Macra disobey court order as deputy boss Bisika reports for duty: Itaye purges Lipenga

Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) has shown open defiance to court by not complying with an order it earlier issued, requiring the communications regulator to allow its deputy director general Francis Bisika remain employed.

Lipenga: removed as signatory

Last week High Court judge Jack N’riva ruled that Macra allow  Bisika back to work within 72 hours failing which three top officials; director general Godfrey Redson Itaye, former board chair Mevis Mangulenje and Legal Director Dan Chiwoni would be jailed for being in contempt of court.

At the expiry of the 72 hour deadline, Bisika’s lawyer Chance Gondwe on Tuesday wrote new Macra board chair Reverend Alex Maulana reminding him of the court order.

Gondwe warned that should Macra under the new board chair ignored the ruling, he would be in contempt of court and face jail too.

Reverend Maulana refused to comment  but confirmed having received the reminder.

Bisika reported for duties on Wednesday but his office was locked.

According to Zodiak radio, he spent time at reception as Chiwoni locked himself in the office not interested to attend to Bisika.

Bisika, whose renewed contract was withdrawn in November last year, obtained a court injunction which allowed him to continue working, but Macra defied the order after it prevented him from carrying on with his work.

Macra boss Itaye instead said from Lilongwe that the court is just wasting its time.

The ‘untouchable’ Itaye has even challenged that the corruption investigation will not get anywhere.

“Once this is over, I will deal with those orchestrating the stories in the media decisively’,” said Itaye on the sidelines of an International conference on Communications Statistics in Lilongwe.

He has since ordered the removal of Director of Broadcasting Fegus Lipenga as a signatory to Macra’s financial transactions.

Itaye made himself a signatory, a move which Finance experts said was normal, but in the case of Itaye  is fishy and suspicious considering that Macra boss  is under intensive investigation by the Anti Corruption Bureau and a Foresnsic audit to get to the root of the rot of stinking corruption.

In an email circulated to general staff, Lipenga advises that he has indeed been removed as a signatory and all commercial banks have indeed been duely advised.

On Wednesday Itaye’s handpicked well-known ruling DPP Cadet McDonald Pato Poya started work at Macra as Administration Manager, replacing Dalitso Jumbe who was demoted and fired by Itaye for allegedly blowing the impending arrest of procurement manager Aitone Chandiyamgana.

Meanwhile, CSOs have slated April 29 to hold mass demonstrations against Macra for its defiance and selective regulation of the broadcasting landscape, in which it chooses to bury its head in the sand as MBC arrogantly breaks the code of conduct for broadcasters.


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Finyanani alhomwe ndi achawa chifukwa cha ndalama zathu. Mukamaliza munena


macra is rotten and corrupt from the head to the toe

That’s DPP THUGS for you! They have no respect for the rule of law. They SIMPLY DON’T CARE. And that’s the reason they leave no stone unturned to retain power in next year’s elections. At ALL costs. Look, they buy unprincipled opportunistic politicians, trick unsuspecting MPs to rubber-stump the K4 million daylight theft, recklessly waste money on FAKE nationwide campaigns throwing stones, like a mad man; claiming & cheating people they’re up to a developmental agenda.. BODZA!!! BUT what is sad is that with their recklessness and plundering of taxpayer’s money DPP THUGS leave a wake of destruction. Anthu ntchito… Read more »
Chatinkha wa DPP

Alomwe ali pamwamba pa lamulo, uchisilu wa PITALA


A Phoya dekhani, mwalowa chamutu ndiye musayelekeze matukutuku kumati muli pamsana pa Itaye. Mungobwelelepo ku uphunzisi mwachangu musanadyelere. Chioni ndikukumvela chisoni poti akukugwilisa ntchito. Zoti ndiiwe wamalamuloso nawe waiwala wayamba kukhala ngati unabwela kudzera chipani. Imililani chilungamo bwana, aunikileni enawo.


The quietness of the Macra Board of Directors on Itaye leaves a lot to be desired. May be the Board have also been involved in the corrupt activities and are afraid Itaye may expose them. We did not expect this kind of quietness especially with people like Howard Jiya and Coonrad Buckle in the Board. This is very pathetic.


Bwana Itaye tread very carefully you may one day have the test of your own medicine


Alomwetu ali pamwamba pa malamulo/ma court, makani amenewa akutanthauza chiyani? let’s wait and see, this is DPP…………………..


Abale do we have a president in this country? Everyday are hearing about MACRA. You mean that MACRA can not run without Itaye? Is APM really a professor? Ma certificate ogula ndinchoncho.


Your Excellency Professor Mutharika you should be very very worried with the extent that Malawians are not taking rule of law seriously. The whole justice system is collapsing under your “sleeping” watch. Whilst lawlessness might be to your benefit now it may just against you one day. Please Your Excellency take charge of your country and ensure that rule of law drives Malawi society. You can’t just let ordinary citizens not respect court of law.

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