Loveness Gondwe joins Malawi Congress Party

Former deputy Speaker and New Rainbow Coalition (Narc) president Loveness Gondwe, who competed against former president the late Bingu wa Mutharika and others in the 2009 polls  has joined Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Gondwe being welcomed in MCP fold

Gondwe was welcomed in the rank and file of MCP at political rally with took place at Euthini in Mzimba over the weekend.

MCP Deputy Party Publicity Secretary , Reverend Maurice Munthali has confirmed that Gondwe indeed joined MCP over the weekend.

“Yes its true that we have welcomed  a new member Loveness Gondwe. As you are aware Gondwe is not an ordinary person she was a  president for her own party for long time and we are happy to receive such kind of people,” said Munthali.

Munthali said MCP is making in roads in the Northern Region with many joining the party.

The North has largely been known as the headquarters of unpredictable voters, the electorate does not easily get swayed. It has been the only region to defy the commonly held belief that voters prefer a candidate from their region.

But the North, with its unpredictable nature, should never be taken for granted. A  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) promise of a Mombera University and several groundbreaking ceremonies for roads which come to nothing might  work to ist disadvantage.

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MCP, the home of expired products. Others expired in church and are now in MCP. Uyunso anaguga kalekale, lero ali ku MCP. A party without vision. Kutaya Kabwira ndikutenga expired Loveness, pali nzeru apa? Kabwira is worth more than ten times Loveness!!!!!!!!

MCP for Life

If she had joined dpp it would have been noise all over. The lady has made a good choice. dpp is full of shithole tribalists and they do not care about Malawi. They are thieves.They are rapists. After all MCP started in the North. The northerners are brave people and they deserve something here in Malawi. The Lomwes are contributors of house servants, thieves, prostitutes and watchmen.


Palibe chonyadira apa ,this is the same as Mpinganjira joining DPP (RECYCLED)


Wayiwonela patali mwana msingwana uyu Chakwera bomaaaaa

Winston Msowoya
Loveness Gondwe,ndalama zilive umalilo wake.You are old enough to know that MCP has lynched unaccountable Malawians especially Northerners.It is the same Party that deliberately sanctioned the Region’s economic development since independence. Are you not aware that it is the dreaded MCP that murdered then one of the progressive Lawyers in Africa,Orton C.Chirwa in Zomba notorious Prison by Dr.H.Ntaba who applied on him a lethal injection.For you information Chirwa was the founder and first President of the MCP.The brutal killers of the MCP murdered one of the brilliant economist Africa had ever produced, Dunduzu Kaluli Chisiza was brutally killed at Nthondwe… Read more »

Ndiye muti atani? and where is Ntaba? mwabwerako ku dziko konowake kuja? kumeneko amati ndinu ndani ndi racist mulinayo ija?

Nobody is righteous/perfect under the sun, so says the Bible!! As a follow-up to the same, Jesus tells us to forgive and forget because we too need His forgiveness on our shortcomings!! Why are you too resistant to forgiving? Abale kuuuma mtimako kwamtundu chani, ndipo kusakhululukako mukafika nazo kuti? Its easy to tell you are full of evil and can also kill out of that hatred. Was it the party that killed the relations or the people then? Where on earth are party ideology static? Nothing under the sun can resist change even if you as an individual will try… Read more »
Che Jali

Let’s join hands Malawians, Mkulu uyu watizunza kwakwana azipita, mulomwe ameneyu kuganiza kwake kwadothi, kulankhula both languages kovutikira, on the ground kungoika miyala basi, ai bodza tione zina!

Che Duli

Si nkazi wa Yeremiya Chihana uyu…kkkkkkkkk


Loveness has nothing for the people of north.its wastege of time welcoming her.please find other people who can add value to the party not loveness


Wina aliraaa


Which party nyasatimes and Mr Nyasulu? Let’s us not say things for the sake of saying. Loveness is nothing. She had her time and lost it. Malawians cannot be drinking their vomits. We are done with all dead wood. Only God knows who will be the next president. Stop glorifying people and parties. Can we not take a lead from south African politics? Nyasulu you think everytinr you changes your underwear it means malawians will change and vote for MCP? Stop dreaming abusa a fake

Lomwe using Yao

We are voting for whoever is MCP here. We don’t want DPP in north


am from her constituency people still her. dont fool yourself

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