says:

    Ndiye mkumati make aford great again. Hahahahahahaha the problem with north Malawi kwachuluka ma tribes. The only region which is stable is central. Only two tribes dominate. Chews and ngoni. Koma kwinaku eeeeeeech. Welenganani tione.

  17. Gondolo says:

    Zoona Sir Khumbo, but we need to clean you first. There is nothing new that can come from you.

  18. John says:

    Please go ahead and be unique.

  19. Mudzamva liti says:

    Za mkhutu za ziiiiiiiii! Chipani china chachiyani? Bwanji osangokonza zobvutazo m’chipani momwe mulirimo?

  20. peoplo says:

    This small country of ours is infested by many unhelpful, greedy, useless political parties. If at all there are political parties.

    1. Gondolo says:

      and vindere vakufikapo. Malawi Politicians are just useless

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