Let us all stop corruption in Malawi

Whether you are a staunch supporter of DPP, MCP, PP, UDF, MAFUNDE, AFORD, PETRA or whichever political party the fight to root out corruption is and must be national. Which is why we are appealed to make sure that corruption stops in Malawi.

Politics is there to provide services to the people but when politics cause the pain like what Malawi has gone through the past 23 years, it is the duty and responsibility of the entire nation in disregard to political affiliation  to stand up and stop it. Those practising it whether they are respective leaders of our own parties must be shunned that are enemies of progress and nationalism.

If we can study the corruption that has been practised ever since 1994 to date and add up the figures together, we must be very angry and stubborn to see any government official or leader shielding the culprits. The money that has been stolen could make a dual carriage way from Nsanje to Chitipa with sophisticated current tools.

We could have a bitumen road from Blantyre to Mwanza border via Chileka and Thambani. Road networks of bitumen standard could be constructed in the northern region, a region that has been neglected as if it’s not part of Malawi.

Hospitals could multiply and be extended into remotest areas where citizens live like subhumans because of lack of development. We could have purchased tractors and give our village farming citizens to immigrate from using hand hoes.

We must be ashamed and feel pity for ourselves as a nation to see our village people still using hands hoeing their gardens in the year Two Thousand and Seventeen when technology after the World passed three generations and three phases of transition towards massive developments has advanced beyond recognition.

Look at us now, look at our country, our schools, colleges, hospitals, roads and infrastructure development. Look at our agriculture system, our development index; we are vulnerable and pitiful.

The trillions that have been lost in the hands of corrupt officials could have changed and turned around our image as a nation.
Regionalism, tribalism, sexism, racism and tonguesim are all coming because of poverty and suffering.

Poor people point each other and blame one another this is what we do in Malawi.

If we are to redeem our country from the annals of corruption let us in unison stand up and say “No to corruption”.

In societies where corruption is rampant it is a handiful and only a handiful that enjoys and lives happily.
Let us all fight corruption in its entirety and make sure it is buried once for all. The fight against corruption is and must be apolitical meaning in what flags we possess but corruption got to be fought against at all costs.

  • Saunders Jumah the Utopian.
    SAMAFO, together we can destroy our country with our own hands, together with our very hands we can build a strong foundation for our nation.

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chaiwone wawo
7 years ago

author should have gone further to suggest what citizens need to do/need to be doing to root out the corruption. what strategies do we have in place?

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