Kudontoni says DPP to rule Malawi next 50 years: MP for Mzimba Luwerezi joins

Member of Parliament for Mzimba Luwerezi, Deliwe Ngoma, who was an independent , has joined ruling Democratic a Progressive Party (DPP) at a political meeting which took place at Emfeni headquarters of Traditional Authority Mabilabo in Mzimba District on Saturday.

Ngoma being welcomes in DPP fold

Ngoma being welcomes in DPP fold

Kudontoni: DPP will rule for another 50 years

Kudontoni: DPP will rule for another 50 years

Ngoma addressing the meeting

Ngoma addressing the meeting

DPP Vice President who is also Minister of Finance, Dr Goodall Gondwe welcomed Ngoma to the ruling party, saying she is “ one of the most hard working MP in the northern region.”

Gondwe said DPP will support Ngoma in all her quest of developing her constituency.

During the meeting, free-talking DPP Secretary General Ecren Kudontoni was at it again when he declared that “DPP will rule for the next 50 years.”

Kudontoni said the coming in of MP Ngoma is a sign of how strong DPP is in the northern region.

“We are not gaining ground in the northern region. We are strengthening our party here,” he said.

Earlier, Inkosi Mabilabo, spoke at length on the problems affecting the area.

“In Ngoni culture, when you are marrying you are supposed to pay for bride price ‘Chapamsana and Lobola’ now you are supposed to bring electricity as Lobola and Rehabilitate the bridge at Msusu and you can even just build another one there as Chapamsana,” said Inkosi Mabilabo.

Ngoma said she has decided to join DPP after the people in the area who are legally represented by the Area Development Committee (ADC) had voted and asked her to join DPP.

Ngoma said she was happy that the will of the people have been fulfilled.

“You are the ones who voted for me and am happy that you are the ones who have advised me on the way forward,” said Ngoma.

Ngoma asked Gondwe to build the Msusu Bridge as well as provide transport to Luwerezi and Emfeni Police Unit, saying the two units are fighting crime while using Kabaza.

Campaign Director Jappi Mhango who is also deputy minister of defence attended the function alongside other senior party gurus.

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Nedson Trouble Jere

ANyangoma mbwenu namwe mwawamo mu band wagon of fools and funny fellows mubazge chomene ivyo wakulemba Allan Ntata.Nyangoma uli chindere chakufikapo.Pala wakwiya ukwiye vyanadi ndipo uyimbe foni pa 0888 185 448.


Waryapo venevivo ukuona ngati tizamkuvoteraso. Kachindere waninangiska waka voti yane

apundi says

musatinyansepo apa. akalephere kamuzu banda ndiye nsabwe ngati inu mungatani


Kamdontoni is right DPP will rule blind and ignorant Malawians forever. Ignorance which ushers in poverty is our great enemy remember God said ‘My people are perishing due to lack of knowledge (ignorance). How can sensible people say tivotera wakuba yemweyo. It is like preferring Banabasi the murderer to Jesus Christ. Unless we all change and become knowledgeable and make the right choice of leadership Malawi is destined for doom.


DELIWE,, i dont undrstand this lady.ndakubakira but now ts inagh tianyamata umanyengana nato tili bwino? chonde,,lemekeza LUKA ,,DOMINIC.. ELIZA NDI JNR


Stupid Deliwr see you 2019 this your last time ask Bofomo


Munapha Bingu osalakwa ,and akalemba walemba olo munyoze bwanji koma inu simulungu dpp idzalamulilabe and dziwani kuti palibe amene adzabwele kuti malawi angadzakhale monga wakale coz tikuthamangitsana ndi nthawi,malemba akuyenera kukwanitsidwa


Musamunyoze kudontoni, awo ndimaganizo ake. Iwe ndiwe m’bale wanga weniweni koma osamaganiza choncho. Ine ndine Mdzukulu wa JZU-T. Ndikutenga pompano ukamve kukoma ndi kuzuna ku MCP.NDIMAKUKONDA.

Bootlicker No. 1

Kudontoni! Kudontoni! Why can’t for the first time edit the erruptions from your filthy mouth? Don’t think Malawians are dull to be uttering such reckless unedited remarks to the public. I wonder who the damn agreed that you should be the Secretary General of this party. Any way odzavota ndi ifeyo osati inuyo! Tikuonerani


U DPP thieves, u mean u are going to steal!, ! milk!, kusololo mpaka 5o years! foolish thoughts ok?.

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