Let Malawi vote in referendum on abortion bill, says Catholic archbishop Msusa

Chairman for the Episcopal Conference of Malawi, His Grace Thomas Luke Msusa has challenged those that are pro-abortion and pro-life to give room for a referendum to take place in Malawi, so that the citizenry decides what is best for them as individuals and for the good of the society.

Bishop Msusa: Catholic Church dies not support termination of pregnancy

He said those that are for pro-abortion bill should not generalize that the majority is for abortion bill because Malawi as a God-fearing nation is against the bill.

Archbishop Msusa also categorically refutes that the Catholic Church in Malawi is particularly in support of the abortion bill as claimed by pro-abortion groups by saying that there was a representation of the Church in the special law commission when the bill was proposed.

He said as Catholic Bishops in Malawi, they already issued a Pastoral Statement in 2013 where, they consistent with the teachings of the universal Church, made their position very clear on abortion, homosexuality and population control.

“We note in particular that there are some worrisome trends in our democratization and emancipation that push for a worldview independent of and side-lining God, and making human beings dependent on their own intellect, determining for themselves what is right and what is wrong. We are saddened to read that religion should not regulate morals,” said Archbishop Msusa on Wednesday when he opened a two-day World Congress of Families for African Regional Conference in Lilongwe.

According to Archbishop Msusa, the recent campaign calling for termination of pregnancy or abortion law is contrary to the principle of human dignity and sanctity of life.

“We believe that life begins at conception; sacredness and sanctity of human life; both the mother and unborn child have the right to life and that all instances of direct abortions are a violation of the rights of the unborn because it is a willful killing of innocent life,” he said.

He said the mission and mandate of the Church is to protect and defend life hence the position of the Catholic Church has not changed. The Church cannot side with those agitating for the so-called sage abortion.

“Every human person is a social being and therefore, connected to others. Though every person is entitled to enjoy his/her individuality, he/she also has to be constantly sensitive to other people’s equal entitlements,”said His Grace  Msusa who is also the Archbishop of Blantyre Archdiocese.

Earlier on Tuesday, President for the International Organization for the Families, Brian Brown told the press that the aim of the conference is to highlight the need to preserve the basic values of African Cultures, which follow the culture of life, and to resist the increasing secular influence in the world to follow the culture of death.

The theme for the conference which has attracted the academia, Clergy, Members of Parliament and the media among others is ‘The African Family and Cultural Colonization”.

Delegates have been drawn from all over Africa and the United States of America.

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zazii…ansembe nde amene akubosholetsa azimayi mma location mu…why do you want to put up an issue concerning women for abortion. Who is a man to decide for a woman. Who is a roman catholic father to decide for a woman. munthu sunakwatirepo..sudziwa ndikupereka mimbayo komwe why kutsogolera zinthu zoti sukuzidziwa. osawasiya amuna eni eni akambirane bwa…

The Catholic Church and other chuches should SHUT UP! Women and girls need to have the right to abort because the burden of pregnancy lies with them. What has the church done to men who walk around with their un-zipped private parts and father children any how. These men don’t look after the children they father and most of these children suffer and die needlessly. The Catholic church and other churches are part of the western cultural imperialism – they are not African churhces, are they? By the way, our population is too high and becuase government cannot manage with… Read more »
Hlabezulu Ngonoonda
Titherward, it could be explained that government ought not to abrogate its responsibility to provide leadership on issues that concern health and the economic viability of families, as well as the narrower moral issue. But government should walk a thin line with religious institutions without fluffing feathers. For many years religious bodies has been mired in controversy with the abortion issue. For instance, Muslim jurists have always viewed the fetus as the precious origin of human life. The womb is perceived as a fragile vessel that carries a unique human soul, and hence deserves safeguarding and careful treatment. Jurists have… Read more »
President Manthakanjenjemereza
President Manthakanjenjemereza

Most women who want this bill are prostitutes, how can you want sex without baring the consequences. Abstain or have a normal child in a marriage scenario not having sex anyhow. Woe to you satanic civil rights and other satanic pastors, you preach against the commandment of God by being pro terminists.


Abortion, life is a life, if you do abortion you are killer in the eye of God. And you will answer answer for it. Even if you didnt do abortion but if you say yes.in your spirit you did in the eye of God, . same as homosexual, if you is a life style you are a part of it, if the bill pass for it, always the Nation facing the Judgement from God. We are Godly people here not Satanism activities.


We Malawi we say no to Satan agendas no abortions no homosexuality bravo Msusa stick to your guns don’t compromise the word of God like the way the western have done. We say no to baal worship. Indeed life begins at conception no need of referendum.


Mungotengapo matembelero apa. Satsutsana ndi munthu wa Mulungu. I support you Archbishop.

Jesus is Lord

No need for a referendum. Just do what is right and punish abortion and sodomy by death, case closed. Or don’t and watch Malawi turn into Sodom and incur God’s wrath.


Ask your children to vote for abortion you don’t have children to vote who are you asking to vote for useless thing you are evil people you Romans you don’t marry to pregnant and abote. Give pregnant to your sistery and tell them to abote.


Jaja have you read the story?? Do you know the Catholic Social Teaching on abortion and termination of pregnancy?? Your comment is full of unfounded hatred towards the Holy Catholic Church. May the Almighty God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit forgive you. AMEN


Za ziiii. Is abortion a thorny issue in Malawi? Osangowauza masisiter i plus ma choir mistress asiye kuboshola mimba za ansembe bwanji?

Mwasowa nkhani eti.

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