Lilongwe fish vendors in fishy business on body embalming chemicals

If you ever bought Chambo on the streets in Lilongwe, chances are that a toxic and dangerous chemical used in embalming dead bodies was used to preserve it.

The confiscated baby Chambo

The Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) are now looking for some vendors who sold Captain Charles Massi some fish but decided to present them to the MBS for tests.

Officials at MBS have confirmed traces of the chemical used to embalm dead bodies, in the fish.

Documentation from MBS says the fish vendors used the dangerous chemical to preserve the fish so that they could stay for days without going bad.

Officials from the MBS have since said they have launched a man hunt with the police to identify the vendors in a bid to find out how many fish they have since sold to people in Lilongwe.

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Anybody can go to a pharmacy and pretend that they have lost a relative and they want to buy formaline solution for embalming bodies. Most mortuaries send to to fetch the formaline solution if the mortuary hospital has none. Pilferage will always be there. It is sad. This is why when I go to the lake I wait for fisherman I see coming with fresh fish. For those of you who come from uplands, please check these two things when buying fish: 1) Gills of the fish: Red and white colours will actually indicate that fish is either going bad… Read more »
Defender of Faith

Two wrongs can not Make a Right you stupid Girl Lady


Too bad, uwu ndi ufiti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girl Lady

Vuto ndi Boma la DPP, Ogulitsa somba magetsi apeza kuti kuti zisaole, aluze business rent fees and all bills adzitenga kuti, Mumudziwe Yesu Inu a DPP mxiii……………


True vuto ndi Boma la DPP koma tiziphana abale? Let’s be responsible citizens – thinking of other people’s lives. As long as a chinyamata tikusiyira nkhalamba boma silizasintha. Dzuka Malawi


I agree with Gay Lady


i agree with you Wanjiku!

Number One Thief

Let us Unite to bring down the DPP government whether it is led by an elderly or a 45-year old man, it will still be DPP. Chakwara is the answer and if he does not change things for the better let us bring him down even after one year in power. Malawi belongs to the people and not these thieves in parliament


And since you don’t have a boyfriend coz you are so ugly get yourself a chibonga cha mlonda and stick your crack with it right?

patrick Lickson

but yOU people u r too muddy why accusing the DPP OR THE GOVERNMENT
cant u see kuti the MBS has a weakness komanso a CAMA and this really shows kuti kuli umbuli wazaoneni ku Malawi.

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