Lilongwe residents celebrate killing of notorious criminal in Chinsapo

Residents of Chinsapo and Chigwirizano in Likuni, Lilongwe on Sunday celebrated the death of a suspected criminal commonly known as Baraba.

Thousands came out of their houses carrying tree branches and joined those carrying the suspect’s body on a makeshift stretcher, to a place where they wanted to set it alight, according to witnesses.

Police, said another witness, arrived before the ‘cremation’ mission was accomplished.

Barabas body paraded naked by mob

Thousands of people came out of their houses, carrying tree branches and joined a group of people carrying the fallen criminal on a makeshift stretcher, on their way to an unknown destination, allegedly on a mission to set his body on fire, according to eyewitnesses.

Luckily, police arrived before the ‘cremation’ mission was accomplished, one eyewitness said.

One of the people who was in the group  said at the scene that the deceased was a criminal who did not deserve to live.

A witness told Malawi News Agency (Mana) at the scene that the deceased did not deserve to live.

“He terrorised people here, he had no regard for human life and dignity, and did not even fear the police,” he said.

Another excited witness, who sought annonymity said no person in his sound mind would shed a tear for Baraba, a biblical times serial criminal Barabas.

“Just yesterday, he beat up a minibus callboy and nearly killed him. He had on many occasions been involved in battles with the police,” said another eyewitness.

The residents claimed that the suspect had fortified his body with magical powers to repel bullets.

Lilongwe Police Station spokesperson Kingsley Dandaula said he was not aware of the incident.



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Kulakwisa nthawi zina ndibwino …taziwako za mbiri..maina ndi zotele


So has the thief been buried or burnt? Reporter please complete the reporting. How was he captured? Did he have charms or tatoos on his body for gun shot protection? Have the police acknowledged their failure to gun him down before? The report is unprofessional and leaves a lot to be called a report by an online news agency.


Barnaba or Barabass or what ever. Who cares ?


The man deserves the death penalty that he has received if what people are saying is anything to go by.


The wages of sin is death. The repentance is only way to reconcile with God.

Mphundie Peter

No Barnabas or Barabas was crucified along side Christ, Barnabas was set free for Jesus> The thugs were Dismas and Gestas. Please lead more and learn more!


Someone does not read 📖 his Bible here.. As long as I remember barabbas in the Bible was set free… 😁 this Lilongwe barabbas wasn’t lucky

Kriminal \'A\'
The writer doesn’t read the Bible at all. Barrabas and Barnabas are two different people. The writer might wish to know that Barrabas is the criminal who was chosen by the crowd, over Jesus Christ, to be released by Pontius Pilate in a customary pardon before the feast of Passover. This implies that Barrabas was set free and survived crucifixion. Barnabas, on the other hand, was a Cypriot Jew who undertook missionary journeys with Paul the Apostle and defended Gentile converts against the Judaizers. The writer might also be interested to be informed that the two criminals crucified along with… Read more »

I like this, for the first time I have known Dismas and Gestas , hope they were from Greece


It’s not ‘Barnabas’ please but ‘Barabbas’. Don’t you read your Bible???


……………Baraba (Barnabas), an apparent reference to the biblical Barnabas who was crucified alongside Jesus for murder charges. Nyasatimes……………………was Barnabas crucified together with Jesus?


The thief is Chewa
The residents are Chewa
We the readers are Chewa?


Baraba ndi Banaba ndi anthu awiri osiyana

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