Lilongwe new mayor Bikoko says will not kick out vendors off streets

Lilongwe new mayor Desmond Bikoko has ruled out kicking out vendors off the streets of the capital city, a thorny issue that has pitied the street vendors against authorities over the past years.

Mayor for Lilongwe Bikoko

Speaking at a news conference, Bikoko said there was need to find a good place where the vendors can be trading from.

“It is unfair to remove them from the streets without giving them an alternative place to trade from,” he said.

However, his decision will likely clash with that of the central government which use the police to chase away the vendors from the streets.

They are accused of pick pocketing and littering the city, among other issues.

There is always a cat and mouse chase between vendors and authorities as vendors usually refuse to relocate to designated trading places.

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10 thoughts on “Lilongwe new mayor Bikoko says will not kick out vendors off streets”

  1. naphili says:

    Bulutu uyu ndiyeso uti?

  2. DOBO says:

    Fitst things first.The first thing is not to chase vendors.The most thing is the problem analysis.Second thing is problem problem solving along side by laws. The problem we have about vendors in streets is a problem created from root cause problems.So,our Gvnts have been trying to solve the results of problem deliberately to blindfold so to make us believe that something is being done. Using the police to drive vendors out the street is good as doing nothing because the vendors will be there in streets all the time hunting for money yet the police can not be there all the time..The guide to this problem is polical and regionalistic based.Looking at population of vendors in the city of LL,one can easily find out that most of them are from southern region where our Govnts originate since democracy when this problem start emerge . So the mayor being MCP regardless where he comes from,the government cannot suppört him.The second guide is that LL City is too full to such extend that young people coming from as Mulanje, Thhölo etc just for simple business activities like kabaza,selling plastic bags for survival.So its irrational to force them out the streets without altenative support.This can lead them to trek to South Africa where life is becoming unbearable.I for 1 support new mayor’s ideas to provide these people altenative support and market place rather use of force.

  3. Cash Gate says:

    please hear what the mayor said, he said that it is not good to chase the vendors without giving them the place where they can sell their commodities. This means that the first thing to do with theses vendors is to find the place where the vendors can trade and then tell them to go to the new place not chasing them without giving them the place. Go through the story again.

  4. yaki says:

    This mayor is doing politics instead of mayors job. you need to be voted out otherwise the city will be dirty. use the bylaws. stop your dirty politics we need a clean city adhering to rules and regulations not appeasements

  5. kufoyila kweni kweni,mwayamba udyo akulu

  6. Joseph Banda says:

    Ndale zopanda nazo nzeru! What is this man talking about? You want to take back the city to dirty days. After all cleaning the city is an operational issue. Why is the so called Mayor commenting on this? GIVE ME A BREAK! Useless Mayor

  7. Rlo says:

    It is unfair to judge that vendors are pick pocketers.Vending is a trade and they vendors earn their living through whatever small item they sell.
    Find them a place and relocate them.If you chase them without finding them a place that becomes unfair. Sometimes we shouldn’t just comment negative things about others just because we have good jobs ourselves. Let’s put ourselves in their shoes.They are citizens of this country just like us.They pay tax just like any of us.And most importantly they are also human beings just like us

  8. Hatton Mbewe says:

    If it is politics of your political party, then it’s very cheap. Are you planning to have public conveniences all over your city? Apart from the other hazards of these vendors loitering everywhere, your lordships the mayor, consider the hygiene of your city.

  9. Baba wa boy says:

    That is a sign of weak leadership.

    This mayor is not going to achieve anything.

    If you start by appeasing vendors that’s it you are gone, you can not do anything that does not please vendors and the majority of vendors are indeed pickpockets and thieves.

    1. jah man says:

      I am MCP, but I feel let down by this decision. Uku ndiye kupoira

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