Livingstonia Synod defiant over Inkosi threats: ‘We don’t worship culture; beer, polygamy is a sin’

General secretary of the Livingstonia Synod has given a defiant tone over Inkosi ya Makosi M’mbelwa V threats to evict the church if it continues preaching against beer and polygamy which the chief said is an integral part of the ngoni culture.

Rev Nyondo: DPP is being obstinate and sticking to a policy that marginalises the north

In an interview, Reverend Levi Nyondo said the church is not moved even by an inch over the threats issued by the powerful ngoni chief during the iinstallation of a traditional leader in Mzimba on Tuesday.

“Beer drinking and polygamy is a sin. We cannot condone sin. We don’t worship culture, we worship God, we will never change our stand on these issues,” said Nyondo.

He dismissed as untrue that there is a standing memorandum of understanding between the church and the Ngoni chiefs that they should be allowed to drink beer and marry as many wives as they wish.

“That MOU don’t exist, if it exists then it is fake,” he said.

He said the Ngoni chief can go ahead to sign another MOU with another church, saying the Livingstonia Synod stand on beer and polygamy remains the same, it is sin.

Nyondo said it is the duty of the church to tell people what is sin and what is righteousness so that they do not perish in hell on the last day.

The cleric angered the Ngoni chiefs during the installation of chief Mzukuzuku of Mzimba when the clergy openly told the chiefs to start going to church and repent their sins and stop people from drinking beer and marrying many wives.

Nyondo said those who do not go to church bother the men of God when they die.

Mordecai Jere was installed Chief Mzukuzuku by Local government minister Kondwani Nankhumwa after the area had almost 10 years within a chief due to chieftaincy wrangles.

Nankhumwa asked the royal family to always use the path of contact and dialogue when dealing with chieftaincy wrangles and asked the newly installed chief to desist from corrupt tendencies.

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Yahya Yahya Jammeh

You should not forget that this young Inkosi is a messenger of DPP. The relationship of the DPP and the Synod of Livingstonia in general and SG Nyongo in particular has never been rosy. The Chief believes by getting into antagonism with the church is serving the DPP’s interest. He is another sell-out, not different from his late father.

azakupanga rape

zipembezo za azungu za zii. mowa ndi mitala zili bho. Yesu ndi wa fake


But wait a minute, I don’t see any connection between the caption under the reverend’s picture and the story at hand. They really don’t tally.


I have much respect for the so called Ngoni Chief but for sure he has goofed big time this time around. The best he can do is simply to shut up other wise he will not contend the outcome of his subsequent move. Why did he think like Ngolongoliwa who never saw the inside of a class room? I wonder./


Inkosi Mbelwa could have done himself good if he just remained quite. The duty of the church is to remind the laity about Christian decorum. It does not force rather it talks yet let “nansongole ndi tiringu kuti zikulire pamodzi”. What bothers the young Inkosi with the church is unknown. His forefathers drunk and married and never fought with the church.




He stands for the truth,he is so loved by his members of the church ,so who are you

Rev Nyondo is not wrong at all, he like any preacher was just preaching as usual and these sentiments have been made several times by different clerics during ngoni functions. I have attended funerals in the centre where men of God from Nkhoma synod have openly condemned gule wamkulu but i have never heard any chewa chief threaten to chase nkhoma synod from their area. It is Mmbelwa who is confusing people from his area because not all ngonis behave the way he thinks they are. Some are devoted christians. If he is a real traditionalist why doe he have… Read more »
Let me school and help anthu onse oganiza mwa chibwanabwana.In malawi,we have different cultures and religious denominations with different values but one thing for sure is that we have one creator who is God himself.He created all kinds of peoples incluiding the ngonis.Now this same creator has a code of conduct for all His creation and this code is what we call the Bible.This code cuts across all cultures,religions and what of you.That is why you cant find a bible spesifically for a certain culture or religion different from the other.Now in this code[the bible],God prohibits beer and polygamy and… Read more »
angoni apaphata

Mwaiphonyatu wawa. It is just mbelwa. Not mbelwa and all ngoni’s. Apo mulakwitsa. Ngakhale ku sinodiko abusa ena ndi angoninso. Iyi ndi ya mbelwa yekha. Amenya ngati Belisezara imeneyi.

The bible in Timothy says a little wine is good for health and digestion, drunkenness is condemned. Two issues must be separated here, drunkenness state that that make one loose all his senses, goes about casing everybody, failure to take good care of one’s family etc. A good social gathering of beer is good. Wines and beers are two separate things. The bible talks about a little wine is good for digestion. Wines have volume alcohol of 12%Volume and above. Carlsberg beer has 4.7% volume of alcohol. Which I see to be less than tougher than the wines. Drunkennes state… Read more »
Biggi Saj

Andrew above is misled and misinformed!

The wine they are talking about in the Bible is traditional grape wine, and not the commercial wine you get in the shops, hotels and night clubs. Its still available in some mid-east and euro countries. Drunkenness of any kind is a ‘pariah’ to any well meaning christian.


There are no verses in the bible precisely describing Beer drinking or polygamy as SIN. In fact during the time of animal sacrifice strong wine was part of offering Number 28 v 7.

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