Lawyer Wadi accuses Malawi Police of torturing three women: Ask court for inquiry

Lawyer for  three women arrested on suspicion that they assualted a fellow woman in Lilongwe’s Area 24, Ishamel Wadi, has accused the police of torturing the trio.

Two of the arrested women

Wadi: Police tortured the suspects

Wadi, a  former Director of Public Prosecution, is representing Flora Chinguwo, Norah Chatsika and Getrude Banda, who  are answering charges of  committing an act intended to cause  grieveous bodily harm and insulting the modesty of a woman.

The three were arrested after a video clip went viral on social media where they were capture  assaulting a woman identified as Bridget Kumchulesi.

Wandi told Lilongwe Magistrate Court when the three appeared that police use of  excessive force against the suspects was tantamount to torture.

“Police investigators beat them up. They stripped them naked. They were bundled in a police vehicle. At Kawale police station, they were put ina  small, smelly toilet. Their pictures were taken. Theyw ere told they would face [tit –for-tat] what the complainant faced,” Wadi told the court.

He asked the court for “an inquiry into the manner in which the accused  persons were held” and subjecting them to physical torture.

The women pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Wadi said they were not fit and well to stand trial and asked for their release on bail.

But Cecilia Zangazanga, prosecuting, said  the State has “no information of torture.”

Zangazanga dismissed bail bid on grounds that  the women  were not psychologically ready  to stand trial, saying that can only be  raised by a medical doctor.

Senior Resident Magistrate Paul Chiotcha is expected   to make a determinatiob on bail on Monday.

There have neen several reports compiled by a human rights organisation of cases of torture in police stations in Malawi to force suspects to confess crimes.

In one report, Jeremiah Kaboma, 43, claims on March 17 2017 a police officer at Chigwirizano Police Station in Lilongwe hit him on the head with a gun butt. Kaboma claims that following the ordeal he was not able to hear from his left ear for several days.

In another report, Alec Kazembe claims in October 2016 police at Lilongwe Police Station in Area 3 also hit him with the metal shaft of a gun, stabbed him with a screwdriver and hit him with a baton on his left flank, hip and at the back. Another police assault victim, Paulo Kaliati, claims he sustained multiple wounds after being beaten by CID officers at Bvumbwe Police Station to force him to confess a crime.

In another case, Mike Ngalande reported that police from Bangwe in Blantyre hit him with the blunt side of a panga knife, earning him bruises on the face, ankle and the right flank.

He reported that police officers took turns to pull him on the ground with his arms and legs tied as punishment for attempting to escape from court.

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If you think a Police cell is a bed of roses you better think again before committing a crime thats the whole idea behind it the condition in a Police cell should be unbearable to stay in to discourage offenders from committing the crime.


Unyanya mmai iwe kuyenda ndi azimuna aeni ake. Wakumana nazo . Amuna osakwatila sumawaona? Mkazi oyipa iwe.

Kholowa mkabudula

Kodi kupolice ko kulibe chilango chochi**a anthu ngati amenewa abale? Kuti muonetsetse gwelo la nkhaniyi ndi mchila sure!


No wonder late Bingu dropped you Mr Wadi. .
Mwasowa owayimila milandu kapena?
Kayimileni a wandale ngati muli mwamuna pa ntchito yanu osati zopusa ngati zimenezo.

Elder Sage I
The torture of the other victims above may be true and indeed deserve condemnation, if not compensation, But NOT the three savage brutal jezebels – Flora Chinguwo, Norah Chatsika and Getrude Banda, No way. The way I saw the video clip – it was absolute emotionless brutality…. they could not even listen one bit to the submissive victim. Wadi is just looking for easy money here. He has been in the [Govt legal] system and he knows the Police do not have able prosecutors, they always shy away from tussling with lawyers even if they know they Police are not… Read more »

The DPP Office should take over this case. Mwalowa makoswe

Malawi Has Spoken phiri
Malawi Has Spoken phiri

I see nothing wrong with the Police action as they were simply doing their job. It was supposed to be unfair to jail these women without corporal punishment and nude pictures of themselves (the thing they enjoyed doing unto that innocent woman)


Malawi where are we leading? This very bad.


Mr. Wadi, I think nkhani yanuyo is after the fact. Lets have this court case done first, we all saw the evidence on Whatsapp. Once concluded and judge has given sentence, then your women can open another case against the Police, which will be a totally new case with its own evidence, and the judge in that case can happily pass judgement on the Police. The 2 cases are not related, meanwhile the lady who was embarrassed in broad daylight is being denied her justice.


there is real torture in police cell-i am one of them!



Kholowa mkabudula

One of the police or thieves?


Mr. Wadi tsopano. You want to present these ladies despite the evil they did on another lady. Ngati zili ndalama ayi ndithu not on a good note

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