Low level Finance Ministry delegation fails to impress Malawi MPs at maizegate inquiry      

A low level delegation from the Ministry of Finance has failed to impress at the ongoing maizegate inquiry conducted by parliament.

Madalo Nyambose appeared before inquiry

Ministry’s director of debt and aid Madalo Nyambose appeared before the Public Accounts Committee and the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development which are holding public inquiries into the ‘maizegate’, a term referring to alleged fraudulent transactions that Admarc was involved in when purchasing maize from Zambia,.

The inquiry accused Nyambose of not providing important information crucial to the inquiry.

Nyambose told the inquiry the ministry’s role in the maize procurement from Zambia was minimal, restricted to provision of funds to the purchase of the grain.

“The government has different ministries with different mandates. We would be doing other people’s job if we were fully involvement in the procurement processes,” she said.

However, the parliamentarians argued that as guarantor to the providers of money, the PTA Bank, the ministry was supposed to take an active role in the procurement processes.

They told her that Admarc might not be able to repay the PTA Bank loan because people are not buying the K12500 per bag maize from Admarc markets opting cheaper maize from vendors.

Nyambose said she was not even aware that Admarc cancelled a written contract with Kaloswe and entered another one before written conclusions with the previous one.

Secretary to the ministry Ronald Mangani was said to be away attending a funeral.

Chairman of the inquiry  Jospeh Chidanti Malunga said Mangani will be called to answer some questions which Nyambose failed to answer satisfactorily.

 The parliamentary inquiry  on maizegate is being covered live on Times Radio.


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anakuuzani ku supporta dpp nde ndiwe ophunzira ndi ndani, sukulu yake iti? lawlessness prophessors!


Ngati wakukanikani Nyambose Dr Mangani si saizi yanu a nyapapi inu. He is quite sharp you will only end up showing your stupidity and nakedness of your mind.

it is a responsibility of ministry of finance to send the necessary people to such essential enquiry, in order to save time and money,,,,The of stilling government resources is not a question of how you went far with education,, still Is stilling, whether you’re a lawyer from Yale university, or you’re a director of corporate affairs in a big company like Vodafone, every understand stilling as bad, even a villagers who never went to school can ask nyambose how the ministry mishandled the procurement of maize, ,,,,,,,those you think you are educated must know you are their to save people.… Read more »

Not long ago, a similar parliamentary committee was outshined by Mphwiyo and they were impressed bcoz he gave them lies. Today, the courts describe Mphwiyo as a cashgate mastermind.

Madalo is telling the truth and you say she’s low level. Very low thinking. Leave technical issues to technocrats. Don’t waste our hard earned taxes.


In the past, Finance ministry was involved in procurement processes of subsidies on farm inputs, people cried foul. Now they restrict to what they’re employed to do, (allocation of funds), mukuti alakwitsanso.

Ndiye mukuti adzitani? Pariament MPs are just there to claim allowances basi, they’ve failed malawians too.

J.B.C Atate

Unfortunately the requirements for one to be a member of the so-called Parliamentary Committees is just being an MP. Whether one has necessary qualifications to understand issues or not doesn’t matter. No wonder the Committees are failing to understand technical issues.


Nyambose as Director is not ” low level”.

She told the inept commission of inquiry the role the ministry plays in such matters. Even if Mangani goes he will tell them the same.

What I have noted is that this commission has a list of answers they would like to get.

It is a total waste of our money to continue with this line of questioning. They should leave it to the experts!

samueL Lwara

Its better the MPs quiz the so called ‘Elites’ with dirty hands on maizegate. I see to it that at our level as victims of circumstances, the committee is vital on investigations than skeptical commission of Msosa.

Mwansa Kapeya

You call Director of Debt and Aid ‘low level’? This is a very senior position. Madalo is more educated than the MPs who were asking her.

Who is this chidanti guy? ntchito kuvala gule. The matter here is for experts and not MPs whom most of them have shallow minds such as Kamlepo Kaluwa akudziwa chani cha Letters of Credits? If indeed payment terms were through LCs, it means loan with PTA Bank has faltered/failed by force majeure in view of failure of supplier to delivery the stated quantities of maize to specific places in Malawi. The LC cannot therefore be paid and loan could have been created as Malawi Government did not have cash cover or cash upfront to back up the maturing LCs. Government… Read more »

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